C G Westerlund
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 20
Month : January
Issue Number : 1
Year : 2021

The highest is Omnipresent. AMMA and the HIGHEST are ONE.

The HIGHEST is whatever there is.

You and I are expressions of AMMA.

You and I are manifestations of the most High.

The highest alone is appearing as our friends & relatives.

The highest alone is manifesting as our mother, father & siblings. The highest is appearing as the sun, moon, and stars above.

The highest is always fixed with Divine love.

“Mind, Matter and the Highest Goal are all one” AMMA of Jillellamudi

Oh! what fun to perceive the One playing as our President and Political Leader as our Heroes and as the bad guys, etc.

Truly the Higher alone is playing all parts. There is no form that the Highest is not in mataji.

Earth is like an illusion. Mother Divine alone is lasting. The things that are seen changing temporally say some. Brahman alone is forever.

BRAHMAN &MOTHER in Essence are the same. 

Amma, may I ever see you in every form and name.

may I be aware that you are ever with one within me. may I always be aware that you are controlling everyone and everything.

may I be aware that there is no power or divine sacred presence. But your

may I ever be aware that there is no action, but your Divine action. The Eternal alone exists as the temporal

Ultimately, everything happens by the will of Amma. There is no form that Amma is not within. All in all, is SHE. (DIVINE MOTHER)

may I ever be aware that you are every form and name and at Once, are you always invisible and Visible change and unchanging ONLY THAT WHICH IS ALL IS AMMA. (DIVINE UNIVERSAL MOTHER).

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