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జిల్లెళ్ళమూడి క్షేత్ర దర్శనం

Valluri Satyam
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : Telugu
Volume Number : 7
Month : April
Issue Number : 2
Year : 2008

గాడిపొయ్యి భగభగలు

 అనంగుడి తుకతుకలు

 అన్నపూర్ణాలయ గణగణలు

‘అమ్మ’ కరుణారస సింధువులు

వాత్సల్యాలయ జేగంటలు

అనసూయేశ్వర సహస్రాలు

 హైమవతీదేవి అభిషేకాలు

 నవనాగస్వామి ఆరాధనలు

 అందరింటి ఆహ్వానాలు 

అమ్మమందిర మధురోహలు

ధ్యానమందిర సుప్రభాత సంధ్యావందనాలు 

అమ్మాలయ అఖండనామనాదాలు 

హోమశాల జపహోమ ధగధగలు

 అమ్మప్రాంగణ సుమధుర దృశ్యాలు


in the annals of Jillellamudi as more than 1.5 lakh of people partook Amma’s prasadam on that day.


Amma once declared that Annapurnaalayam was her heart and as such it is a bounden duty on the part of the management and a sacred responsibility of every one of the devotee children who love this institution and Amma to bestow supreme importance to Annapurnaalayam and thus protect this ‘heart’ People who have been longtime associates of this place often repeat Amma’s message:”Neekunnadi Thripthhiga thini, itharulaku aadaramga pettuko” (meaning, ‘have what is given to you with contentment and feed others with love and compassion’). It is my view that Amma, through this message. implies that every house should be an ‘Annapurnaalayam’ catering to the hunger of others, not necessarily in terms of numbers, but in spirit.


True to this message, Sree Viswajanani Parishat (SVJP), Jillellamudi embarked, during this Golden Jubilee Year of Annapurnaalayam, on arranging feeding (distribution of Amma Prasaadam) in 50 villages in Guntur and neighboring Krishna districts and successfully completed this program of feeding in about 40 villages by the end of June, 2008.


Another ambitious program launched during this year was the recitation of Lalitha Sahasranaamam 10 billion times over the entire year by all the enthusiastic devotees spread all over the state of Andhra Pradesh and neighboring states as well as outside the country. There has been an overwhelming response to this program and it is expected that the target would be exceeded even before the completion of the year on 15th August. 2008. The invocation of Sankalpam before the commencement of recitation each day reads: “….. Sakala jeeva kshutpipaasa upashamanaaardham……..”, meaning, ‘towards satiation of hunger of all the living beings’. We seek the Grace of Amma, the divine form of Lalitha Thripurasundari towards fulfillment of this onerous and sacred responsibility entrusted to us!

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