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Indhumuki Ramakrishna Rao
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 15
Month : October
Issue Number : 4
Year : 2016

In the Divine scripture Lalitha Sahasranama (1000 names in praise of Rajarajeswari Devi / Divine Mother), she has been described as MOTHER for everyone right from Brahma ( a form of God responsible for entire creation and also the word Bramha in general denotes SUPREME GOD) to an insect (keetakam means insect in Sanskrit). Jillellamudi AMMA is widely accepted as an incarnation of Rajarjaeswari and HER love, compassion and equanimity for one and all without any discrimination has strengthened such conviction. Those who were fortunate to be in association with AMMA had the good fortune to experience glimpses of these qualities.

Sri Angara Suryanarayana of Bangalore is an ardent devotee of AMMA frequenting Jillellamudi for the past several decades. During one of such visits, after a pleasant stay for a few days, he informed AMMA that he intends to leave for Tirupati to have Darshan of Lord Venkateswara. While giving HER consent for his trip, AMMA suddenly removed small portions of HER finger-nails, handed over to him saying ” drop these in the HUNDI Nanna “. For those readers who are not aware about Hundi and tradition, I would like to inform that HUNDI is a large brass vessel covered with a white cloth up to a height of 4 to 5 feet with opening from two sides enabling any one to drop the offerings into it. This is a very important tradition for the devotees where the offerings like cash, gold and silver items are dropped, especially as a token of devotion or as a gratitude for the Grace received from the Lord. Taking an oath to offer (in the Hundi) any item of their choice on fulfillment of their desire is also the most common practice. On hearing this from AMMA, Sri Suryanarana garu was astonished because nails are not at all considered as suitable items to be dropped in the Hundi and no one ever would have made such an offering in the history of Tirupati. In fact a taboo exists in south India that such extracted nails should never be kept in and around the house and be properly discarded. Hence he was under a dilemma whether to accept the nails from AMMA or not. At the same time he dare not question AMMA.

Without a murmur he accepted the nails from AMMA and proceeded to Tirupati. After having Darshan of Lord Venkateswara he approached the place where Hundi is placed. He was still in a dilemma and trepidation whether to drop this item or not. A kind of fear gripped him. After a brief lapse of time he consoled himself that it is not his plan but is that of AMMA and hence whatever happens as a consequence will be taken care of by AMMA herself. Before dropping the item he involuntarily peeped into the Hundi and to his utter dismay he found two outstretched hands with open palms ready to receive the offerings!!

The Lord is Graciously waiting to receive the Offerings from The Divine Mother? Sri Suryanarayana was astonished and thrilled!! AMMA endowed him a unique opportunity to have the ACTUAL DARSHAN of Lord Venkateswara’s hands that gave ABHAYAM and VARAM to the entire Universe. At the same time She made him understand unequivocally that She is The Mother of All. The full import dawned on him and could imagine the highest pedestal that AMMA occupies among various deities. This fact is corroborated in Lalitha SahasraNama which mentions that all the ten forms (AVATARAS) of Lord Vishnu have originated from her fingernails KARANGULI NAKHOTHPANNA NARAYANA DASHAKRUTHI.

Readers please note that this is an actual incident and this author had the unique privilege of hearing the episode directly from Sri Angara Suryanarayana, a resident of Bangalore.

In yet another incident one of our devotee brothers stayed for a couple of days at Jillellamudi and sought permission from AMMA to leave. Everyone used to seek permission from AMMA before leaving which SHE used to grant by placing a kum-kum Bottu (Tilak) on the forehead and giving a few kum-kum packets as HER prasadam. AMMA asked him to stay on for a couple of days more for which he expressed his reluctance. On further probing by AMMA he said that he had a vow to fulfill i.e. have the Darshan of Venkateswara and tonsure his hair (this is an offering made at Tirupati and has a great significance) and any delay will not be tolerated by the Lord. Waving HER hand AMMA said” Don’t worry Nanna. I will tell him .You stay back.” He has used the Telugu word “VADILI NENU CHEPUTANU LE NANNA”. Vadiki means ‘to him’ which is mainly used very affectionately when we address someone who is very close and much younger to us. The ease at which AMMA uttered these words and the command imbibed in it is very striking.

Once AMMA visited the temple of Sri Ranganayakulu (a form of Lord Vishnu) at Nellore and went right into the sanctum sanctorum. SHE ran her hands caressing the idol as if it was a baby. Suddenly one of the brothers who accompanied AMMA noticed that AMMA had entered the sanctum sanctorum with the slippers on. As per Hindu tradition one should be bare-footed in the temple and should not wear any shoes, slippers or chappals. With a worried expression he pointed out the same to AMMA. AMMA replied “In the anxiety to see my child (Ranganayakulu swamy) as soon as possible I did not notice this at all Nanna”. SHE looked at the idol not as a lifeless stone object but as a living personality.

Once I was alone in the presence of AMMA in HER chamber looking at HER radiant face enjoying the serene atmosphere and its consequent bliss. Suddenly I noticed a small green insect, which we normally find in the flowers creeping on HER cheek. It was crawling very very slowly at its own pace and the area of Amma’s cheek would have been a great expanse of land for the small creature in its onward journey. I bent forward on my knees and raised my hand to gently remove the insect from HER cheek. In a flash AMMA caught my hand to stop me from acting and said in a very affectionate tone “Let it there be Nanna! Who knows its happiness”. It means AMMA is able to know the mind of such a small creature and its enjoyment. Another point of interest is that we used to similarly feel very happy in the presence of AMMA and for HER we and the insects are the same as the children.

HER personal care for an ailing Dog, ox, and a monkey stand classic examples for HER uniform compassion.

With all the above we conclude that AMMA is ‘AABRAMHAKEETA JAANANI ” i.e. MOTHER for ALL be it a GOD or an insect.

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