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M Lingeswara Rao
Magazine : Matrusri English
Language : English
Volume Number : 2
Month : August
Issue Number : 5
Year : 1967

O MIND! Why hanker after the fleeting luxuries and fritter away your energies for power and pelf? Why roam about hither and thither in quest of peace and truth? They have no room in the Kaliyuga. Why think of the lofty ideals preached by the great personalities of our times? They only extinguish the moment they fall from their lips. Even to think of honesty is foolish while existing amidst the hordes of hypocrites. This world which was once A blissful Garden of Eden” has now turned into a den of swindlers prowling on the innocent and the meek. None in this world is capable enough to set right the topsyturvy order ofthings gaining ground every where. The root cause for these problems is absence of morality in the mass-mind. The stream of life is vitia ted by all sorts of filth, and is drifting retrogade. Vice triumphs over Virtue. Justice is eclipsed by Injustice. The individual ego is, trumpeting its greatness, fencing around all material progress. The arms race, the racial discrimination, the rivalry of “isms”, and the religious fanaticism have reached alarming proportions leaving the world as a cock-pit of wars. The jugglary of self-styled patriots crushes the spirit of the common man. What a fall! O Bharat! Once the richest granary of the world turned into a hot bed of famine and pestilence! Civilisation is growing every minute without civic sense Life turned into a speedy race from Cradle to grave. Get-rich quick tactics adopted by man are making him behave worse than a brute. The community metto “All for one, One for All’ is only a slogan. In sum and substance, this sublunary planet has been infested with greed, violence and hatred, Lo: the juggernaut is fast approaching to set right the chaos. O Mind, Be alret! Heed not the external tom-foolery. Retire into the inward recesses and dwell on the lotus feet of Holy Mother.

O pair of eyes, why flippantly hop on obscene sights and defeat the aim for which you were endowed by Divine Architect. Better introspect and immerse in the magnificient panorama of Holy Mother’s image in your mental mirror.

O pair of nostrils, let the life breath be tuned with the sacred syllables of “Amma” and fill your lungs with the fragrance instead of obnoxious air.

O pair of ears, turn deaf to unpleasant sounds and prattle of the world, and strive hard, keenly to follow the divine music of Holy Mother ringing in the soul. For what is this life worth if we are deaf to the silvery voice of the Holy Mother?

O tongue, he not beguiled by the variety of tastes and commit horrors and crimes for your satisfaction. Let the holy songs on “Amma” always dance on your lips.

O pair of hands, let not your might be wasted in performing ignoble deeds. Let them be employed in shouting the kirtan of “Amma” and in offering service to Her.

O pair of legs, why not you travel to the abode of Holy

Mother instead of running aside into the quagmire of the world?

O Body and Soul, miss not this Golden Opportunity that Holy Mother has graciously created for erring humanity to emerge victorious from the battle of life.

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