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THE SIGHTLESS SEER (Sri Kasu Radhakrishna Reddy, NADA YOGI)

Marakani Dinakar
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 22
Month : April
Issue Number : 2
Year : 2023

(Sri Kasu Radhakrishna Reddy, NADA YOGI)

His worldly name is Kasu Radhakrishna Reddy. Hails from the village Turagayapalem in the erstwhile Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh. His presence is substantial by physical girth and intrepid by nature in his worldly being.

He is fully qualified in classical music, an alumnus of the Vijayanagaram Music College well versed in all the intricacies of classical music; as also well regarded by all the doyens and well- established classical musicians, exponents, singers, instrumentalists and so on.

Born blind, his presence is remarkable by physique and demeanour. Though acknowledged in the musical circles, he turned to be a recluse. Committed to devotional chanting, he always chanted the divine names throughout his life. Having been committed to singing the divine glory, he has been defiant not heeding the worldly lures and fixations. Verily self-confident and self-possessed, not in the egoistic mode, but by deep, unflinching faith in the Almighty.

For some time, he was a recluse withdrawing into the deep, dark woods. It is reliably learnt that several seekers, sages, as also God knowing persons turned to him in the forests, well regarded him, to the point of being revered and served, caring for his daily needs.

After this obscure spell, he entered the worldly domain, not taking to the mundane ways and fixations. He was ever singing of God in different lyrics of different tunes and chanting the God’s name that was melodious. People gathered around him listening to his mellifluous exposition of the devotional lore, lyrics of Thyagaraja and so on.

While being known in all the circles for the devotional music and chanting, he reached Bhagwan Sri Satya Sai Baba, along with his younger brother Late Sri Venkateswar Reddy who too is sightless yet sing along with him. He predeceased him much earlier. Both the brothers enjoyed the grace of Satya Sai Baba for some time.

After this short Puttaparthi spell, they reached AMMA at Jillellamudi. He had enormous appetite and AMMA arranged for huge quantities of food, of any type, starting with the morning tiffin. Used to eat hundreds of idli, gare and so on. AMMA enjoyed this huge feeding of Radha as he is known. AMMA said even if you wish to feed, one shall find a person who can savour such huge fare. At the same time, he could also adjust and be content with small servings from others too. His ways were odd and abnormal.

In the beginning he was bent upon testing AMMA to confirm HER divine manifestation. In the process evidently caused suffering to AMMA who never allowed others to interfere accepting the pain, putting HERSELF to the tests of Radha. Outcome of all the testing is Radha surrendered to AMMA, addressing HER as the divine (paramathma).

After passing through the trying times, settled here at Jillellamudi, making his abode here in abject surrender to AMMA. He stayed with the satchel of his worldly belongings in the interior of PEDDA GUDI, as it is termed then, which later became the present ANASUYESWARALAYAM, in its sanctum sanctorum (Garbha Gudi). Radha conveyed to others that he heard the celestial music (Pranava Nada) there, along with other mystic exposure.

A few days before the 17th of February 1981, AMMA summoned Radha and told him to vacate the interior of the then PEDDA GUDI. For which Radha was reluctant to do so who lost his little bag of worldly belongings which made him leave the temple precincts.

Throughout the lifetime committed to devotion and chanting the god’s name. His chanting of ‘nama’ has mostly been solo as no one else could accompany him. He always chanted AMMA NAMAM in the times of AMMA’S darshan to the devotee children. To recall his chanting on the midnight of full moon days gave us the de facto feel that the ambience of cool moon light accompanied his melodious rendering, in a silent echo. The intensity of his rendering, chanting NAMA is such that once AMMA wished that he shall pause lest the consecrated HYMA, NANNAGARU, may stir from their consecrated, resting abodes in the respective sanctums.

Being odd and defiant in his ways, he regarded God as his servant and felt and talked as if God is ever at his service in his worldly sightless sojourn. Reality is though deprived of the physical mortal sight, his perceptions, instant grasping of issues conveyed that he has the internal vision that is doubtless and more perceptive in depth than the ordinary human eyes. His spiritual insights were so profound that he was aware of the unexpressed exchanges between AMMA and some devotee children.

After his mortal exit his physical remains were interned at the entry point of Jillellamudi before the Matrusri Oriental College and beside the present Matrusri Gosala. NADA YOGI as he is reverentially termed by the devotees finally rested at the entry point of Jillellamudi where the idol of Lord Ganapathi has been installed as a tribute to his devotional commitment and dedication. That others may cherish his memory and take to the Godly name, its chanting ever by the posterity.

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