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Mannava Bucchiraju Sarma, Dr.Sista Shanta
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 21
Month : October
Issue Number : 4
Year : 2022

(rendered into English by Dr. Sista Shanta)

(continued from the previous issue)

Song: 43

We worship you Iswari” is the 43rd song composed on 24-12-1961.

“We worship you Iswari

Shower compassion on us kameswari” is the burden of the song.

This song was meant to be sung during the time of worship or at the time when a vow is taken to perform a specific religious observance (Vratam) or when one is lost without a direction in a whirlpool of difficulties or when one desires prosperity both materialistic and spiritual or when one wants the fulfillment of ones cherished desires.

We pray “Mother, we worship you.

Please bestow the desired results on us”.

‘Your true stories are to be heard

Your word is to be constantly contemplated

Contemplation on you is meditation

Thus we worship you and think of you, Constantly”

II We worship you II

This is the first verse. We revere and worship only virtues.

Mother narrated a few events that happened in her life time. Mother deliberately walked in the path of thorns. Everyday she chanted the mantra “yes” and facing the deadly forest fire, drank the lethal dose of poison.

I used to observe how people behaved during the time when they faced problematic events. I used to wonder had Mother been placed in a similar difficult situation how would she have behaved. “Mother would have behaved in this manner” – I used to think. I wanted to sing loudly so that everyone would become aware of Mother’s glorious manifold virtues.

In the path of surrender, listening, contemplations, meditation and worship…these are the steps that follow one another. I used to contemplate on Mother’s words and the incidents that take place in her life. When one thinks of her experiences one realises that she is most powerful. But the incidents that took place in her life. When one she appears to be an ordinary human being. This unique combination of the divine and human baffled me.

Mother used to pound rice, winnow it, grind chutney (Pacchadi nooredi) and cook food on fire wood. When normally people carried out these activities at their homes, I used to always ponder and think “Mother did it this way, spoke like this, served food in this manner and contemplate on Mother’s activities all the time. Is this contemplation Meditation!!!

“To those who knew you not, you made them know 

But those who thought know you, they did not know you

Mother bestow that intelligence Which will enable us to know you

You being the intelligence that clarifies everything” This is the second verse.

The reason for my first visit to Jillellamudi was my father-in- law’s wish to bring the ‘Prasadam of Vermillion packets’ (Kum Kum Potlalu). At that point of time I was not aware of Mother’s divine powers. After two or three visits, I realised that she was not an ordinary human being. That roused my zeal to know more about her significance.

Gradually I was convinced that Jillellamudi Mother is none other than the real Mother. She alone is the Mother absolute or supreme, without a beginning or an end, the power which is the root / source of everything. The Mother about whom I knew nothing, now became known to me. Descending from heaven to Earth, she inundated me with her compassionate looks showering me with her nectarine love.

Some of Mother’s relatives who knew her from her childhood, and some very close friends have to be mentioned here. At the beginning they looked at her not as a yogi but as a rogi (a sickly person). They were suspicious of her; they insulted her. They treated her like a worm in a leafy vegitable bunch to be thrown away.  That is the reason, why I said perhaps those who were acquainted with her did not know her.

To know/ understand Mother one needs intelligence. Mother is the embodiment of that intelligence. Therefore, Mother alone can bestow that intelligence through her compassion. But Mother says “I do not know anything. My state is that of one who seems to be knowing but does not know (Telisi Teliyani Sthiti)” – i.e., Mother does not know only one thing but knows everything. She knows everything but appears as if she knows nothing. Approximately 25 years ago I happened to study Kenopanishad. In it is stated – “Avijnatam Vijanataam, Vijnatamavijanatam’. I was really astonished. Mother made me write and speak the essence of Vedas without my being aware of it. When I look at it I doubt and wonder have I written it!! I should know the truth.

(to be continued)

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