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Marakani Dinakar
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 21
Month : October
Issue Number : 4
Year : 2022

Oh! AMMA thou are verily beyond the light eternal

YOU dwell in such realms ethereal, not in reach

For us the mere mortals, our mind queries whether

Such presence beyond rests, wondering, intrigued


From such distant, farther domains unscalable, nor

Within perception, yet condition our destiny and dispense

Our mortal ends, leaving little room for our frail activity,

Our choices, options, even deeds are not ours truly.


Even our poetic effusions are prompted by THEE, while

We tend to impute the same to us unawares; if so,

My flawless, chaste expositions too are thine, humbly

Submit the same at THY holy feet where they belong verily.


In such common life scripted by THEE merely see the gross,

Unable to perceive the timeless truth that is within the subtle

Domain which this self perceives if only THY grace bestows such

Deeper awareness, making my life meaningful, existence fruitful.


THOU filled this petty life, showed me the truth timeless,

The eternal light beyond in its rich beauty, that adorns this

Very creation, which is all fulfilling, ever sustaining, to be

Added, augmented very little, save submitting my lot meekly.


AMMA, in such life endowed by grace, agony and ecstasy too

Prevail, to be accepted and undergone by us evenly, equally,

Fleeting through such tear laden life, with little demur, submitting

All to THEE to be dispensed with in your mode, or even discarded.


AMMA, thou summon the divine trinity, conditioning their purport,

They too are but your endearing children, YOU feed them and empower

Them, their entitlement covered in your suzerainty, making their Roles multi flavored, sweet, sour, and salty, verily many splendored.


AMMA, thou rule this entire creation, the whole cosmic process, Verily regulating and conditioning the same all times, even lording Over the divine trinity in their roles, filled with multiple hues of human

Life, with pain, pleasure, odds, woes, and hardships too ever passing.

In such cosmic drama, AMMA serves everyone’s platter,

Feeding, supporting, sustaining them in reality; conditioning

The extant order, this little self shall script such experience

Bestowed on me in all its facets, flavors, redeeming myself.

AMMA! THOU are way beyond the very eternal, timeless

Light, illumining our little mortal lives, gracing us ever.

In this lyric Brother Raju reflects and portrays AMMA’S uncommon, extraordinary, divine presence that is beyond our reach equally so our perception. AMMA dwells in the realms beyond the eternal light, that is conveyed in our sacred text Bhagavatham as the domain beyond the dense, impermeable darkness, the light beyond such space. Recent scientific enquiry even holds that there is possible light beyond the dark hole(s), likely, put forth by the ancients as the luminosity beyond the dense darkness (Penjeekati Kavvala Velugu).

So placed AMMA is virtually beyond our reach, sight, or grasp. We human beings endowed with limited sensory organs, can only see the gross forms and given physical reality that too to a limited extent. Being inadequate thus our perception never reaches AMMA.

Even so, such subtle eternal light and AMMA’S presence there are ageless, timeless truths. We can only see such inaccessible form of AMMA, in its peerless beauty when HER grace enables our sight, vision, and perception. Not otherwise, remaining as mere ignorant, frail, human beings confined to the world and its fixations; much bound so.

We tend to grasp that there is little that we mere mortals can add, augment to such pristine beauty and immaculate form. Only when AMMA’S GRACE befalls on us, we are elevated to the true awareness of AMMA as it dwells at unscalable heights.

Having known this reality, this whole living, extant order is subject to AMMA’S rule and reign in its entirety. AMMA decreed, “Deeds are not in your hands”; so are the thoughts and the thinking process not knowing from where it emanates. Our direction, living and the inevitable end are spelt by AMMA as part of HER cosmic role in HER regulation and conduct of the process of this ceaseless creation. Even our literary effusion is caused by HER alone.

Yet in such divine dispensation, there is agony and ecstasy in the mortal life. There are woes, odds, hardships, pleasure, and pain too in this world rife with duality of existence. These become inevitable and unavoidable to be faced or countered squarely and cope with. These real aspects of life too ought to be accepted as the divine dispensation and the disposal of our ends. To be submitted meekly by the mankind even if discarded in such dismissal.

Having observed this abiding reality, Brother Raju pleads, submits that he shall put forth such revelation, exposure, and experience in chaste, rhetorical diction for all others to know. For a moment, he is inclined to believe that such outpouring is his own endearingly swayed by AMMA’S motherly, loving gesture. Yet refrains, recollects the abiding truth he witnessed.

Realization dawning within, he immediately retraces his self and concludes that all such perfect, lyrical exposition is but AMMA’S prompting. His mellifluous lyric emanated from AMMA alone and not from his mortal self. Convinced thus, concludes likewise, submitting to AMMA and placing his exposition at AMMA’S HOLY FEET with little claims to authorship.

Further while narrating in this vein, he expounds that even the divine trinity, empowered with the roles of creation, sustenance and destruction are but AMMA’S endearing children in such overwhelming, all encompassing motherhood. Granting such state, the divine trinity’s empowerment, entitlement too is within AMMA’S exclusive domain and reign.

AMMA verily conducts and orchestrates this entire creation, cosmic process that is ceaseless. As AMMA proclaimed, “This creation has no beginning (timeless), and verily MINE”. Such is AMMA’S suzerainty over this entire existence and the extant order that includes all with little exception. The gross, subtle, seen, unseen, the animate, the inanimate and so on, with little exception.

In such indomitable reign of AMMA, everyone’s lot is ordained and spelt with little exception. Everyone’s platter is served with all hues and multiple aspects. It contains varied tastes of sweet, sour, bitter and hot as they emanate. Likewise, pain, pleasure, comfort, odds, hardships, agony, and ecstasy too, find place in such odd mixture served to everyone to be savored, cherished, delighted, and undergone as per AMMA’S divine dispensation and supreme disposal.

Brother Raju having been exposed and subject to such grace, is prompted to present this experience to the fellow men to be viewed, heard, grasped, and perceived. Such mega, infinite, supreme cosmic role of AMMA, emanating from way beyond the celestial heights, and primal causative light. The abounding, infinite aura of AMMA to reach and grace us the lesser beings, and this entire existence, in an ever fulfilling measure.

(Adapted from the Song No.43, ‘Bhavanake Andani Bhamini’ Page 46, of ‘ANUBHAVA SARAM’ by Brother Mannava Butchiraju Sarma. Also acknowledge the work ‘LO CHOOPU’ by Brother A.V.R.Subrahmanyam and Brother Ravuri Prasad)

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