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Indhumuki Ramakrishna Rao
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 11
Month : October
Issue Number : 4
Year : 2012

In continuation of my last article on the above subject, I would like to share some more of my experiences.

In my opinion miracles performed by AMMA happen in such a natural way that unless you are keenly and consciously observant, they often go unnoticed.

In June 1981, my marriage alliance with Lakshmi was confirmed but the exact date of marriage was not yet informed to me. I was eagerly waiting for the news. It was my earnest desire that my marriage should take place at Jillellamudi through the Divine hands of AMMA. So every minute detail was being looked after by AMMA and brothers / sisters at Jillellamudi.

I was traveling between Madras (now Chennai) and Visakhapatnam by Coromandel Express which is a superfast train and has no halt at Bapatla station. Contrary to my expectation the train slowly halted at Bapatla station. Being my favorite place, I just walked up to the entrance of the Compartment and stood there wondering whether I could see any of my acquaintances. Suddenly Gopal Annayya (brother Sri K B G Krishna Murthy) emerged from the main entrance and was on the opposite platform. We looked at each other at the same time and waved hands with joy. Brother Gopal shouted from the other side “Ramakrishna! Today the date is fixed for your marriage. It is June 20th. We were trying to call you on the phone. Here you appear. Muhurtham (exact time of marriage is around 12 noon )”…… Just as he completed his last words, the train started moving as if it stopped only to convey the message. Is it just a coincidence?

In 1983, I had to visit Udaipur on official work. During the stay, I had received news that AMMA slipped and fell down on the floor of the temple which was under construction (The present Anasuyeswaralayam where AMMA’s physical – remains have been consecrated in the year 1985). I was very sad at this incident and anxious to reach Jillellamudi and see AMMA. I could reach up to Delhi and thereafter I had no reservation whatsoever in any south bound train. With just a platform ticket in hand, (Platform ticket is essential to enter into a Railway station in India) I decided to take a chance by getting into any compartment of Grand Trunk Express and thereafter plead with the TTE (Traveling Ticket Examiner) to somehow accommodate me. As I entered the Platform I could see a huge gathering around a TTE. I came to know that TTE is allotting the vacant seats / berths in all classes as a last minute effort to help the stranded passengers. I too wanted to have a try but the heavy crowd never allowed me to go anywhere near the Railway Officer. The deftly built North Indian brothers pushed me to the end of the gathering. Suddenly TTE pointed at me and called “Hey! You gentleman at the end. Where do you want to travel?”. Even then I thought that this call was not for me. He pointed at me with his finger and repeated the call “Common,I am calling you.., quickly tell me where do you want to go?” I responded back with a yell “Any station up to Vijayawada”. “OK I will allow you upto Nagpur in 1st class. Is it OK?” was his immediate response. When I gratefully said “Yes’ ‘, he again shouted “Go and sit in 1st class compartment “A Cabin. I am coming there to collect charges and issue ticket “. Thus within minutes the scenario has changed and I could travel comfortably up to Nagpur and thereafter till my destination. I still wonder as to why the TTE repeatedly called me alone. Who prompted him to take such action? Your guess is as good as mine.

On reaching Jillellamudi AMMA asked me as if SHE didn’t know anything, ” How could you reach here?”. I had the report to make but with my gut feeling that everything was designed by AMMA only for my quick and safe journey to HER abode. After a few minutes, I expressed my sadness for HER slipping in the temple and hoped that no harm had occurred. AMMA responded by saying.” It’s alright Nanna. Nothing happened to me. Anyway, someday I have to “fall” there only”. As you can recall, AMMA’s physical frame was placed in the sanctum sanctorum of present ANASUYA SWARALAYAM from where HER benign Grace is being transmitted to the needy all over the world.

In AMMA’s words a perfect coincidence itself is a miracle.

It was in the year 2005, while I was working at Bangalore in a Corporate after retiring under VRS (Voluntary Retirement Scheme) from Hindustan Zinc Ltd., AMMA appeared in my dream and said “I will go there first. You come later”. Honestly, I did not understand a bit. I was wondering where AMMA is going and where SHE wants me to come and more importantly why.

After 4-5 days, I got a call from my cousin’s brother, Dr. Vikramaditya from Hyderabad that there was a burglary in our house at Santoshnagar colony. The house was vacant as my mother moved to my younger brother’s house at Bombay (I was residing at Bangalore) after the demise of my father. I was informed that the thieves had found the entry from the back door by breaking it. Since the house was wide open, the neighbors have complained to the Police and they have posted a guard till any family member of the house arrives. I rushed to Hyderabad and was shocked to see that the back door was totally knocked out and they tried to break open the bedroom which was used by my parents. This room contained some valuables and important documents. I was astonished to see that burglars had burnt the bedroom door and the wooden panels were charred. The effort to break open the Godrej locking system (it was not a usual padlock) was obvious. Most surprisingly the door was still intact in spite of an attempt to burn it. Till date I am unable to understand as to how the door remained intact in spite of being burnt. Nothing was lost even from the hall which was open and from where the operation took place. When I casually surveyed the surroundings, I could find AMMA’s photo, wearing a blue sari and with her radiant smile, beaming at me, on the wall exactly above the door. Now, the thought process has started. Did SHE observe the proceedings from this photo? Whatever, one thing was certain. AMMA reached here at the spot and prevented the theft and went there later to attend to other formalities. Only at this point I could understand the full meaning of the above dream.

Talking about dreams, many people believe that dreams are NOT TRUE and are only an off-shoot of the subconscious mind. In contrast, many devotee children of AMMA have steadfast faith that AMMA appearing in dream is a REALITY and is nothing but her DIVINE DARSHAN Belief that follows is that AMMA never appears in anyone’s dream at his/ her choice but only when SHE so desires. Devotees narrate various experiences where AMMA has given HER advice, guidance, revelation and even discussed matters at length in their dreams.

One such experience of mine is that during the year 1990 I was suffering acutely from Gastritis and acidity. The medicines administered were resulting in only temporary relief and permanent cure was like a mirage. During one such painful night

AMMA appeared in my dream and put some Homeo medicine in my mouth. I woke up instantly and to my utter surprise the sweet taste of Homeo medicine was on my tongue. Needless to add, I was cured of this ailment within the next 3-4 days.

In the year 2008 I was moving in the city of Chennai in our Company’s chauffeur driven car. Suddenly at a curved turning the car hit the median of the road, lifted up in the air a little and started tilting to one side. I could understand that the car was toppling on its side. I just remembered AMMA and called loudly “AMMA,AMMA ”. The car was on the ground on its side with two wheels in the air. I was at the bottom and the driver fell on me. Slowly I gathered courage and crawled out onto the road through the window opening. Public gathered around and pulled the driver out. When I looked at myself there were blood stains all over the sleeves and front portion of my shirt. People around me removed my shirt and checked thoroughly in anticipation of grave wounds. To our dismay NOT A SINGLE SCRATCH on my body! Not able to believe the people examined me again and again but NO INJURIES were found. Since the driver had fallen on me,which had a cushioning effect, he too was totally safe. Where did blood stain (wet and fresh) come from? How was none injured? Did AMMA perform the “Miracle” ? You only be the judge.

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