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Marakani Dinakar
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 22
Month : January
Issue Number : 1
Year : 2023

Shall ever move in this life singing THY saga,

Will ever spread THY glorious tale in my stride,

This shall be my endeavor till the very last

My final moment so long as this tiny self breathes


Shall harp that THY effulgent, radiant life is the

Very ideal to be cherished for all the mankind

THOU being the cause of creation, sustenance

And destruction covers all the beings as minute specks


Our hearts are ever swayed by THY sweet words,

All of us the whole living order rest in THY vast limitless

Bosom, ever subject to and conditioned by THY supreme

Writ, the whole world resting in peaceful slumber in THOU


All these elements, equally all the worlds, the

Entire universe is but part of THY exalted self,

THY glory and mystic all pervasive self is limitless, 

Encompassing all over, the very prop for this order.


Such is THY infinite being, all inclusive, all permeating

Conveying that if awareness is the very BRAHMAN,

Why not ignorance too? THY self is the absolute whole,

Truly cognizing that absolute rests on the absolute.


This little self shall continue singing THY glorious saga

Spreading the same in this world till my very last breath.

In this lyric Brother Raju portrays the unique persona of AMMA that covers the mankind, all the beings, the entire living order, all the worlds and the very universe in its entirety. Having been exposed to AMMA in such proximity perceiving AMMA in essence, Raju commits, dedicates his little self to singing and spreading the glorious saga of AMMA till the very last breath.

AMMA’S life is unique and has no parallel in existence over the eons, now, before, and even after. HER words convey the unique message for all the mankind ever and always.

To relate one episode depicting the glory of AMMA, once during the audience of AMMA, a stray dog entered, placing itself at AMMA’S footrest. Everyone tried to push it outside, thinking of the dog as a lowly creature. Looking at these doings of the people there, AMMA gently brushed HER foot touching the dog. With the mere slight touch from AMMA, the dog lost itself, virtually put in some unknown plane of consciousness. Everyone tested the dog in such transcendental state for its breath and so on. After a little while, AMMA again touched the dog with HER foot and the dog regained its normal self. Immediately the dog walked away with the full satisfaction that it begot the uncommon divine touch and was placed momentarily in a distinct state far beyond its normal self. This testifies AMMA’S singular mystique.

Having witnessed this true episode, all those present started reflecting which is a higher being? Could this be the human being merely? Certainly, could not be so, simply because the lesser mortals around could not beget the dog’s unique exposure, and experience which elevated the very ordinary lesser creature like the dog.

Brother Raju musing within is convinced that the other animals similarly placed in our scriptures like the spider, the elephant, and the snake, were subject to divine grace and enriched their lot, transforming their existence. Transcending the little self, their petty existence redeemed once for all as in the legend of Sri Kalahasthi, pilgrim center much known to all.

Further AMMA adorned the toe rings engraved with the divine forms of Mahalakshmi, Maha Saraswathi, Annapoorna, Ganapathy, Kumaraswamy and Nagendra. When AMMA was questioned on this unique aspect, responded, “These too are MY children, your siblings, hence retained them with me.”.

Even in the invocatory prayer of AMMA at Arkapuri, it is conveyed that AMMA is the source and primordial power behind even the divine trinity. Granting such state, Brother Raju concludes with conviction that lesser mortals like us are mere specks in AMMA’S cosmic role and presence containing, conducting the triple aspects of creation, sustenance and destruction that goes on ever.

AMMA’S words are sweet and instructive, verily path finding for us all. HER perspective of equality that all human beings are accepted alike without any discrimination of character and conduct even. As the true mother of all, the universal mother SHE hugged everyone and gave access to one and all, the good, the bad, the virtuous, the vice prone, the caring, the callous and so on, with little disparity. Being the mother, SHE never had any “Catalogue of rights and wrongs” to judge the children, accepting all equally. Further, empathized with the erring mankind that “Frailty is but human nature”. Each one had his place with AMMA regardless of his credentials. Even so AMMA’S silent alchemy worked that wrought the much needed transformation that is imperceptible and silent. Taking such intensely empathetic stance, AMMA declared, “You are not merely MY children, the very limbs.”. Further in ultimate identification with HER children as the universal mother pronounced, “I am not that what you are not” in all your vulnerability. Such is AMMA’S total, all inclusive acceptance of this living order in its totality. In such all pervasive, all permeating, all encompassing equation, all the beings are within AMMA, resting in her bosom in peaceful slumber like the tiny specks or particles of dust.

To elaborate further on AMMA’S cosmic presence, all the worlds, the whole living species, the entire given order, and the total universe is within and is well contained by AMMA in HER cosmic persona. AMMA supports and sustains the entire cosmos, this creation, with all the elements, limitless domains acting as the singular prop of the absolute whole that rests all over.

The emerging inference is that AMMA’S mystique is limitless and without bounds. Such being the very truth obtaining, AMMA is the base for our living, thriving, and flourishing in this world in our momentary, fleeting existence and life spans.

In such overwhelming tolerance and acceptance of one and all by AMMA, as the loving, caring mother, equality, and even disposition is to be the basic tenets. The wise and ignorant too find place with little disparity, nor do they make any difference. From such wider, all inclusive perspective of the totality AMMA raises the poser, “If awareness is Brahman, why not ignorance too be so?”. Simply clarifying that the concept of Brahman is all inclusive and encompasses all with little exception, exclusion of any facet, aspect of existence.

Having confirmed such wider, mega, infinite vista, the conclusion, rather the conviction emanates that AMMA is but the whole, the absolute (sarvam), yet verily even, equal in HER external disposition towards the endearing children, the overall existence, and the given order. In finality, the cognition of such overwhelming equality and unchanging absolute is the true wisdom that dawns within us, the lesser mortals.

(Adapted from the Page 13, Song, No.11, “Paduchu, Paduchu” in the work ‘ANUBHAVA SARAM’ by Brother Mannava Butchiraju Sarma. Also acknowledge the work ‘LO CHOOPU’ by Brother Ravuri Prasad and Brother A.V.R. Subrahmanyam)

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