V S R Moorty
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 21
Month : October
Issue Number : 4
Year : 2022

Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is a great human being who created an unprecedented momentum in devotion. Instances of the North Eastern India becoming ecstatic dancing with great joy charged. with devotional fervor are remembered for ever.

It is a historic fact that Andhra Pradesh, a Southern State in India too had the fortune to experience similar wave of devotion. In the land of Telugus, by getting inscribed Hanuman Chalisa on the walls in many Rama temples, Sri Avadhutendra Saraswati Swami, considered as embodied Bhajan and prayer, directed lakhs of people to Lord Janardana. He is a real Avadhuta. His sonorous voice, waves of sweet Bhajans pouring out of heart and blissful feelings radiating out of his deep devotion are a Triveni Sangamam (confluence of three flows). Advaitam in practice, Visishtadwaitam in contemplation and Dwaitam in activity sum up Swamiji.

Worship of Amma

A gigantic person, who is steady with a graceful face reflecting the inner joy and an embodiment of cosmic vibration (Anahata Nadam), adored, worshipped and kept Amma as ideal! For those who wondered how he can be an Avadhuta with all this, his reply, “When the world is as Amma, every child will have to reach that lap. The ambit of Avadhuta has traits of intense feelings creating euphoric phases resembling even the behavior of the insane… if these are to be contained, he has to be under the caring influence of Amma. In Amma’s presence there is no undue anxiety. Mind will not run wildly. There won’t be excitements. Dispassion prevails. He will experience a higher plane where he can be one with his own being. For the mental vibrations, movements and hallucinations and tricks of ego, Amma is a solace. The divine light reflecting the glowing effulgence flowing from the compassionate eyes of Amma shows the way to the inner light!”

The infant-like Swami

The all-knowing Amma who transcended space, time and causation felt that Swami Avadhutendra is infant-like devoid of the machinations of the mind. Even before Swamiji visited her, Amma announced, “Samkirtana of Raghuvaradas is the real Samkirtana. When he comes singing the names of Rama, those who are working in the fields threw the sickles away and got absorbed in the mellifluous flow. He will be coming here in a short while.”

The intense yearning of the Sadhaka becomes ‘Tapas’ in course of time. The dark qualities (Tamo Guna) which stain the ‘Pranas’ of this and nether worlds will be destroyed. Devotion does not mean being subservient to others’ view points nor it is slavery. Devotion means offering, humility and surrender.

The mystical states that occur in the ecstatic devotional fervor have to be within limits. In the early days Swami Raghuvaradas, losing his body consciousness went to Amma with out wearing any clothes. Amma got him clothed and contained his intense ecstasy with her motherly presence and ministrations. In the days that followed, Swami’s Samkirtana arena became vast and stable. It is the grace of Amma that the spiritual waves emanating from the balanced core wafted in ‘Manonmani’ state! The affection Amma poured on him made the Avadhuta the messenger of God and his life became fruitful. When Swamiji started singing ‘Jayaho Matha!’… the hearts of the listeners were gently carried to the subtle planes of joy.

What is Sanyas?

The commentaries made by Swamiji on Ramayana, Bharatha and Bhagavatha are those he shared with Amma.

Mind is to be cleansed. Brahmacharya means moving constantly in Brahman.

It is not ‘taking’ Sanyas. One has to be a ‘Sanyasi’.

Sanyasam is a state which is devoid of wants.

‘Bhiksha’ is that one eaten, what ever is available, with out discrimination or preference or choice.

When all that is visible is Atma, again where is discovering it?

Avadhuta is one to whom nothing sticks.

All these words are by Amma and the recipient is Avadhuta.

The entire life of Sri Raghuvaradas was lived by these principles. Having experienced everything pervaded by Rama, following and adopting that trail, he became a real Sanyasi mentally, himself establishing in the heart plane. Even though he could play musical instruments with great élan he did not pursue. He attained fulfillment and sang for fulfillment. He ate whatever was given by the householders. In the evening of his life, he could completely disassociate from the body consciousness and exemplified the state of real Avadhuta. For all these states he achieved, Amma’s love, compassion and affection are the reasons. In the non-dual, unique and glorious state, he was able to perceive oneness between Amma and Arunachala, Rama and Ramana due to Amma’s grace.

Amma drew him as she drew every one. He, however, was able to receive Ammaness bountifully and became eternal and blissful.

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