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Marakani Dinakar
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 8
Month : October
Issue Number : 4
Year : 2009

Amma, Amma, the nondual ONE,

 Light the lamp of the soul within,

Let it glow ever brightly.

The world is all but YOU,

 And manifests thy play,

 Thy path is but positive way ahead,

 Causes bliss and brings auspices.

YOU and YOU alone, 

Depict this universe, 

The progress of this larger universe,

 Is contained in YOU only;

 The fount of bliss and the source

 Of auspices that emanate Ever, 

and always from THEE.

Wisdom’s power, as also,

 Glory of the atma and paramatma,

 Are only evident and manifest,

 In thy radiant SELF;

 If so rather be content

, Being with Mother Earth, 

Embodied in YOU than

 Aspire for the unseen heaven.

Pondering over the transient,

 And the eternal aspects,

Finding the timeless,

 ever Shining truth in YOU, 

Convinced verily that the Temporal,

 tangible world, And the everlasting

, timeless truth, Are only apparent in YOU,

 To behold and rightly perceive, 

In our deeper introspection.


YOU are the personified advaitha,

 The eternal, ever present ONENESS, 

To be beheld, perceived, and internalized.


This is a tribute to AMMA’S advaitic self, the personified, eternal ONENESS. While the tangible world or the physical reality is necessarily dual, the inherent all pervasive life force is the ONE and only ONE. That is the all pervasive underlying unity of the manifest creation. When this is known or when such realization occurs within the being the light of the soul is lit.

Continuance of the awareness of such ONENESS makes the inner light shine and glow radiantly. This seeker beseeches AMMA, to graciously grant such lasting awareness.

Further, the so called world of dimension is but a manifestation of AMMA’S advaitic force or SELF. All mundane processes are but reflections of the play of the overwhelming nondual force that is unmanifest (avyaktha).

When all actions are in tune with the essence of creation, the direction is only positive and progressive, and it could never be otherwise. Essentially, the realized soul or such internally aware person only forges ahead in life, towards positive bliss. Very much so, as AMMA assured – “Positive bliss awaits all”.

To elaborate, AMMA pronounced that for every one the end is positive, if only with a varying time lag. This is the comforting boundless assurance from AMMA for one and all with little discrimination.

Very much so, but after the lapse of time spans that vary from individual to individual. The one with awareness or the realized person always stays ahead in the positive path. Such consciousness also assures the individual of all auspices in life and eventually culminates in bliss here and hereafter.

Besides, the power of true wisdom or the satchidananda or paramathma is also contained in AMMA and reflected to the beings in the world. The evident manifestation physically (vyaktha), and the implicit or unexpressed, unmanifest (avyaktha) infinite force is also depicted, and can be discerned in AMMA for the intent, earnest seeker. Such all pervasive life force unifies mind and matter while physical form draws the line of dimension, which demarcates one being from another.

As conveyed in the ‘Brahma Sutras’ by Swami Gambhirananda, very succinctly, “The essence is that of non difference, the difference is that of dimension”.

If so, the subject is content to be with the earthly manifestation of AMMA in all its dimensions, multiple facets rather than aspire for a distant, unseen, elusive heaven or even the much subtle ‘ONENESS’ to be sought only in perception or on an abstract plane. Why look for a far off celestial abode, while all that is said to be celestial is readily extant in AMMA here on this very earth. That too within easier reach of the aspirant.

On a deeper thought, the being finds the mundane aspects or worldly fulfillment in AMMA, as also the timeless truth. Both the life’s desires and spiritual goals are equally available in AMMA and are accessible with the right attempt.

To elaborate, if one ardently seeks or prays AMMA, his life’s expectations are met; equally so, the infinite spiritual truth is also accessed, with facility.

Reason being AMMA is but the advaita murthy’, the personified ONENESS, the prime mover of the universe; the eternal, timeless, everlasting essence, without any finite dimension.

The subject need only aspire, and seek AMMA earnestly for all the ends and the overall fulfillment of life in all respects, the worldly and the otherworldly. This eventually culminates in liberation, for “Contentment is Emancipation” a la AMMA. Freedom from desire is but liberation and ends in absolute salvation. For the being, such freedom is but the positive end and bliss on this very earth.

(Adapted from Anubhava Saram of Brother Mannava Butchi Raju Sarma song- “Amma, Amma, Advaitha Murtrhy”)

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