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C G Westerlund
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 22
Month : July
Issue Number : 3
Year : 2023

(continued from the previous issue)

Being is the underlying Reality,

On which all moments show.

Yet is Being Silent,

Being is in opposites;

Still, Eternal, Infinite.

If one uniformly is,

What fun is there if

One alone uniformly is?

Verily for His lila

Nothing happens anywhere,

ONE acts like many

Such is HIS nature, will and way.

World is not an illusion,

It is Brahma at play.

Every eye is His,

Every ear is His; Every silence and sound;

What is there that He is not?

The unseen is Peace,

The Seen is Play and Bliss,

The Silence is Peace,

The Sound is play and Bliss.

The stillness is Peace,

The movement is lila and happiness.

The Holiest of the Holy is in thee

In me, and all we see, He alone is.

The Purest of the Pure is in thee

In me, and all we see, He alone is.

The Essence of the Peace, is in thee,

In me, all we see, IT alone is.

Peaceful, Purest Holiest Highest

Is me is you is he is ALL.

Thou, O Lord, thou alone art

Besides is none, you alone are.

One in many, One in All.

Source of life and end of life,

In and every thing,

Beyong every thing,

This thou art, That thou art

O Lord, O Brahman, O the OM!

To be lost in HIM is to be saved.

To be saved, get lost in Him.

Mere knowledge puffs up

But HIS LOVE builds up.

Equally is HE in the kitchen

As He is in the forest.

Equally is HE at the place of work,

As HE is in the temples of worship.

HE is in each house

And each room equally. Equally

is HE in the market place.

He is equally in sound as in Silence,

But most of us sense His peace

More in quiet places.

Remembrance and forgetfulness

Pairs of opposites. Joy and Sorrow.

What is remembrance, what is forgetfulness?

Remembrance of His is (all the) Life,

And forgetfulness (one of) the pairs.

Verily does ONE play all the plays,

Like remebering Himself,

The Wise and knowing.

Behind the widom, behind the knowing,

The ONE that is plays like remembering,

Plays HIS sport, His play!

More in quiet places

Disappointments and appointments

Both are His appointments.

Truly, Beloved Thou, thou alone

Art the Eternal supreme sportful

Actor, planner of every act

The endless Player of every play,

The unseen donor of every thought,

All, all is THOU my beloved.

The creator is the Destroyer,

The creator is the End and middle,

The cause of all is end of all.

Everything happens by HIS will.

Everything is from HIM, in HIM,

to HIM. The ONE plays like many.

Oh wonderful ONE

How pleasant it is to know

hat Thou art near me –

Not only all about me – but in me –

O Thou ruler and controller of all.

As Hanuman said to Ram – 

I say to thee.

‘As a body, I am thy servant,

As an Individual, I am part of you,

Who is the whole.

As Supreme Spirit, I am one with you,

Nay you yourself.’

(to be continued)

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