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V. Dharma Suri
Magazine : Viswajanani
Language : English
Volume Number : 10
Month : March
Issue Number : 8
Year : 2011

The Divine Compassion is limitless, is natural and everflowing. When we recall some of the incidents in our lives we wonder “What did we do to deserve this much Love from Amma?”

I was working as Branch Manager of Mulukuduru Branch. The branch at that time, had two clerks, myself as Manager and one attender. I was the first manager who got the Branch opened. Suddenly, one of my colleagues working in the Bank came from Jillellamudi on his motorbike, with a message from Amma. Mother’s orders were that I should hand over the keys immediately and rush to JM. morning. It was around 11.40 in the morning 

I did not know what was the tremendous urgency, but 1 promptly obeyed Her instructions. The keys were readily handed over to the senior clerk, and on my motorcycle, I rushed to JM. It was an event replete with redoubled joy, one is to get out of the Bank and the Other to rush back to Amma.

From my 15th year of age, I used to recite Devi Kavacham, from the 21st year, in my life, I was reciting Durga Saptashati. The slokam “Niraharou, Yataharou, Tanmanaskou,. Samahitou,” influenced me quite a lot. Very little solid food, and coffee were the food items consumed, and constant mild headache was my companion. I really enjoyed my existence when Amma was there. Food intake, even after visiting Jillellamudi in the beginning, was very notional, though I enjoyed an excellent appetite.

As I entered Amma’s presence, all curiosity to know what was happening, my dear brother I. Ramakrishna was doing Puja to Amma. After Puja, he was offering nivedana, a glass of Payasam. I stood at a respectful distance, keeping in mind that I neither give myself much food, nor would I offer any Nivedana to the Divine Mother. In those days, there was no dhoopa, deepa naivedyam from my side. Only recitation of Durga Saptasati, apply tilakam to Sri Durga’s forehead in the Photo, watch her smile and leave for the office. Therefore, I stood at a distance, watching my dear brother IRR, offering a Nivedana to the Divine Mother.

Mother beckoned me to come near Her and commanded “Hold that glass”. I had to hold the glass along with my friend, offer Her the Nivedana.

After the Puja was over, she called me and said “Eat something, I am not able to stand this torture.” (“Emanna Tinu. Nenee kadupu Kotha Bharincha Lekunda Unnanu).

Why this special concern, special love? Yes, Everything is special.- not about me About Amma, that embodiment of Divine Love and Compassion. If She felt so much concern from an ordinary, substandard devotee like me, how much more She would have felt towards others, more pious and more deserving?

I prostrate at Her Lotus feet and beg of Her “Mother, give me the Opportunity of serving you now and forever”

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