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C G Westerlund
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 22
Month : April
Issue Number : 2
Year : 2023

(continued from the previous issue)

It is through the seen,

We see and Know the unseen.

It is through the known,

Through the pairs of opposites,

We realise that ONE beyond opposites,

Through duality we know the non-duality.

Could there be the place

Where the knowing is other way round?

Man realises there is God,

A greater force or power,

A Supreme thing or Being.

Then He begins to act.

Like he has contact with God.

The he becomes a servant of the Supreme,

Later he realises he is a part of HIM,

At last he realises that he IS HE..

Who achieves and who realizes?

The ONE, whose lila is ALL!

It is not that we I shall be saved

But all are saved now,

Though they are not aware of this.

It is not that

We shall become Brahman someday,

But ‘all is Brahman’ now.

Thou who art all in all everywhere,

Art here now as everything.

Yea, You O spirit Divine,

Who art, wert, and ever shall be,

In Akka Maha Devi, and Mallikharjuna

Yea, You are here and now.

They are in you, O Divine ONE in many,

And you are in them.

Nay, You are in them and they are in You!

Everything is the Lord,

The Supreme, the Highest.

THAT which IS, and that which alone IS,

Every object, every thought,

Every mind, every intellect,

Every relative, every friend,

Every insect, every animal,

Particles of dirt and dust,

Yea, the air and even the ether,

Heat, cold, fire and water,

Electrons, mesons, lifetrons.

Evey atom is what EVER IS!

All knowledge and ignorance,

Intelligence, movement, silence,

The seen and the unseen,

The known and the unknown,

The passing and the abiding,

The Eternal and the temporal,

All, all is HE and HIS!

Amma is the SOURCE of ALL.

Is THAT which is the Support

Of all, name, form, sex, etc.

The beginning and the end, of

Every action, thought or thing.

SHE is neither female or male,

SHE is the Source and is of these,

And plays like She is male and female,

Thoughtless art Thee, Oh! AMMA!

Who art all thought,

AMMA is space itself,

All pervading all the time.

Though She plays like SHE is limited and bound.

SHE is ever pure, clear, transparent,

Changeless, immovable, eternal,

SHE plays the parts of all dualities.

The UNSEEN is Mother,

The SEEN is Mother at Play.

The Unchanging is Mother,

The changing is Mother at Play.

The unknown is Mother,

The known is Mother at Play.

The Infinite is Mother,

The finite is Mother at Play.

The Eternal is Mother,

The temporal is Mother at Play.

The Silence is Mother,

The sounds are Mother at Play,

The Stillness is Mother,

The movement is Mother at Play,

The Absolute is Mother,

The Relative is Mother at Play,

The BEING is Mother,

Becoming is Mother at Play.

The Impersonal is Mother,

Personal is Mother at Play.

All is One, There’s no ALL,

Just the ONE is PLAYING.

When an idea strikes you

Know and realise that it has come

From Amma the Source, End,

And underlying Support of all.

O Thou unseen, conscious, divine Mother,

Thou art everything, Thou art every form

Name, attribute, thought and thing.

Thou art all dualities and opposites.

Thou art form and formlessness,

Name and namelessness,

Being and becoming,

All-in-All are you.

Everything is within now,

The Spirit of Mars is within.

There is only one Spirit,

The One Spirit plays like IT

(or HE) is many Spirits,

The same Spirit within us

Is in the skies, stars, and galaxies,

As Ether is one and all-pervading

So is Spirit, or God, or AMMA.

Yea, underneath form is sameness,

Just that which IS, only called by many names

Brahman, Spirit, Nirvaana, Allah!

There is no Power but God.

There is no act but God’s.

There is no thought but God’s.

There is no name but God’s.

(to be continued)

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