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Marakani Dinakar
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 21
Month : January
Issue Number : 1
Year : 2022

Oh! Mother heed our hapless melody coming forth

In the mild tune with its feeble echoes before you

Verily like the lullaby sung beseeching your presence

Invoking your compassion, continue being with us.

Even the full moon that reigns the night skies,

Emitting its cool light cannot escape its eclipse.

Caused by the stellar movement, that blocks the 

The usual solar radiance for the full lunar glow.

Evidently conveying that the waning is inevitable,

Just as the fragrant jasmine blossoms only to 

Fall a few days later at the base of its motherly tree, 

Only conveying that rise and fall are doubtless

In this world of duality, if only to convey that the

Lesser mortal of the base instincts stands before

You with all his foibles and frailties that are too 

Human, yet seeking you unmindful of his lesser self.

In such a scenario, the originating ‘One’ has become 

The countless many in this world seen and felt, yet 

One shall discern that the singular becoming plural L

leaving nothing when they fuse to be ‘One’ again.

In the context of the dual expression visible in this

World one defining, sustaining the other, mutually 

Coexistent, just as darkness is the basis of light,

Darkness and light sustain each other coexisting.

The very same light of the Brahman,

The glow of the consciousness, timeless

That is the core and prime mover of this cosmic 

Process, our cognizing the same in YOU and me.

Oh! AMMA beseech you to heed our feeble melodies

With their faint echoes to endure and grace to be 

With us the lesser mortals, that your benign being.

Lasts on this earth longer to shower your mercy.

This in essence Brother Raju’s humble plea, or his woeful melody sung before AMMA beseeching HER stay, lasting, continued presence on this earth to redeem, rather better our lives beset with odds.

To look incisively into the distant past, our ancient texts, quite a few divine manifestations have emanated, sprung up on this earth. To cite the significance of them, Lord Rama is said to have ruled in an exemplary mode for eleven thousand years that is well deemed the ideal even now countless years, eons after. Lord Krishna showed his glory, expressed his divine prowess eliminating the cruel and wicked establishing dharma, reigning for hundred and twenty-five years.

AMMA’S advent took place on this earth on the 28th March, 1923 and showered HER motherly care, love and affection till the 12th June, 1985. Remarkably a very short span of six decades plus. Understandably, AMMA assumed the motherly manifestation to suit these times of Kali Yuga where good and bad co-exist at the very same time, spot, not unlikely in the very same person.

Thereby causing or necessitating motherly indulgence, acceptance of the people in a large measure making mild corrections and not harsh ending of the evil and ugly. AMMA said punishment too is motherly correction and not a cessation of the unruly selves. Granting such mode, the correction of the erring too is mild, gentle, and gradual internal change or transformation.

This involves a more intense effort in rectifying the social order. Even so in such a motherly positive process. AMMA is without bondage. The motherly love is close, caressing, intense yet detached despite all its nearness. At times AMMA touches or scales beyond the physical limits or the earthly frontiers which she entered.

In such a state, AMMA adorns or becomes the pristine ‘ONENESS’, the monistic state, unity, Advaitha. In such moments the very close, near and dear are apprehensive and feel insecure whether AMMA resumes the normal uncommon physical self and HER glorious, adorable, loving presence. Such phases could be observed among the saints and God men too by the lesser mortals; for instance, Shiridi Sai Baba, Jagadguru Sankaracharya and all.

This lyric emanated in one such state of AMMA while Brother Raju being present. Brother Raju entreats to accept the world, the persons as also their lower nature and bless us all with HER continued motherly presence. He prays, longs for AMMA in such terms.

To elaborate AMMA’S physical form is only time bound sheath for our identification and merciful presence for our sake, the entire extant order. In essence, in its intrinsic truth it is boundless, limitless cosmic force, the Chaithanya’ that finds vent in the countless beings around and the entire existence.

