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AMMA in My Life

Indhumuki Ramakrishna Rao
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 16
Month : July
Issue Number : 3
Year : 2017

Ever since I had my first Darshan of AMMA, it has become a part of my life to tell all my friends and relatives about HER most radiant physical form, compassion and unconditional love towards everyone. I have not spared even my official contacts and colleagues. Looking back, I laugh at myself as I was unconcerned whether the person opposite me is interested in the topic or not. I used to blindly continue with the flow. I realize that this was also a design of AMMA and it had its own effect. The following incidents substantiate this fact.

Sri B.D. Sharma, our Group General Manager (when I was with M/s Hindustan Zinc Ltd) from Udaipur used to visit my house whenever he was in Bangalore. Invariably I used to narrate about AMMA and my experiences. Having listened to me so many times, at last he came out by saying,” Ramakrishna, whatever you say I cannot believe that a human body can be GOD”. In reply I said “Sir, AMMA never said that SHE is GOD. It’s the conviction of many devotees like me based on their own experiences. You need not count HER as GOD but do visit Jillellamudi and feel HER universal love .Once you see HER you will never forget HER. “My emphatic tone made him say “OK, OK. When I am at Madras (now Chennai) next time, you remind me. Let’s see whether we can take a trip”. Several months rolled over and the matter went into cold storage.

Once (during the year 1984) we both were at Chennai to meet a top official in the Department of Atomic energy. The appointment was fixed for a Saturday at 10.30 a.m. Just half an hour before the scheduled meeting, we came to know that the concerned officer had to rush out of station in an emergency and our meeting was postponed to Monday. With only a day to spare, we felt there is no point in going back to Udaipur and visiting Chennai again on Monday. In those days Indian Airlines was the only operator and to get tickets or reschedule the journey with such a short notice was a Herculean task. We had no option but to stay back. As there were no other official programs we both returned to our respective hotels and were contemplating how we should engage ourselves till Monday. After a lapse of two hours Sri Sharma called me over the phone and said “Remember, you told me about the place where AMMA stays. Can we start today, visit the place and come back by tomorrow night (Sunday night)?  “Till receiving this phone call, I had completely forgotten about our last conversation about AMMA and my invitation for him to visit Jillellamudi. Immediately I contacted my friend who is also a devotee of AMMA at Chennai, Sri R. Sundararaman. He was kind enough to spare his vehicle and driver for our trip to Jillellamudi.

As soon as we entered AMMA’s chamber, AMMA asked me to place a chair for Mr. Sharma even before I told AMMA about the visitor. There was no prior intimation about our visit either to Sri Viswajanani Parishat (our organization at Jillellamudi) or to brother Kondamudi Ramakrishna (who was at the personal service to AMMA) as there were no mobile phones during those days and the only land line connection seldom worked. I had aborted my attempt to introduce Mr. Sharma to AMMA as by offering him a chair it is evident that SHE already knew that the visitor is my superior officer. However Mr. Sharma refused to sit on the chair before AMMA in spite of my repeated requests and squatted on the floor just opposite to AMMA who was seated on her cot. Obviously Sharma was highly impressed with the glowing figure of AMMA and the affection flowing through HER eyes. Holding his hand AMMA enquired about his health condition. The details of his actual ailment etc were not known to me. He replied in a very mild tone which I could not hear. Similarly AMMA’s reply also could not be heard by me. AMMA talked about certain generalities with him, his family and profession. AMMA was talking to him in chaste Telugu, not a single word of which is known to Mr Sharma. It was a matter of utter surprise for me as every time I attempted to translate the same into Hindi, he told me it’s alright, I understood what Amma was saying.

