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Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 9
Month : July
Issue Number : 3
Year : 2010

In 1957 Amma went to Bapatla. The reason was the illness of Sitapati garu. Those who heard about her used to come there for her darshan. It was during those days that a Swami who stayed there himself sent a message to Amma that he would like to talk to her. He enquired since Amma was a housewife and he a monk, would she talk to him?

Amma asked the lady who brought this message: “where does the Swami take his Biksha (food)?”

Lady: He takes in all our houses: He eats in the house of anyone who invites him

Amma: (jokingly): who are you yourself? you are also a housewife: Aren’t you?

Lady: How can we give biksha to him when we are ourselves sanyasis !

Amma: I am asking because of the message he sent. It sounds as if he is hesitating to visit the home of a householder. At this moment, Kameswaramma arrived and repeatedly urged Amma to invite the Swami. She was delighted that such a good fortune came their way. Finally, Kameswaramma herself went and invited the Swami. The Swami came with a group of his disciples.

It was 17th October, 1957. Some came to see the Swami and some others just to see the encounter. To them Amma appeared like a tadpole before a cobra. They looked forward, with eagerness and curiosity, to their conversation.

However… As soon as he arrived, the Swami cleared his throat and, clicking his fingers, asked: “What is your sadhana?” The tone of egoism in the Swami’s voice started (dismayed) all those who gathered there. Amma remained quiet for a few minutes and then said.

Amma (My) Sadhana is only all that is ordinary, natural.

Swami: What?

Amma: Sadhana is only all that is ordinary, natural. Swami: What food do you take?

Amma: Food that is natural. Food is also included in that. Swami: So you mean to say that there is no Sadhana?

No answer came from Amma. Neither did the Swami expect it. That is the reason which made him now go on shooting question after question. As if he is impatiently jumping, and in a hurry, to move from one thing to another..

Swami: Who is the Deity you like?

Amma: The one who is not disliked.

Swami: How does all that you see appear to you? Amma The trees like trees, the houses like houses. Everything appears as itself, as it is.

Swami: Then where do all these come from?

Amma: They all seem to come from the earth.

Swami: How? A tree must have a seed. Who has arranged that


Amma: Only that sprouted which existed.

Swami: You say that which existed only that sprouted. Then from where did all these emerge?

Amma: There is nothing like moving or corning from one place to another. It is all pervasive. What existed where, that only came out.

The swamy was getting angry at the answers Amma was giving. He raised his voice and asked:

Swami: Then, Amma, what is Advaita? Do you know what Visishtadvaita is? Have you heard at least these names?

Amma instantly took into her hand a banana lying near her. Showing it to him, She said: “This is what I feel like!” She then peeled it, and showing the peel and the fruit to the Swami said: “This is what I feel is Dvaita”

Swami: You say that the earth is the base for everything. Then what is the base for the earth?

Amma: Earth itself is the base for earth. 

Swami: All right. You say that earth itself is the support for earth.

Then who is the base for you?

Amma: Myself.

Swami: You have good qualities. But you lack knowledge of the Scriptures, Sastras. Learn Sastras thoroughly.

Amma: Sastra does not give experience. Experience yields a Sastra.

The Swami’s anger overflowed its bounds. He thundered : “Sastra is not born for you. It is the criterion, the standard! And walked away.

(translated from Conversation with Amma, Compiled by Sripada Gopalakrsihna Murthy; (Jillellamudi : Viswa Janani Parishat; first edition; no date of publication pp.2-4)

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