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Marakani Dinakar
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 22
Month : April
Issue Number : 2
Year : 2023

This day, the great joyous, jubilant celebration of AMMA,

Welcome you all to reach here and join us in this great Festive celebration on this earth for all the devotee Children of AMMA seeking AMMA and HER grace.

This is but the mega festive event like the Brahmotsavam

That occurs occasionally, the yearly event where we all

Get together and join in AMMA’S presence that is ever

Bounteous and blissful, verily fulfilling, redeeming our lives.

Born as the little girl in the small village of Mannava,

Grew up as the uncommon being ever since the early

Childhood inspiring awe and reverence soaking

all Around with grace, blessing causing many revelations.

Whiled away HER singular, mystic childhood, passing 

Through the odds, pains, struggles just like the tender

Jasmine coming up among the thorns; steadily grew up

In all HER radiance, glory, declaring HER universal motherhood.

The mother of all, the animate, as also the inanimate, for

In AMMA’S reckoning there is nothing inert and life force,

Covers, envelopes all, this entirety, totality of existence

And the overall order with no exception nor exclusion.

Beseech you, one and all to join, participate, involve fully

In our MOTHER’S Centenary Celebration, the unique, historic

Event, festive occasion, to be blessed and graced richly

In full for all of us for the entire lifetime of AMMA’S care.

AMMA made HER divine advent on to this earth,

To cover, care, caress and protect the countless devotees,

Deemed the endearing children upholding the holy

Matrimony, declaring NANNAGARU as the prop.

Took NANNAGARU’S hand in the holy wedding, playing

The role of the chaste housewife, caring and nurturing

The devotee children, feeding them, clothing, curing,

Even educating covering all the needs temporal and spiritual.

In such celestial, holy matrimony, time is the wedding tie,

Which adorned HER slender, tender neck, sun and moon

Are the wedding plaques draped, worn, worshipping

Daily, that ushers in all auspices, all riches for us all.

Such is our AMMA’S singular, unique, holy, wedding

The very NAGENDRA who bears the onus of this earth,

Supporting this entirety is but the consort and the

Anchor for AMMA, celebration of life in all its bounty.


In this lyric Brother Raju traces AMMA’S advent and HER divine, universal all-encompassing motherhood. Such universal motherhood includes the animate and the inanimate for in AMMA’S reckoning there is nothing inert and all matter is imbued with life force. Hence tends to be useful. AMMA’S universal motherhood covers all, this entirety, the totality of existence and overall order with little exception.

Granting such exalted motherhood, all the subjects are deemed the endearing devotee children, viewed equally with motherly affection. AMMA’S BIRTHDAY celebrations are an opportunity for the devotee children to participate, partake and receive AMMA’S care to be subject to AMMA’S tender concern towards the children. By such participation, beget the blessing and grace. To recall this song was scripted by Brother Raju on the 1st of May 1985, just a month before AMMA’S entry into the sanctum of ANASUYESWARALAYAM on the 14th of June 1985, AMMA attaining eternity.

The 5th of May happens to be the day of AMMA’S wedding celebrated widely as KALYANOTSAVAM. AMMA extolled the role of the householder, giving pride of place to domesticity and family life. Pronounced that marriage is no hindrance to HER mission and ministry. AMMA exemplified and played the role of the housewife to perfection attending to all the household chores, feeding the family, the guests and so on. Such role in its acme culminated in bestowing divinity on the daughter HYMA and the consort NANNAGARU as ANASUYESWARA, lording over the order as JAGADEESWARA. Thus, our participation in such celebration of AMMA’S WEDDING DAY begets all auspices, enriching our lives.

To elaborate celebration of such BIRTHDAYS and WEDDING DAYS of divine manifestations and much more so that of AMMA is for our sake only for fulfilment of our lives with eventual redemption. These are abundant opportunities for the individual, in the instant case the devotee children of AMMA to receive the bounteous motherly blessing and grace that makes our lives worthy and verily fruitful.

In this divine manifestation of embodied motherhood, AMMA bestowed divinity on HER daughter HYMA creating the sanctum of HYMALAYAM where HYMA is made vibrant, energized with AMMA’s element for eternity. HYMALAYAM is deemed the shrine of mercy and HYMA is the verily personified compassion for one and all in curing the ills and redressing the worldly woes for every one of us. AMMA directed the chronic ill and cases of acute suffering to the sanctum of HYMALAYAM for the remedy and betterment.

Having said this, AMMA has been ever close to the life, its needs and immediate concerns not distancing to remote areas and far of aspects of precept and spiritualism. Concerned with the immediate needs of priority and addressed them effectively. AMMA’s aphorisms are comforting, offering solace to the troubled and distraught. AMMA’s aphorisms are terse, profound yet act as sooth says to the suffering mankind.

To give enough room for human frailty, always allowed the margin for the vulnerable human nature. Prescribed matrimony as the preferred path to savour all the aspects of life, duly giving vent to the same and overcoming the sensuous urges. Thus, in a safe path moving to the higher aspects of fulfilment and redemption.

Though this lyric is penned in the year 1985, during the month of May, just a month before AMMA’S Consecration in the sanctum of ANASUYESWARALAYAM, attaining eternity, this is as much relevant and timely now in the year 2023 the year of AMMA’S CENTENARY CELEBRATION. Just as Brother Raju besought everyone to join AMMA’S BIRTHDAY and WEDDING DAY celebrations to be blessed; it is much more befitting in this AMMA’s CENTENARY YEAR to participate, partake, thus be blessed, graced for the entire lifetime on this historic occasion which shall not be missed by the endearing devotee children of AMMA.

(Adapted from the lyric No.58, ‘ANANDA MAHOTSAVAM’ from the work ‘ANUBHAVA SARAM’ by Brother Mannava Butchi Raju Sarma. Also acknowledge the work ‘LO CHOOPU’ by Brother A.V.R. Subrahmanyam and Brother Ravuri Prasad)

Jayaho Matha Sree Anasuya Raja Rajeswari Sree Paratpari

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