Myself and Lakshmi (my wife who was already at Jillellamudi for the past one week) garlanded AMMA and started our Pooja by placing flowers on HER lotus feet. I deliberately did not offer Mr. Sharma to participate in our ritual as he had earlier said that he did not believe a human body to be divine. This act of mine was only to respect his sentiment and not to impose my sentiments on him. As our pooja continued, in less than five minutes Mr Sharma patted on my shoulder and said “Hey Ramakrishna, give me some flowers”. I did so and he too placed the flowers on AMMA’S holy feet with reverence. Thereafter he continued with us till the end of the Pooja. AMMA adorned him with Kumkum Bottu” [Tilak with vermillion], garlanded with the same garland which SHE was wearing, showered some flowers over his head and presented

new clothes. With this enormous Divine Grace, Sharma was very much moved and said “Amma, you look just like my own mother.” AMMA smiled and leaned towards me and said in my ear “I don’t know why, but many people say the same thing Nanna”. Turning back to Sharma AMMA asked him to remain in the room and SHE will get Chapattis prepared for him. Many of you may know that Chapatis are the staple diet of North Indians. Sharma said that he will take whatever is available and no special preparations be made for him. Amma insisted and his protests continued for a while. Looking straight into his eyes and in a firm tone Amma said “Nanna, I am not saying for the taste point of view it is suitable – for your body”. Amazed at this overwhelming MOTHERLY CARE he has accepted this Prasad through HER divine hands and consumed while tears flowing down. Finally AMMA placed a bunch of kum-kum packets in his hands and granted permission to leave.

Coming out of the room, I told Sharma that whether he has faith in AMMA or not and whether he wears this kum kum on his forehead or not, he should always keep at least one kum kum packet with him. Our next meeting was after a gap of three months in Delhi.

In the evening after our usual official proceedings were concluded, we had an informal meet over a cup of tea. Mr. Sharma asked about AMMA and how are the things going on at Jillellamudi. He continued by saying “As you know I went to the USA on official work last month and suddenly had some problem in my eyes. As the treatment there is very expensive and also due to the constraint of time, I did not consult any Doctor and decided to bear with the pain and discomfort. As soon as I landed in Bombay, I rushed to Jaslok Hospital. The specialist Doctors at Jaslok examined my eyes and enquired as to how many days I was suffering from this problem. I replied that it’s for the past 10 days. The Doctors informed me that I am very lucky as the disease that I have contracted is very dangerous and many times the retina in the eyes suddenly gets detached leading to blindness. I don’t know, but it looks as if some power has saved me. As you said I am always keeping AMMA’s kumkum packet with me. After treatment I am now OK.” Thus he became one of the many devotee children of AMMA.

On an evening during the year 1990, a couple had knocked on my door and introduced themselves as Mr. P.V. Shiva Rao and Smt. Vijayalakshmi. She is known as Potturi Vijayalakshmi, a famous writer in Telugu and some of her novels have been made into successful Telugu movies. They gave a reference to a common acquaintance of Jillellamudi which drew us closer. I was informed that while Vijayalakshmi garu had visited Jillellamudi and had Darshan of AMMA long back, Sri Siva Rao garu and children had not visited Jillellamudi. Gradually our relation strengthened and daily ‘get-together’ of both the families has become a routine agenda. Obviously, our conversations mostly used to revolve around AMMA and Jillellamudi coupled with my experiences and those of other devotees. Their children Sirisha (daughter) and Praveen (son) were also curious listeners. This went on for several months.

On an early morning Vijayalakshmi garu telephoned me and informed me that their daughter Sirisha is quite excited with an experience related to AMMA and I should immediately visit their house to share the same. On reaching their place, Sirisha has narrated as follows :

“I had a dream last night where an elderly woman accompanied by a younger lady were at our door steps. Both appeared to be poor and even their dress was slightly torn. I distinctly remember that the woman had a large kumkum bottu (tilak) and was in a purple coloured saree and the younger one was clad in a yellow and black stripes Lehenga (Parikini in Telugu). They were straightaway entering the house. As they were total strangers I did not want them inside. However they had made their way and the elder woman sat in a chair available in the drawing room. I loudly called my mother to come down to the drawing room as some strangers have entered the house. Then the elderly woman looked at me with a smile and said “Have you not recognized me even though I. Ramakrishna is speaking so much about me to you for past several days?” As soon as she completed these words, the dream ceased and I woke up. recognized that the visitors were none other than AMMA and HYMA. This had a trance like effect on me and thrilled to know that how AMMA knows everything that is happening around us wherever we are. I felt blessed though I did not physically see AMMA at all.

Ultimately, visiting Jillellamudi, having Darshan of AMMA and even thinking / talking about AMMA happens only if SHE so desires and not with our Will or intellect is my firm conviction. Hope you too will agree. 


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