Responses | స్పందనలు

‘కల్యాణోత్సవ సంచిక బాగుంది. సంపాదకీయం, వ్యాసాలు సార్థకాలు.’
– శ్రీ విఠాల రామచంద్రమూర్తి.

“Magazine looks very good with exciting content and beautiful coverage of photos and events.”
– Sri B.Ravindra Rao.

‘Received Viswajanani New thoughts, New expressions, New demensions, New dynamics, Apt information, pictorial activities… make the issue wholesome. AMMA is revered and venerated in full scale… I thank the Editorial team for all the care they have taken in bringing out the issue aesthetically. Jayaho Mata.
– Sri V.S.R. Moorty.