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Marakani Dinakar
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 22
Month : July
Issue Number : 3
Year : 2023

Come ye all, heed, listen to our AMMA!

Saga that is unknown, unheard of,

Never known before, verily unique,

Truly touching our tender feelings.

The spring of AMMA’S advent is ever sweet,

Bloomed, and blossomed the gentle rose,

Among the pricking, paining thorny stems.

The cuckoo cooed in melody; crow cawed harshly.

The little girl child born in a modest abode,

Today’s AMMA of all is no one else but that child,

The elderly hands blessed, wishing her well.

lullabies were sung putting the child to bed.

While being the very infant displayed spiritual postures,

Others mistaking such as feigning sleep, making up.

While YOU perceived all that is Brahman, that very day

Owned up reigning this total existence as the MOTHER.

YOU found your prop, the support verily being the girl,

Traced the elusive trail that leaves no clues for us,

YOUR heart enduring the limitless pains and odds,

Partook the tamarind sap, as the sustaining potion.

YOUR countless devotee children deeming,

YOU the Very BRAHMAN, as ANASUYA too the earth’s evenness Embodied,

whom Reddy Subbayya served, and Melodious lyrics sung sweetly by Brother Raju.

Brother Raju intended scripting AMMA’S biography. Instantly grasped it is like holding the deep, unfathomed ocean in a small container. Neither diction, language nor letters could hardly contain such tremendous truly imperceptible saga of AMMA. Then contained or confined himself to pen somewhat a folk song or a meaningful ballad. The outcome of such modest attempt is this lyric which in the very title draws the attention of one and all to AMMA’S story, that is unique and unprecedented with its peerless, illustrious content.

To begin with AMMA is born in a modest middle class household in the year 1923 at Mannava, a village in the Guntur District of those days. HER very advent caused the merry spring in the village. Allegorically, viewing from the true, trying incidents and experiences undergone by AMMA, it is verily like the fragile, tender rose blooming and blossoming amidst the thorny stems. The thorns to be truly suffered in the very being of AMMA. Yet the spring brightened the ambience. The cuckoo sang sweetly while the crow cawed harshly. Both welcoming AMMA in their distinct notes’ god given.

In the initial celebration of AMMA’S advent, the elders blessed the girl child heartily wishing HER well for the future. Some sang lullabies to induce sleep to the new born child. It is detailed that one hundred and eight vessels of water were brought for this momentous occasion from varied households.

During the very childhood, AMMA displayed signs of perfection though not perceptible. Also assumed spiritual postures, for instance, the Sambhavi Mudra. Many mistook the same as sleep. Some thought that it is a pretence while AMMA conveyed in specific that it is the yogic posture.

In the early childhood, clarified the nuances of BRAHMAN and the subtleties of the UNIVERSE and CREATION. At the very same time proclaimed that YOU delivered us all and gave us to different mothers for upbringing. Singularly, declared suzerainty over this given order. Declared as the MOTHER OF ALL, this entire existence with little exception, exclusion, exemption covering the totality of this creation and the cosmos.

While yet being a girl, identified NANNAGARU (Sri Brahmandam Nageswarrao garu) as the vey prop and the anchor of which all others are clueless. Identified your support and sustaining prop for your mission and ministry on this earth and declared as such in clear, unmistakable terms despite the divergent opinion on this choice of the consort.

YOUR volition prevailed and joined NANNAGARU in the holy wedlock, spelling ideal, illustrious matrimony worthy of emulation for times ahead. In the process of your ideal mission and ministry endured and forbore many a hardship, pains and toil that makes YOUR going very thorny.

During the childhood, AMMA for eleven days had been still in the tamarind grove of Mannava. SHE felt thirsty and could find no water source close by. As such to quench the thirst, looked intently at the nearby tamarind tree. In response the tree split into two raising the ‘Pranava Nada’, that is ‘OMKARA’, sound, yielded the tamarind juice from its core. AMMA drank the tamarind sap, viewed the very nectar at that remarkable moment. The tamarind tree yielding its sap to AMMA, is incredible. Instantly, there is a gentle, merciful shower that augurs auspices, the first rain of the monsoon.

Beholding and listening to such extraordinary true lore of AMMA, the countless devotee children revere AMMA as the supreme divine force and the veritable BRAHMAN.

While being so, AMMA is the dispassion personified ANASUYA, that endearingly loves, cares for one and all of us the children evenly, very much equally. Like the very mother earth accepts us with all our ills, frailties endearingly with little disparity. To be true the earth accepts all our doings, the shearing, digging, dirtying without a reaction, retort like the very MOTHER OF ALL, AMMA whom the countless ever growing devotee children endearingly seek, yearn, long and aspire for the mere glimpse.

Such peerless AMMA, the unlettered peasant hand Reddy Subbayya served personally minding the daily chores, whose progeny continues even now in the same line. While the devout Brother Mannava Butchi Raju Sarma sang with sweet melody in his profound lyrics, portraying AMMA in a singular, peerless mode and method for the posterity for all times to appreciate, to know AMMA whatever, even a wee bit gain a slight glimpse of AMMA in his redemption.

(Adapted from Song No.16, ‘Vinaramma, Vinarayya Ee Gadha’ from the work ‘ANUBHAVA SARAM’ by Brother Mannava Butchiraju Sarma. Also acknowledge the work ‘LO CHOOPU’ by Brother Ravuri Prasad and Brother A.V.R. Subramaniam)

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