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Our Activities

  • Preservation of the physical originals of the English and Telugu Periodicals.
  • Preservation of the original Images and Negatives.
  • Preservation of the original copies of all books published on Mother.
  • Preservation of archival materials relating to Mother.
  • Provision of Computer Services (Hardware & Software) to SVJP, MOC & MMC.
  • Installation and Maintenance of Security Systems.
  • Maintenance of websites of SVJP, MOC, MDC.
  • Technical support for all of the above.

While every effort is being made to get it all to work smoothly, the practical difficulties of running a Digital Centre in a small village like Jillellamudi can be easily appreciated; power cuts, limited or no internet connectivity, etc. We welcome any constructive criticism and suggestions how the site might be improved, as also any feedback from users regarding difficulties in accessing the materials.

Our Mission

Our mission is to preserve and to make available, free of charge, in digital format, all the material available on the Divine Mother of Jillellamudi, Matrusri Anasuya Devi, popularly known as Jillellamudi Amma.

This Website is intended to function as a central location from where the Devotees and other interested persons may access online all the available material on and about Mother. This will include all the known photographs, including some very rare material.

The scanned material is being preserved securely in our Centre, with care taken to provide backups in different locations, as a precaution in the event of any potential digital/electronic/electrical disasters.

The digitized images and other material such as all the Telugu and English Periodicals, Books and other printed material is now available online to anyone who wants to view it. Later on we will also be making available online selected and edited Video and Audio files ; we have to ask you to be patient, as this will take some more time.

In addition to the digital material, we are also preserving in our Centre all the original negatives, and other physical materials eg VHS Cassettes, Audio Cassettes, Film rolls etc. While we are making every effort to preserve these things in a cool, dry environment, for as long as possible, it should be understood that in many cases, particularly the VHS Cassettes, the material is already in a deteriorated condition, in some cases unplayable.

If anyone has any material which they think might be of interest to the wider circle of devotees or to posterity in general, we will be happy to receive it, convert it to a digital format, make it available online, and either return it to them, or, if they wish, we can preserve it securely in our Archive. Such material might include any recordings, cassettes, letters, newspaper clippings, photos connected with Mother (Negatives, if available, are preferred as they give a much better scanning result).

Dr Potluri Subba Rao

The images come mainly from the extensive collection captured and lovingly preserved by Sri Potluri Subba Rao garu of Chirala, “Chirala Doctor garu” as he was known. As devotee children of the Mother we collectively owe him a great debt of gratitude for this service, and also to those after him who preserved the legacy intact.

Sattiraju Seshagiri Rao

Another significant quantity of material was kindly provided by the family of Sri Sattiraju Ramakrishna Seshagiri Rao  of Chilakaluripet, to whom we are similarly indebted.

Our Team

William James Campion

William James Campion

V N Prem Raju Valluri

V N Prem Raju Valluri

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