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Kolavennu Malayavasini, V. Dharma Suri
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 12
Month : January
Issue Number : 1
Year : 2013

Matrusri Anasuya Devi, endearingly known to Her countless children as “Amma Jillellamudi” is the Human form of the Primordial energy which controls the Cosmos. Amma is the Personification of maternal love, of Divine Compassion, and infinite Powers and Grace. Any person who once sees Amma in his lifetime will retain that cherished memory till he breathes his last.

She is the Mother of all beings and objects, of the entire Cosmos. Right from Her Infancy. She consistently declared that She is the Mother and the entire creation, Her offspring. Everyone in this creation is Her child, an instrument in Her hands. “Whether you look at me or not, it is my duty to cleanse the child, if he comes with Mud speared on him” She would say. Mother’s teachings are as much intelligible to the ordinary mortal, as to the erudite Scholar “Sarvam Khalvidam Brahma” is lucidly stated by Her “Everything is that” While she tolerated almost everything, She always ensured that no one went hungry. “One might visit Jillellamudi with Hunger, but no one should go back hungry” is the instruction she gave to Her children at Jillellamudi.

Though Mother rarely declared Herself Divine, right from Her infancy and childhood, she granted the Internal vision to various devotee children to recognize the Supreme Power of Divinity in Her. Various Godmen, like Kanchi Paramacharya, Sri Purnananda Swamy, Ekkirala Krishnamacharyulu, all unanimously described her as Divine. Pujya Guru Sri Sivananda Murthy of Bhimili Ashram said. Speaking of Amma, He said “Mother is a distinct Avatar. The Primordial energy has come in Human form to mix with Her creation. Such an Avatar did not come earlier. She will not come again, as She has not gone anywhere. She is here”. He also said the food served at Annapurnalayam is a Mahaprasadam. “It not only satisfies physical hunger, grants Janmarahityam.

In the small beautiful hutment, which is now named “Alankara Hyma”, Mother used to personally cook and feed Her visitors. The visitors, while enjoying the Divine food, felt a little uneasy, as Nannagaru (Mother’s Consort) material resources are frugal and the number of visitors is constantly on the rise. The devotee children of Amma approached Her and sought permission, “Mother, let there be a separate kitchen to feed the visitors, and others” On 15th August, 1958, Mother granted their wish, declared open Annapurnalayam and said “This is Jagannatha Ratham, once moving, it will not stop”. And true to Her words, during the last 53 years, millions of visitors, inmates, people of all descriptions partook of the great Annaprasadam in Annapurna Bayam. Thus came into existence the Divine kitchen, aptly named by Amma as Annapurnalayam.

On 17th of February, every year, the day Nannagaru’s Physical remains are consecrated in the Holy Shrine of Anasuya Swaralayam, by the Divine Mother Herself, an Abhishekam is performed to Amma and Nanna Garu with paddy. The paddy received is used for cooking in Annapurna Bayam throughout the year. Annapurnalayam feeds not only the students, it also feeds the visitors, the old persons depending on the Ashram, the Physically and mentally challenged and a few families which are under employed or unemployed, apart from the fixed income groups who settled down in the House of All, the Ashram at Jillellamudi. Annapurnalayam is a noble institution, which does not recognize distinctions of caste, creed, race, religion or gender. The rich and the poor sit in the same rows, partake of the same food, and enjoy the Bliss of receiving Amma’s Prasadam. To a question “Who is qualified to eat in Annapurna Bayam?” Mother said “The hungry”. Hunger is the only qualification to take food in Annapurna Bayam, not our social stature, financial strength or spiritual elevation. The paddy received during Dhanya Abhishekam is also used in times of natural calamity like floods etc.. In the recent past, several villagers were fed from Annapurnalayam, when floods ravaged the Guntur Dt A bag of paddy donated in Annapurna layam will ensure that at least 300 people are fed.

Sri Viswajanani Parishat appeals to you to come with family and friends to Jillellamudi on 17.2.2013 and participate in Dhanya Abhishekam function. You can donate a bag of paddy, or remit a sum of Rs.1200/-; you can also donate a bag of rice or remit a sum of Rs. 2000/-, so that the amount can be utilized for buying paddy/rice. If anyone donates Rs.15,000/- in a lump sum, the said amount is retained as a Fixed Deposit and interest accrued thereon will be utilized for performing Dhanyabhishekam

in the name of any person of your choice. All remittances should be in the name of “Sri Viswajanani Parishat”. DD may be drawn on SBI, Kakumanu or Andhra Bank, Bapatla, and sent to: Secretary, Sri Viswajanani Parishat, Jillellamudi 522 113, Guntur Dt., AP. Direct online remittances also can be made to the SB account of Sri Viswajanani Parishat at SBI Kakumanu Branch, Account No.11622149375 or Andhra Bank, Bapatla branch, Account No. 003710011023631. Any person making a direct online remittance IFSC Code: SBIN 0003120 or IFS Code: ANDB0000037 may kindly communicate the details of his remittance to the Office of SVJP by email / letter so that receipts can be sent to the donor.

All Institutions functioning at Jillellamudi reflect the maternal compassion of the Divine Mother, and follow Her guidance. Annapurnalayam is the premier institution and Dhanya Abhishekam is an occasion on which everyone can come and offer their services. Please do visit Jillellamudi on 17th February, 2013.

Yours in the Service of Amma

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