K. Bhanu Hyma
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 18
Month : April
Issue Number : 2
Year : 2019

Wondering whether words can convey 

Doubting if any language can express

 Debating whether I should or shouldn’t

 Trying at all to get you in these lines

So calm and content

May be it is inherent

So humble and silent 

Though potent and intelligent

Your discipline and dedication

 Your attention and devotion 

To spin a feasible solution 

To win a challenging situation

So much of hard work

Day in and day out

 Being the biggest 

support To the family throughout

No negative thoughts or talks

 No creating hurt or sudden shocks

 Your company is pleasant in all walks

 You’re one in lakhs

You have adjusted your pace

 To face the day-to-day race

 Keeping things at their place

 Everything with Amma’s grace

Being so affectionate yet unaffected

 Being so loving yet detached

 Being so caring yet undisturbed 

Still we feel we are all so connected

Isn’t it a big relief

From this worldly grief

 To be able to lead the life

 Like a drop of water on the lotus leaf

Peaceful and blissful 

Hopeful and helpful

 Are just a few words 

How can I describe you in full

You gave us motivation

 In every situation

You are the inspiration

 For future generation

You laid the foundation 

To be up to your aspiration

 Bless us in liberation

 Lead us to salvation

A journey inevitable 

For each of us 

Sooner or later 

Meet you at the abode of creator

Dedicated to Late Sri Kummamuru Sree Rama Rao Garu

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