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AMMA at Our Daughter’s Wedding

Parsa Hara Gopal
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 16
Month : October
Issue Number : 4
Year : 2017

AMMA has intriguing ways of letting us know about her presence and her blessings. Sometimes they are obvious and sometimes they are not. Coincidences that we experience are in fact a part of the divine plan only if we can understand them. It is the Maya that stops us from understanding and knowing AMMA. Here is our experience that happened recently about two weeks ago in the USA.

Our children are born and brought up in the USA. Fortunately or unfortunately, they are influenced by the dominant cultural values of American society. Few months ago, our daughter shared with us that she is interested in marrying one of her friends. We were happy with her choice. The wedding date was set for August, 2017. In this scenario often parents have little to say or little to do other than writing a check for the wedding expenses. Parents can’t have much input in the guest list also as it is mostly filled by the friends of the bride and the groom. In essence, it is their wedding and parents are invited. That is how our daughter wanted to be born and brought up in the US. In addition, her wedding is an interfaith wedding as the groom is Jewish American. Supporting their wishes, we went along with their plans. But we requested a few minor choices and they obliged.On our request, they have agreed for a Hindu wedding in a temple to be celebrated on the muhurtham chosen by the astrologers in India.

Following the cultural norms of America, our daughter and her fiancé chose blue and white as their wedding theme colors. Neither we knew nor did we ask about the color schemes for the wedding. There is a reason for it. Few weeks before the wedding, my wife and I were involved in a major car accident. Our car was a total loss. We did not tell anyone as it may be seen as a bad omen just before the wedding. My wife had major injuries and could not go to work for several days. Considering the fact that the wedding is scheduled to take place in Washington DC which is about 2700 kms from Denver, we could not help them much in the wedding planning process. We trusted AMMA and left everything in HER hands.

The wedding date was set for Wednesday, August 2nd. To assure peaceful and harmonious wedding and married life of our daughter, we have decided to do pooja to AMMA, Naanna Garu, Hyma Akkayya, Ganapathi, Lord Siva and Ram Parivar in Jillellamudi on that day i.e. August 2nd. It is an honest prayer by the parents wishing a better life for their daughter. What other choice do we have other than praying to AMMA? Let AMMA bless them both.

To assure successful performance of poojas and serving wedding dinner in Jillellamudi, we requested the help of Sri Lakshmana Rao annayya in the SVJP Office. We also requested the help of Sri Chakka Srimannarayana annayya and his advice in choosing clothes for AMMA, Nanna Garu and Hyma Akkayya. We are ever grateful to both of them for helping us with the process. They came through wonderfully. Srimannarayana annayya also arranged distribution of clothes to the elderly on this occasion. Vasundhara Akkayya kindly consented to distribute the clothes in spite of her health limitations. How can we thank her for that gesture? We are truly grateful to the SVJP Office and Srimmannarayana annamayya family for their generous help. We couldn’t have done without their help.

But here is the question. Did AMMA receive our prayers? Did AMMA hear our voice? Did AMMA bless the newly weds? Let us see. The wedding was held inside Sri Venkateswara Temple near Washington DC. Most of the pooja essentials as listed by the priests in India were carefully packed and sent to us by my sister Mrs. Satya Kumari. They all arrived safely through FedEx. For the wedding, the groom was wearing a new kurta and a pajama for convenience. Since it is a kurta, he needed a long cloth (khanduva) for the ceremonial 3 knots before taking 7 steps around the holy fire. Someone quickly grabbed one white khandwa from the suitcase for the groom. We had a few extra khanduvas for such unforeseen emergencies. Interestingly, while tying the knots, we noticed that the chosen khanduva is from Jillellamudi with Viswajanani Parishat logo and the words “Nenu nanna nenu” in Telugu. What a perfect way to describe a wedding union – “Nenu nanna nenu”? Do we need more proof? AMMA was there on the shoulder of the groom while tying the knots. What a blessing? We felt that we are blessed by AMMA’S presence at the wedding in this form. By the way, this khanduva was presented to us in Jillellamudi on our last visit. Thus, it is more precious and sanctimonious as it is not a store purchased one.

Later that week Srimannrayana annayya sent the pictures of the Jillellamudi events of August 2nd. We saw wedding meals being served in Annapurnalayam and pictures of AMMA, Hyma akkayya and a few more. In that picture. Hyma Akkayya was wearing the saree presented on behalf of our family on the occasion of the wedding. Yes, indeed, the saree was white with a dark blue border, the same color theme chosen by our daughter for the wedding. Do we need more proof? Hyma Akkayya also blessed the newlyweds by wearing a color scheme consistent with the wedding theme. Maybe Hyma Akkayya was saying that I am with you both and you have my blessings.

With AMMA’s blessings the wedding went well and the newlyweds are happily settled in their home in Washington DC. We are also glad to share with you that the day after the wedding, the groom (Blake Carpenter) got promotion as a Manager at his work. Our heartfelt thanks to the AMMA family in helping us on this very special occasion.

Yes, we believe, AMMA was with us and blessed us on the occasion of the first wedding in our family. Let AMMA continue to bless the couple and bless us all.

In service of AMMA   –  

Jayaho Mata Sri Anasuya Rajarajeswari Sree Paratpari.

Haragopal Parsa

16001 Williams Place 

Broomfield, CO 80023 USA


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