In such a situation AMMA is ever conscious of HER unique ONENESS and the uncommon self, that is within all of us, all around and without and beyond the living order, that is timeless, unbound in its true, subtle self. If AMMA gets into such of HER original state of singular ONENESS and the singular seamless self that is the unique ‘I’ that is inclusive of all the ‘I’s around; “I AM THAT I AM”, (“Nenu Nanna Nenu, Anni Nenulu Nenina Nenu”) the near and dear feel insecure whether AMMA resumes HER motherly uncommon being and presence that graces and loves us ever.

In the yogic process, to elaborate in such phases, states, AMMA surpasses the two yogic channels that are within us (Ida and Pingala) said to be causative of the solar and lunar channels in us and arrive at the apex, even beyond the yogic crown self of ‘Sahasrara’ and beyond. Could this even be the opening of the peak self (Chinna Mastaka) which in most cases, spell the end of the bodily self. Given such a state, nothing remains of the body ordinarily, the only exception being the singular, uncommon, persona like AMMA which was shown and established during HER presence, form in this world.

Having said that, this world, the temporal state only consists in duality, the multiple, countless lives, but for which this creation shall not continue. The singularity, advaitha, ONENESS is merely an internal perception, a deeper understanding of the lasting, timeless truth. This is AMMA’S quite revealing, crystal clear exposition of ‘Duality’ and ‘Oneness’, rather ‘Dvaitha’ and ‘Advaitha’ in the simplest words for our understanding.

Duality ever involves rise and fall, peaks and lows, the pure and murky and so on in their multiple shades and hues. The very visible instance of the moon waxing and waning in a regular cycle, that is unavoidable and set to time scale.

Likewise, even the very beautiful, neat, fragrant entities to find their end in the flow of time. For instance, the jasmine bud blooms in all its whiteness, and pleasant fragrance quite pleasing to the touch and sight. Yet a few days later, it drops at the roots of the tree, its motherly base from where it sprung up. Such end is inevitable. Likewise, rise and fall, radiance and eclipse are inevitable for all the beings and phenomena of this word in the fleeting time.

Accordingly, darkness and light are inevitable in the order. Darkness is the source of light. Light rests on darkness setting its limits. Darkness and light are mutually sustaining, verily co existing. As said in the sacred epic ‘Bhagavatha’, light is beyond the pitch darkness (Penjeekatiki Avvala). Modern science too recently confirmed that there is light beyond the black hole which is said to be pitch dark till now that consumes everything.

This being the natural order, the overall ambience is always beset with duality in all its varied, richly diverse expression of countless entities that crop up, thrive for a while, pass off in the relentless, fleeting time. Virtually, none being an exception to continue ever in such flowing time.

Even the physical manifestations, the divine entities which make their advent on this earth, to grace, fulfill mankind too are subject to this law of time, shedding their physical forms. The very Lord Brahma, deemed the source, cause and the author of this entire creation, is obliged to change places after the set, mega cycle of time in eons, as decreed in our scriptures.

Awareness, knowledge of such truth makes the near and dear around insecure and apprehensive of AMMA’S continued presence, when deep, abysmal, unfathomed yogic states are assumed, or entered by our beloved AMMA.

True, such folks are knowing of their lesser nature and their base instincts which possess them. Even so, granting our petty selves, may not be eligible or deserving, yet plead, submit, beseech AMMA for HER continued, gentle, motherly presence to be on this earth for our sake and bless us.

This is an ardent, intense plea, submission for AMMA’S continued presence among us the petty selves for a longer spell, gracing us with AMMA’S uncommon, merciful, gracious physical form and presence.

(Adapted from the Song No.10, Page 12’Oh! Bhagyaheena Hrudaya Veena’ from ANUBHAVA SARAM by Brother Mannava Butchi Raju Sarma. Also, gratefully acknowledge the work ‘LO CHOOPU’ by Brother AVR Subramaniam and Brother Ravuri Prasad)

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