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C G Westerlund
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 22
Month : January
Issue Number : 1
Year : 2023

Thou art the creator of supply every need.

And Thou dost supply every need,

Such in Thy Pleasure, Bliss and Sport.

Siva is Everything.

Siva is all in all,

Siva is existence and death,

Siva is Spirit and matter,

Siva is ALL that IS,

Just as all faces are HIS faces,

So are all races HIS races,

All we touch, taste, smell and hear,

See or think or do is HIS.

Verily all is HE and HIS expression.

When one knows the Source of all,

One knows the End of all.

All lights are THY Projection

All fire is THY Expression,

All beings are THY Manifestation,

All things are THY Possession,

Verily Thou art ALL, AMMA!

There is neither sound nor silence,

Amma alone IS.

She is sound and silence,

Form and formless,

Name and Nameless.

Oh God, just to be like an unaffected

Witness of the world, like you are!

Unattached, unmoved and eternally calm

And tranquil.

God does nothing,

Since HE IS everything.

He only becomes;

There is nothing New in the universe.

All my experiences are not your experiences,

And your experiences are not his.

Yet, there is only ONE,

Who experiences all experiences,

The author and planner of all.

Light is Bliss and happiness,

Darkness is silence and Peace,

Clearness is beyond both.

That is what we are,

Pure colorless tranquil calm,

The unseen Being that Becomes!

O Thou who holdest the universe together,

O Thou all pervading controlling ONE,

How can I tell others of you?

May I ever be lost in you,

Seeing only you, Knowing only you.

Speaking only you, doing only yours.

I have no self of my own;

All, all, all is HE 


I am as happy as can be,


If ONE is in all,

Who sows and who reaps?

Verily, the one who is both

(Neither this alone nor that)

Plays both the parts.

Behind all is the ONE!

If ONE alone is, who saves who,

Who converts who?

To whom or what is one converted to?

Verily all forms are His forms,

All Will and Play; His will and play.

Wonderful, Playful and Glorious

Ain’t He?

Eternal Peace and Bliss are you,

O Eternal Endless end of all!

‘Is there a me?’

“O yes, It is the all pervading HE”

Look at the ONE who is unseen!

You will find HIM in the seen.

O thou snow, So pure

And white and light are you!

Who are thou coming floating down

From the skies thus frisking and playing?

From the unseen to the seen H,O.

Through the seen all seems to go

On the Screen that IS alone.

Mind and thoughts are not different,

But are one in Spirit.

Projections and manifestations

Of the ONE who alone IS.

All shall ever hear and see,

Shall be the highest for HE alone is.

Both now and ever He alone is.

(to be continued)

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