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Dr T Raja Gopalachari
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 21
Month : April
Issue Number : 2
Year : 2022

Many a mystic were born in this world and every religion claimed them. Sometimes the society adopts the name of the mystic as a symbol of its religion and the preaching as indispensable means for the way of living. Christian mystics from early Christian times have been close to affirming oneness with God, as heirs of Neo platonic philosophy that stemmed from PLATINUS and SCOTUS ERIGENA. CHRIST preached the ONENESS of all this manifestation and the LOVE for humanity. He apparently seems to have experienced an absolute identity between himself and creation. His preaching, though was intended to all the humanity, the societal system later made it a dogma, a sect different from others and made many changes, as Bible was written 400 years after his death.

The vedic sayings date back to 6000 year B.C. Vedic hymns are the revelations of experiences of the intellectuals who had deliberately chosen the way of life “living in the forests in quest of TRUTH” and harmony with NATURE. This was encouraged by the rulers who never interfered with their life styles. These persons acquired, in the process, the powers which they seldom used. They always prayed for the welfare of this creation in which they saw the reflection of that power, the cause of creation. The pure power is infinite and un-cognizable by mind, eyes and even the spark of experience of that infinity is indescribable. They enjoyed the Bliss. So they conceptualized the micro and macro cosmic power as THE ONE, that is manifest as all the spirit, casual, subtle and gross matter with forms and names which are finite and cognizable and definable. Hence the hymns of Veda wished for the welfare, severally and jointly of all the manifestation, that include the elements of nature and the purity of desire, and dualities.

Professor WAYMAN (ALEY WAYMAN) in this book on history of religions (Vol No. 2, November 1982) boldly and clearly describes the human body as “MICROCOSM” and the macro cosmic divinity was realized by him. Hence the TRUTH reveals to any who with pure mind makes a quest. It has nothing to do with dogmas. Realization is not awareness of the total infinity, which is pure spirit. It is a blissful state in which every part of creation is felt as THAT SUPREME. It is the source of GOD, CREATION AND POWER that is the cause of all this manifest and unmanifest.

Mother of Jillellamudi told clearly the nature of Micro and Macro cosmic manifestation and saw everything as herself right from the womb of her mother. There was no quest in the sense of meditation. She was born with that knowledge like SUKA MAHA MUNI and VAMADEVA, the famous Rishis of yore who flourished 6000years B.C. They saw oneness in duality and variety (Vaividhya). AMMA’s experiences as dictated by her to one Bhaskar Rao in the presence of those who were present in vernacular Telugu, speak volumes of these micro and macro cosmic reality of TRUTH. She according to my understanding having read this manuscript critically 38 times, is the essence of all divinity. She did not preach any dogma or particular practice but spoke through her narration of her life experience from 1923 to 1949. Although many experiences were there after 1949 upto her leaving the body in 1985 there is no proper documentation. One person who is still alive with flesh and blood and has reached 70 years of age and was associated with all the unimaginable tribulation perpetrated on her and which she underwent without any complaint and considered all these dualities as pre-determined by herself, is MANNAVA BUCHI RAJU SHARMA who is living in Hyderabad. He never complains of his mundane state of want as punitive. He rather considers it as gift of her to divinise his life. He seldom speaks of anything other than Mother’s love for all. Her life is a saga of unity in diversity (variety) of manifestation gross subtle and casual energy which also came from the ONE SOURCE. It is enough if one has a glimpse of this great soul i.e., Mr. Raju Sharma.

What is her state of divinity is difficult to be defined. My experience, after seeing her and reading her boisterous waves of life is that she is none other than the SUPREME POWER who graced this earth to redeem the souls seeking TRUTH, in flesh and blood and left the body after these souls gained FREEDOM. It is her grace! May be the whole life on this earth is redeemed.

(to be continued)

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