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Marakani Dinakar
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 15
Month : October
Issue Number : 4
Year : 2016

Oh! AMMA ever longing for THY benign look,

 THY benevolent glance shall

 Redeem our life on this earth 

Even so dispense our lot in the world’s yonder.

We reach THOU with courage welling up within,

 Equally with soaring hopes in this

 Mundane earthly, fleeting sojourn

Craving THY bounteous blessing,

 We, deem THY very presence

 Is the boundless bounty for us!

Our lives lurk verily in the moves 

Those are fleeting in THY benign looks 

Hovering over us, little understanding such 

Of your moves which dispense our mortal ends.

We scarce discern the causation, of the

 Earthly fallout in THY divine moves that are 

Given vent through your kind glances; 

Only THOU know their cryptic causation.

As helpless beings, we surrender our 

Lives and submit our lot as our scant

 Offering, waiting on THOU always; 

We eagerly await THY kind dispensation.

This very cosmos swings, verily veers

 At THY slightest move, or even at the

 Tiny flicker of THY eye lash; our mortal saga

 Ever begins with you, we being little

 Aware neither of its meaning, nor purport;

Only THOU know and dispense with our

 Earthly ends; incapable of aught else,

In utmost submission, casting our hearts,

 At the holy fire in deep reverence at THY feet.


Oftentimes, life is very testing for the individual. Traumatic times do overcome and try situations to confront the person. Our Raju Bava is no exception in this respect that had to pass through thick and thin of life savoring many a bitter moment, and suffering quite a few hardships.

This song was penned at one of such difficult moments he had to pass through. On the 17th November 1984, his daughter was diagnosed with mental illness. He was advised to take her to the psychiatrist Dr.M.Jeswant, one of AMMA’S fraternity. The agony of this moment found vent in this melodious song while taking the child into close warmth in parental concern.

He and his wife along with the child beseech AMMA to cast HER divine, gracious, curative look over the sick child. The knowing always contends that the divine shall be addressed only for redemption of this mortal birth and not for worldly ends. Even so AMMA viewed that there is no divider between the earthly and the unearthly aspects for the very same force or cause dispenses both ends or accesses either goals mundane or spiritual.

Though man always looks for the generous divine intervention, does he ever look for or long for divine grace in happy times. This is the crucial issue that is significant. Even our scriptures prescribe that the individual shall be ever mindful of GOD seeking the grace, for the very reason in his final, parting moments in this world, quite likely he may not be able to think of GOD.

In this lyric, the author implores AMMA to shower HER copious grace through the compassionate looks of her eyes with their divine sight. Also pleads that AMMA’S looks over the humans dispense all the ends or fulfill the mundane as also spiritual needs equally; reason being AMMA is the sole cause and the dispenser of our mortal lot.

With this bent of mind, we reach you mustering all our courage to its peak level, our trepidation being shed and the spirit infused in our little hearts. At this moment, we bring all our multiple desires, aspirations and soaring hopes while reaching to bow you in worship. We deem your very presence as the bounteous, boundless treasure in our trivial existence that is fleeting.

We know that your flicker of the eye lash, the subtle move in your eyes causes all the turns and twists in our humble lives. As the ignorant we hardly understand the impact that your moves cause on us, unable to link the cause or source to the effect that befalls on us. Only you shall make us understand the mystic causation, the link or the equation between the fallout on us caused by your singular moves. Indeed your movement of the eyes or your sight conditions this entire universe, and the given extant order. Such is your supreme, benign divine disposition.

In your looks and in your strides this entire cosmos rests and moves which spell this order and reign over this universe. Having said this, in such an overwhelming situation, our very lives rest on you and verily begin with you. We tend to be meek, vulnerable beings as frailty is human nature as decreed by you.

Placed as we are in such condition, we reckon that when you move our life too moves; only you know the meaning, purport of our humble human lives. We implore you to fulfill them.

With little choice, we place our petty, humble, fleeting lives at your disposal and dispensation. We offer the same in abject surrender and total submission in its entirety. Our lives are scant offerings in the sacrificial fire at your HOLY FEET where they culminate eventually.

This lyric depicts the agony and the inevitability of human life. As AMMA decreed, “The expected may not happen, the ordained cannot be escaped”. Thus the human destiny is choiceless, with little option and confronts the inevitable, passing through the preordained that is relentless. Yet, the individual longs for gracious divine intervention of AMMA in his traumatic times and agonies. AMMA, if inclined , shall intervene in the troubled human life. AMMA held that such positive intervention too is part of the predetermination.

The lesser mortal, hardly aware of the divine disposition only pleads, implores the divine placing his lot at AMMA’S dispensation, being ever incapable of little else to do.

(Adapted from the Song No.44 “Okkasari Maa Vipu Choodu” Page No.48, of ‘ANUBHAVA SARAM’ by Brother Mannava Butchi Raju Sarma; also gratefully acknowledge the book ‘LO CHOOPU’ by Brothers AVR Subramaniam and Ravuri Prasad for the background of this song).


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