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A Parting Blessing

Janaki Krishnamoorthy
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 1
Month : October
Issue Number : 4
Year : 2002

Amma once told me about Sri Prabhudatta Brahmachari’s visit to Jillellamudi. So at Vrindavan 1 informed him that ‘AMMA’ enquired about him. He said “SHE” is a “Mahapurusha” and repeated it again. This is with reference to the article by Vasundara akkayya.

Before the hospital at Jillellamudi came into existence, once ‘AMMA’ was suffering with great pain due to an abscess. So wel shifted HER to Nellore to Dr. S.V. Subba Rao’s house, so that she could have some rest without being disturbed. It was my good fortune to be able to serve HER there. Mathrusri’s editorial comment on that was (కూతురు లేదన్న కొరత జానకి అక్కయ్య తీర్చినది) 1 (1 forgot the exact words now). It was a very very exalted compliment to my insignificant ‘seva’ on that occasion. Whether I deserved it or not, whether I understood it well or not, the joy of reading it was great. It was “SHE’ who was the dispenser of that boon of joy. Thus the memories fly back of course they are never forgotten.

On receiving an SOS in 1986 at Vrindavan, from Jillellamudi. 1 hurried over there and found ‘AMMA’ lying on the cot. quite sick. “SHE” drew me to ‘HER’. put HER arm around me and boyed off into a peaceful sound sleep for a while, a much needed one! Perhaps that was ‘HER’ parting gift of blessing to this (g) of HERS. SHE had me with HER for six days. SHE used the silver tub for the first and last time and devotees thronged around the tub, reverently taking the “theertham” as they were not able to collect “charanamrutha’. Thus “AMMA” gave HER parting blessing, on the physical plane.

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