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Marakani Dinakar
Magazine : Viswajanani
Language : Telugu
Volume Number : 22
Month : November
Issue Number : 4
Year : 2022

To recall HYMA entered the sanctum sanctorum of HYMALAYAM in the year 1968 more than five decades ago. As is well known AMMA consecrated HYMA in the shrine of HYMALAYAM. Having celebrated HYMA’S GOLDEN JUBILEE in the year 2018, we are very much halfway for celebrating HYMA’S DIAMOND JUBILEE. During these fifty years plus, several rather countless devotees reached HYMA’S temple and found redress.

Till the mid-June 1985, quite a few were summoned to this temple at AMMA’S behest. AMMA reached HYMALAYAM on all important events, celebrations, and other opportune moments as is seen by one and all of the contemporary devotee children of AMMA.

On all such occasions, AMMA appeared to be in a different far away, otherworldly posture, feeling and touching Hyma’s pure white idol lovingly during HER presence in the temple. Doubtless, it occurred to the onlookers as if the idol is vibrant and AMMA is feeling HYMA’S presence. Truly, it is an out of the way experience far beyond our understanding. Nevertheless, very sensitive, touching, and responsive.

In life, for the person odds and woes are inevitable and unavoidable though they differ in degree from one to another. And for some there are chronic, pent up problems over a period of time. Solutions too in such cases are much elusive, getting the individual bogged down in his lifetime. Evidently the individual is frail and helpless in addressing, meeting and squarely confronting such odds. There is little choice but to seek, rather pray for divine intervention and grace in resolving such stringent issues.

Mostly all such persons reach AMMA praying for HER grace to intervene, for the remedy and redress in such hopeless, helpless scenario. The issues could be widely varied, as experience suggests, chronic ill health, poverty, placement in life, domestic discord, lack of offspring, fall in life, personal losses and so on, which could run into a wide variety among the devotee children of AMMA.

AMMA gently, with all motherly tenderness, directed them to the shrine of HYMALAYAM. While doing so AMMA’S prescriptions for such afflicted persons could be varied differing from case to case. This could be simple worship, making offerings like coconuts, chanting, circumambulations and so on.

Receiving AMMA’S much valued gracious counsel, all of them rushed to HYMA in the temple for compliance of AMMA’S directions, almost instantly with alacrity. For many, the problems were overcome, for others they mitigated giving a smooth, gradual way out of the trying situations in their lives. Verily their lives changed and took a new turn for the better.

The right poser for us all is why did not AMMA interfere directly and prompted all of them to HYMA and her sanctum. The reasons are quite a few. During HYMA’S lifetime, SHE always pined for other’s woes and odds. HYMA always empathized with the afflicted and hard hit. HYMA’S empathy stretched to the point of vicarious mode of other’s suffering.

Throughout the years of HYMA’S physical form, though a very brief span of twenty five years, they were whiled away in deep, intense, deep concern towards others suffering. HYMA’S tender form and frail health were stretched in this vibrant, intense response towards others hard hit in life. Agony and anguish of others always moved and swayed HYMA.

Thus, HYMA has undergone the intensity and pain in other’s life, becoming pensive, deeply feeling within for the troubled and strife torn SHE has ever come across. Though void in other’s lives like the loss of a mother or any other privations moved HYMA deeply as is contained, conveyed in the annals and the historic, true, felt experiences of AMMA’S devotee children.

Besides such empathy, HYMA also often sought the higher, greater intervention of AMMA in some cases for the remedy and redress. This is very significant, purposive gesture of HYMA for SHE was always truly aware, that AMMA conducts the creation, the cosmic process and verily the arbiter of human destiny. Also, HYMA is well conscious of the restraint that the predetermined individual lot needs to be amended. To paraphrase AMMA’S words here “Nirnayaniki Nirnayinchina Vadu Kooda Baddhude”. To clarify in more mundane terms, “The law maker cannot be the law breaker”.

If so, specific, meaningful intervention to dissipate the Karmic load too is required for the ultimate relief in all such cases. Again, to cite AMMA here, “Intervention or change too is provided for in the original predetermination”. (“Marpu Kooda Nirnayam Lonide”). Granting this, in veiled, concealed, inscrutable perspective, AMMA’S prescription to be meticulously complied in the sanctum of HYMALAYAM. The cue is that such higher intervention can dissolve, mitigate the karmic factors if any in all such difficult, obstinate cases.

Further, deep empathy, vibration and intense response towards others suffering from a higher source, triggers of the positive process of betterment in all such needy cases. HYMA is verily such pure, intensely compassionate force to cause the redress for others which SHE always yearned, rather longed for in the days of HER physical form. Even directly pleading with AMMA in some cases for the much needed cosmic intervention in causing relief to their intense suffering.

AMMA’S response to HYMA in some such instances, has been, “Why not you do it yourself”. Thereby suggesting HYMA and prompting her for such a role. Finally, AMMA bestowed on HYMA the prowess and posture for fulfilling the void, privation in others’ lives and grant the remedy, redress for the suffering and ills of others.

Thus, the ceaseless compassion of HYMA has been solidified and empowered for the benefit of mankind and the universal welfare of the entire existence in the sanctum of HYMALAYAM. This is the subtlety that HYMA’S mercy, empathy, and compassion which AMMA consecrated in the shrine of HYMALAYAM for eternity. And HYMA is the benediction for one and all, for all times to come in the given order.

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