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Marakani Dinakar
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 19
Month : April
Issue Number : 2
Year : 2020

AMMA, AMMA, thou art the form blissful,

 Thou are the fount of knowledge and wisdom

 Equally you are being the source of inner awareness,

 That is beyond easy ordinary reach for many.

AMMA, the entire universe sprung up from you,

 The whole life ends up in your ceaseless self,

 You are the very prop of this entire earth, 

Yet, thou rest without any base in solitude.

You subsist in isolation beyond our reach 

Though THY shadow cast leaves a trail, 

Lighting for us the path to the seamless self

 That is lasting ever beyond us all.

AMMA, in this wilderness of dry metaphysical thought,

 In our strife of life with little meaningful purport, 

Thou glow in our hearts, move in our abodes warmly, 

Kindling the lamp of auspices for us all.

AMMA, playing the song of well being as the stringed melody, 

You rest on your natural enduring forbearance, accepting us ever,

 Stride with the radiant, caring heart and ever luminous within

 Being the embodied dispassion filling our hearts thus.

Unveiled for us the cool, moonlit path.

 And pronounced the very pearls of wisdom 

AMMA, you are but the very touch, equally the sound, 

YOU are the form, as also the running flow, 

You are but the very bond of lasting love. 

Spurning the hatred, much averse to dislike anyone,

 Thou have become the pure, pristine dispassion, ANASUYA

 While filling our hearts with the tinge of BRAHMAN.

AMMA, AMMA, thou are but the FORM BLISSFUL for us

 The fount of knowledge, wisdom, as also the true inner awareness

 Bow THEE ever to come out of our worldly woes

 Equally to be liberated, freed from all bondage forever.

Here Brother Raju depicts the portrait of AMMA in varied hues and tinges moving farther from the routine scenario that is visible apparently for anyone and everyone who sees AMMA in the mundane mode.

When the lesser mortal is summoned into the presence of AMMA, he merely sees or finds the normal, human loving mother that the person is exposed to in his ordinary life at home. For anyone and everyone seeing AMMA causes joy for AMMA’S presence is delightful. If we move beyond the onlooker attains the feeling of bliss that emanates on looking at AMMA’S gentle, benign form. This blissful feeling is beyond the ordinary joy or happiness one begets at the first look.

For the more observant, AMMA appears or seen as the source of not merely the ordinary mundane knowledge. Moving ahead finds that AMMA is the fount of true awareness, ‘Gnana’ that is beyond reach for most of us. Because, that is knowing the timeless truth that causes us all and spells our lot. As we pursue this vein of thought, AMMA is felt as the prime source of this universe, the life force, that is ‘Chaithanya’ boundless, endless. That being so all lives, living species culminate in AMMA, which is the endless, timeless self that consumes one and all with little distinction.

While spelling the process of creation, AMMA verily becomes the prop of this whole earth, universe. Though the base on which AMMA rests solitary in such magna, the mega role is invisible for us, the lesser beings who are only awed by the presence. Dwelling in such heights, AMMA’S being is in isolation beyond our sight and reach.

Yet such magnificent presence of AMMA gently condescends to cast a light and a shadow on us which leaves a trail, lights up a path for inner awareness, the self within (jeevatma), which is but a reflection of the larger self (paramathma). Thus, causing the verily needed wisdom and bestowing on us the lasting truth.

Often, these aspects become debates and dialectics among the so-called knowing or aware. These tend to be dry metaphysical exchanges without causing the much sought after inner perception. Such dialogues are referred to here and gently set aside. For, they neither offer meaningful direction in life nor mitigate the real odds and of little purpose.

Contrary to this dry verbal processes, Brother Raju conveys that AMMA glows in our hearts. dwelling in our humble abodes warmly. Thus, AMMA lights the lamp of well being, causes auspices, bringing in the really needed goodies. Verily at the same time fills our hearts with good will, dispassion driving away the negatives of dislike and hatred towards anyone because AMMA being the embodied dispassion, ANASUYA. In this process AMMA’s luminous countenance is ever visible and her natural, enduring forbearance accepts us with all our foibles and ills to be cared for and corrected.

Now the individual feels that AMMA is finding a new path for him in life in many ways. Such a path is bright and lit with cool, moon light. In such a radiant course, AMMA is the very touch, the sound as also the form and equally the flow. AMMA is the formless running fluid symbolizing all the elements. AMMA’s words act as pearls of wisdom causing the true awareness that is much needed for him in life.

AMMA the fount of dispassion leads the person beyond limited bonds of likes and dislikes, guiding, shepherding the subject on the path of genuine, all accepting forbearance. That is ‘Boundless Affinity’ towards one and all bordering the divine. For such individuals striding on the well meaning, fruitful, altruistic path ‘Brahman’, too is not farther which could be revealed through AMMA. In the process, beget the ultimate bliss, that is eagerly sought by the true seeker.

(Adapted from the Song No.9, ‘AMMA, AMMA, ANAND RUPINI’ of ‘ANUBHAVA SARAM’ by Brother Mannava Butchiraju Sarma. Also, gratefully acknowledge the work ‘LO CHOOPU’ by Brother Ravuri Prasad and Brother AVR Subramanyam)

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