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V S R Moorty
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 22
Month : January
Issue Number : 1
Year : 2023

Kapila who propounded Sankhya Yoga is omniscient. Sadasiva is ‘Sarva’. A compassionate person is not compassion. Like wise even a person who is very knowledgeable is not the Knowledge. In mundane circum-stances a person who is knowledgeable is known as the all-knowing. If a person knows what he is and abides at That, he alone is ‘all-knowing’. The one who knows Atman should be Atman. That is completeness. An incident may be recalled here to experience Amma as the all- knowing.

Amma who is aware of everything…

This incident occurred four and half decades ago. Strengthening this experience, another one soon after!

A person desirous of Amma’s Darshan reached Bapatla town near Jillellamudi. He planned to have some snacks in a hotel, have Amma’s darshan, and go to a movie on his way back home. However, on boarding the bus, he realized that he lost money and that the change remained was just sufficient to reach Jillellamudi. On his reaching Amma’s abode, within minutes, Amma sent word for him. Looking at him she said, “It is all right Nanna (dear)! What you got only was lost. You are having money enough for several generations to live happily. The person who took money from you may be struggling to pull on. Take meals here. What is there about movie? You may watch movie some other time. Go back home happily. By the way, is this not your surname? Are you not so and so? Were you not from another house-hold? (given away in adoption) Amma reeled out information of his elders and brothers and he was utterly surprised.

Only what is necessary should be given…

‘What you think will not happen. What is to your lot can not be avoided’ is the axiom of Amma which contains distilled wisdom. Not only that. Another of Amma’s sayings is ‘Necessity is valuable’. All valuables are not needed by us. They won’t come to our rescue. Our wealth as also knowledge will satisfy the necessity of some other. Their existence will have a value if they help in the journey from nescience to knowledge (Jnana). Man needs food to quell hunger. For an afflicted person, consoling is necessary. For a person in sorrow, happiness is necessary. For a person in distress, helping hand is needed. In that moment, necessity only is valuable. In one context when a beggar woman was given a coin instead of food, Amma questioned, “Whether coin becomes food?” She advised with a voice dripping compassion that the beggar be given food. At that time food was the necessity. That only is invaluable. A coin does not have value at that moment. Another experience!

If the mind is clean…

A person came to Amma. While narrating the details of his foreign tour he said, “Amma! I had the fortune of carrying our National Flag in Russia and I had the opportunity to tell them the greatness of our country which gave me immense happiness”. Amma interjected and said “Yes, of course. Why did you not tell about the woman at the end of the line who fainted and about doctors arriving?” He was surprised and asked, “Amma! How are you able to tell you of the incident that happened in the far away Russia as if you have seen? How is it possible?” If the mind can be kept clean and simple, everything can be seen. It is a small siddhi. Seeing things which are far away (Doora Darshanam) and listening to far away sounds (Doora Sravanam) are not impossible. But the mind has to be pure first of all. Whether Time and Space are apart from us!” clarified Amma and fell silent.

 Karta decides

“Siddhis are not natural” said Bhagavan Ramana. Cognizing them is not good for the Sadhaka. Many things keep happening without our intervention. One has to remain a witness. In the process of Sadhana, many siddhis do happen. If stopped there, it is impossible to reach the goal. As such, there should be intensity, concentration and aspiration to reach goal. Any siddhi has to be viewed as the indication of the divine power and is not for exhibiting”. When the individual mind is connected to the universal mind, what happens in any corner of the world is experienced by the person with such a mind. Siddhi is the pleasant experience like that of the cool breeze caressing the body momentarily. Only if the siddhis are useful to the welfare of the world, they have value. That is needed by the world.

Above all, the Kriya (action) is getting created from Karta who is the refuge of Shakti, thought follows the Shakti, word arises out of the thought, and deed (Karma) makes practicable the word. Thus it is evident that the workings in the world have been decided long ago. Karta is the one who decides. Karta coming as an Avatara with a body comprising the five elements is also under the sway of Time. His movements are in accordance with the natural laws. Amma confirmed to this norm even though she is beyond Time and Space. Even though omniscient she appeared ordinary, though she is embodiment of siddhis she behaved as the personification of pure motherhood, though beyond attributes she is boundlessly compassionate. She moved showering causeless affection as the Mother of All. Instead of embellishments, she preferred responsibilities. Having lived thus, she showed that humanism is the way. Amma is all-knowing. Amma is completeness.

Jayaho Matha Sree Anasuya Raja Rajeswari Sree Paratpari

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