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V S R Moorty
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 22
Month : July
Issue Number : 3
Year : 2023

The phrase ‘Sarva Siddhanta’ (all doctrines) does not mean a collection of several doctrines. “Sarva” means Karta (doer). He is Iswara. Creation, sustenance and dissolution are the injunctions of Karta. They are bound by Time. They do no discriminate and they are forces which do not favour anyone in particular. One doctrine is that the Karta makes the world move season after season, moment after a moment. Though the components of a doctrine appear to be contradictory, whatever is happening is going on as per an order. It goes on according to its nature, its Dharma and its attributes. It has a flow and rhythm. However its movement is incomprehensible. Its qualities are inequality, contradiction and incompletion. Pleasure and pain, darkness and light, desire and disappointment seem to be keeping up the creation. The doctrine is the root for carrying out that which is ought to be done.

Amma, who fed morsels of love…

After all, what is the doctrine of Amma? Is it merely giving food and sending away? Is it only satiating the hunger? and nothing else? “I can not help shedding tears if even one person suffers the pangs of hunger” so said Amma.

If everyone can share this anguish, there would not be place for hunger in this world. When the world is doling out food as charity, Amma fed innumerable beings with motherly love! A hungry man does not seek things other than food. A person who is satiated after taking food will try to know and experience matters hitherto unknown. He develops love and affection towards others and starts loving life. He overcomes hatred, enmity and indifference he nursed thus far towards the society and gets adapted to a peace-making approach. All his thoughts align themselves in the field of the doctrine and he gradually becomes a normal being having experienced the humane fragrance. He realizes the right to live and his responsibility to live for others as a social conduct. His mind starts experiencing what is right and what is wrong which enables him to view goodness in others in the wheel of life. This will help him to be good. As the discontentment gives way to contentment, he is sure to go forward without his knowledge. Whatever happens after that is the natural sojourn of life! This is what Amma achieved! The doctrine of equality; a way acceptable to every one.

What about a person who already attained a state by doing Sadhana? What did Amma offer to such a person? She has shown the path suited to him to intensify his Sadhana and to experience Truth thus expediting the process of his Sadhana. To such of those

who attained an exalted state, Amma’s blessed message is ‘to be in the state of witness!’ Amma’s words to a Pundit, “With literary excellence, the state of desirelessness can not be achieved”. It is infact the other way round.

To a logical question, “when all is done by God, is there nothing on our part?” Amma’s reply…, “You may not do what you think but you are doing that is ought to be done. Then, where is not doing?” Sankalpa (Resolve) and Vikalpa (ambiguity)

“Sadhana is what is possible. To be able to utilize all opportunities is Sadhana. This also is spiritual Sadhana” are Amma’s words making the way easier to the ordinary persons. When a rationalist asked “Whether human being has no Sankalpas?”… “Why not? There are Vikalpas too. As long as there are Sankalpas, there are bondages. When there is bondage, pain is inevitable. When there is conviction that the Sankalpa is of Karta then there is no anxiety or agony”… Thus reconciles Amma.

“Not having a sense of differentiation of gender or form is Brahmacharya” is the doctrine of Amma.

‘Mental strength is courage’, ‘desiring is not merely wanting. Not wanting a particular thing is also desire!’ ‘A person who knows how he can alone be happy, can never make others happy!

“There is no doctrine better than humaneness.

There is no better feeling than affection. There is no strength better than tolerance.

There is no state of happiness better than peace and contentment. There is no God other than Love.

A human living as real human is in fact spirituality! It is what Amma said!

It is what she practiced!!

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