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Magazine : Viswajanani
Language : English
Volume Number : 9
Month : February
Issue Number : 7
Year : 2010

There is no life without reference to Amma in my Journey. In several incidents in  my life. In 1981 I completed  my life Amma showered blessings on me and my family members. I will never forget the blessings of Amma in my life till my last breath. I have keenly observed and followed Amma’s words in my day to day life as well as discharging my official duties.

It may not be out of place to mention my relationship with Amma. I am the third son of Sri Nerella Rattaiah, Kavali, Nellore District who is a staunch devotee of Amma since three decades and more. A  good practice of my father is to take all of our family members to pilgrimage places like Tirumala and Jillellamudi by our car since my childhood. It is his practice to drive car for entire journey. His other excellent habit is chanting the Amma mantra “Jay ho Mata Sri Anasuya Rajarajeswari Sri Paratpara” at the time of driving. That is how I got acquainted with the Amma mantra and slowly developed affection towards Amma since my childhood. So also, the goddess Amma has spoken affectionately with my father during our visit to Jillellamudi Village. In any remembrance in 1977 or 1978 Amma visited our house at Kavali and stayed one night in our house and gave an opportunity for Her darshan during midnight for so many people. By that time I was a 7 or 8 years old boy.

 I would like to put before you the interference of Amma in some of the Intermediate Studies and I sincerely appeared for the Medical Entrance Test. But in spite of my best efforts, I could not be selected and narrowly missed the medicine seat. On one day my father took me to Jillellamudi and expressed my unhappiness for not being selected in the entrance examination for Amma in her personal room. At that movement Amma told us that it is very difficult to study that course. But he has a good future. Then I was so disappointed and returned to my native place. After one decade with the blessings of Amma I was selected for Judicial Examinations and secured a very good post in the society as Ist Class Judicial Magistrate. My success is only with the blessings of Amma not otherwise. Another interesting incident in my life is that my marriage was celebrated on 5th May 1994 that is the marriage day of Amma with great reverence to Goddess Amma. I selected the Hyma’s name for my daughter as Venkata Hyma Pujitha who was born on 28th March 1995. Which is the birth day of Amma. It is not a coincidence. The above incidents clearly show the grace of Amma showered on me and my family very much and I always bow my head to the lotus feet of Amma till my last breath.

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