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Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 8
Month : July
Issue Number : 3
Year : 2009

Dear Ones,

The truth is best as it is. No one can alter it, nor can anyone improve it. Have faith in the truth and live it. Now you will ask, what is this mysterious truth? To know that you are infinite is the truth. To find that you must always begin with yourself.

The one who has no i’ and ‘me’ and mine does not grieve for the unattainable. Never take delight in quarrelsome disputes or engage in controversies to show superiority of intellect or talent. Remain calm and composed with no hostile feelings in your heart towards anyone. Never abandon the disposition of charity for all beings…

No one can become a true ascetic by a shaved head alone.. An undisciplined person who utters lies, is full of desire and greed, lives a life of falsehood. Silence does not make a sage. Like Buddha, follow the middle path, keep perfect balance. Let your actions speak louder than words.

Ignorance causes the ruin of the world. Envy and selfishness break human ties and hatred is the most violent of all fevers. Never deceive or despise another. Never shout with anger or resentment, or wish to harm another. Be free. Be free from pride, vanity and ego. Have faith and wisdom and you will be respected everywhere, in every land. Teachers can only teach, but you and you alone will have to make an effort towards self transformation.

Overcome all unruly cravings. Be moderate. Health is the highest gain; don’t ruin it for the sake of vanity by starving yourself to be thin and taking dangerous drugs to achieve it. In the Bhagavad Gita Krishna tells Arjuna: “A harmony in eating. and resting, in sleeping and wakefulness, in whatever the action, brings freedom from all pain.” A harmonious mind finds a place of rest in the spirit within, where all restless desires disappear in the vast ocean of joy and truth, where the mind becomes steady and fully content and the greatest upheavals can no longer disturb it. Contentment is the greatest wealth.

Victory breeds hatred; the defeated live in pain. Happily, a peaceful life with the wisdom of giving up both victory and defeat. Buddha said it is not life, wealth and power that enslave men, but clinging and craving for more and more. The one who is not bound to wealth or power, who uses it rightly will be a blessing to others. Always inspect your thoughts before you act, for as we sow, so shall we reap. Seek the welfare of others and bring back those who have gone astray and enlighten them who live in the night of error. Whatever may be the cause of your suffering, never wound another, be gentle, show kindness. Benevolence towards all beings is the very heart of true religion. Cherish in your heart boundless love and compassion to all that lives….

All creation arose from the desire of the cosmic mind to create. Desire, therefore, is the fuel behind the manifested universe. Everything we perceive from the simple to the very complex arose from desire. However, that is very different from ego-based desire which is only motivated by selfish fulfilment. Ego-based desire is the root cause of all suffering.

Therefore, constant feeding of desires is not the key to happiness, but renunciation and discrimination provide the answer. That simply means giving up the lesser for the greater, and, the uncertain for the certain. Meditate in solitude and try to perceive the fleeting nature of the world. Gradually discrimination will awaken to remind us to be effortless in our quest and to finally dwell in a state of unchanging oneness.

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