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C G Westerlund
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 21
Month : October
Issue Number : 4
Year : 2022

(continued from the previous issue)

Wonderful, wonderful

Lord Thy lila!

There is no temple

There is only the Lord.

O! untouched Spirit,

All we touch and feel is you,

All we see and hear is you,

All we taste and smell is you.

Thou Supreme Lord and master

Thou all in all, Player of all and every past

Truly, all the forms and modes

Are THEE and only Thine

Sometimes you play like you are sorrowful,

At other times you act like you are happy.

O, Thou Eternal Witness untouched,

Since thou alone art.

But just for Thy Play you act

Like you are touched,

And that you are moving THYSELF.

Oh how wonderful and marvellous You are!

Truth is without beginning,

Truth is that which IS. Is

beyond and behind what is seen,

Turth is Eternal, changeless, immovable,

God is truth and truth is God.

THAT which IS motivates all,

Plays all parts and is what is.

As thoughts do come from thoughtlessness,

So do forms come from formlessness.

As thoughts do return into thoughtlessness,

So do forms merge in the formless.

Form and formless verily are ONE.

It is the Silence that supports the Sound.

And sounds do support silence ‘tween them.

As motion and rest support one another,

Support does support another support.

O support for all, Jehovah, Ram,

Allah, Father, who is the ALL!

Variety is Bliss.

Who are we to judge and say

This is better than that or that?

Is He here and not found there?

Verily every mode is yours.

Sometimes you, in the form of beings

Sit or Stand still.

At times you run and jump

Swim and play,

Varied and one are You

O, Everything!

One who knows AMMA knows all,

Mother is the beginning and end of all.

The ‘in All’ and support of all.

Shapes and names come and go,

But AMMA ever remains the Same

All pervading and immoveable.

The silence that mothers all sound,

The stillness egging every movement.

Each voice or form seems different

Yet there is ONE that speaks;

It is the ONE that forms,


All voices are His voices,

All forms are HIS forms,

Differences are HIS joy and play.

Mother, as TIME, is a great healer,

Creator, Preserver and Destroyer.

ONE destroys forms and names

So that form and name remain.

Mother is Form, Mother is Name,

Mother is all that changes and stays,

Time that changes, Time that saves.

Truly, ONE plans, plays,

And witnesses all the parts,

the whole is in the Part,

And part is in the whole.

The Whole is the part, the part is the whole,

There’s no part, It’s only the Whole

Playing like it is in parts;


All power is within all things, but

He in all things acts like HE is unaware,

That all power is within.

To ONE that knows,

As is Without so is within.

There is only lonely I,

And That is the Mother.

That is in all things

High, low, and all description

All i’s are from that only I.

All Mothers are from only Mother.

Heaven is Omnipresent.

The Kingdom of God is within and Without.

Heaven is where MOTHER IS,

And where is Mother not?

Being attached to one, who is unattached

Makes one unattached.

Being possessed by one

Who is possessor of all,

Makes one through complete touch

Possessor of all and not these few.

Movement is Bliss, stillness is Peace,

Sound is Bliss, silence is Peace,

Bliss arises from Peace and returns into It.

From THIS to This we come and go.

Oh Lord, may I not ever desire to go to heaven,

When I can be lost in Thee

Having nothing of self, my own.

Knowledge of things is ignorance of others,

Knowledge of differences is half of it;

Knowledge of oneness is only completeness.

Oh Thou Egoless ONE

Break my Ego,

That it may expand into

Thy all-pervading, all embracing ego.

Kingdoms come and go

Like the wind and snow.

One rules and moves them all

Both the large and small.

HE’s all in all.

Grace? What is it?

All grace is but ONE’s grace.

All grace is but parts

Of the ONE all pervading Grace!

There is only one mind;

We are parts of that ONE mind,

All controlling, all motivating.

By HIS Grace and Spirit,

All of us are one with HIM.

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