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Editorial Note – DAWN OF A NEW ERA

D V N Kamaraju
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 22
Month : April
Issue Number : 2
Year : 2023

The Most awaited, auspicious, holy moment has at last arrived. The Centenary Celebrations of The Divine Mother is a unique moment in the history of mankind-whether it is felt and realized by all at this time or not.

Mother’s descent on this earth occurred at a significant time in the History. Amma was born on 28th March, 1923. It was shortly after World War-I, and before World War-II. The world was turbulent, panic and poverty stricken. What was needed at the moment was not annihilation or revenge, but evolution, approval and allowance. What the world needed was not vengeance or hatred, but forgiveness, tolerance, and Love. It cannot be ingested or imbibed to the world with just preaching or sermons, but by actions, behaviour, setting an example and standing as role model.

The Divine Mother Anasuya, known as Jillellamudi Amma’s life was full of the above qualities. She was the embodiment of Love, Forgiveness and Sacrifice. She imbued into people the mutual Love, bondage of fraternity and faith.

Amma, doubtless is Divine Incarnation. However, the focus was not on display of miracles or supernatural powers, but was on distribution of motherly love to all beings – irrespective of one’s nature or stature. Amma did not perform miracles. Miracles just happen in Her presence naturally and unnoticed. The Divine aura engulfs everyone around Her and transformation occurs subtly without one’s effort.

Amma’s methods of bringing about change in people are unique. Punishment is an outdated tool to bring about change. If teachings and sermons can bring about change, necessary material is abundantly available. In the contemporary period, practice is better than precept. Setting an example through ideal, unblemished behavior is the only tool. Change, or transformation should come from within. Underlying depth or bottom cannot be seen in a turbulent water, but you can see clearly in a still water. She often says that she will catch the person only when he is tired and still and not when he is running. Introspection starts only then, and that is the right time to bring about the change in man. Amma’s life is full of such incidents.

Amma was regarded as a Prophet, a rationalist, an incarnate, a reformer-all in one form. In one word, infinity in a finite form. She is a phenomenon, unfound, unbound inexplicable supreme reality, imperceptible to one single individual insignificant self.

This Centenary Celebrations of Amma shall be the turning point in the history. One should not only study and understand the intricate history of Amma, but try to emulate and make it a part of one’s life. Amma’s sayings are many. They are to be inscribed in our hearts and keep remembering them at every stage of our life. That is the stepping stone for one’s success and elevation to the ideal human being.

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