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Marakani Dinakar
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 16
Month : April
Issue Number : 2
Year : 2017

Oh! AMMA, Pray, Beseech THEE,

To come here to grace us,

Implore thou earnestly never

 To abandon us in this mortal sojourn ever.

THOU bring auspices to us,

Being the very source, the primordial deity

 The original cause, the be all, end all, seek THOU

 Step into my heart, adorning it as THE very seat.

That I could behold THOU each and every moment,

 As I can never give up the refuge of THY feet,

 Which even the gods and goddesses bow at every stride?

 Crave THOU condescend in boundless mercy to bless me.

Ever concerned whether THY exquisite, tender feet 

Moving to the sweet rhymes of the anklets,

 Shall ever be put to pressure at THY gentle steps, 

In reaching to grace this pretty self?

Oh! Mother, ever seek, beseech THOU, 

Longing ever to behold THEE,

Always yearning that THOU reach me

And that THY glorious, gracious stride redeems me.

AMMA’S descent into this earthly domain is unique. It is the quintessence of motherhood. Although there are citations of the motherly aspect in our scriptures, the very embodiment of motherhood in a human form on this earth is unheard of. Thus AMMA’S descent is peerless.

AMMA’S MOTHERHOOD is all inclusive. As proclaimed by AMMA, SHE is the MOTHER OF ALL. All that is and this entire existence, inclusive of the live and the inert; for in AMMA’S reckoning there is nothing inert as all matter is imbued with life force though not perceptible in such cases ordinarily.

Furthermore, AMMA proclaimed that that the Gods and Goddesses too are not apart and exclusive of HER all pervasive motherhood. Presumably or precisely to confirm this fact AMMA’S toe rings are etched with the images of Maha Lakshmi, Maha Saraswathi, Annapurneswari, Maha Ganapathi, Kumara Swamy and Nagendra worn during HER physical form. The toe rings with Nagendra inscription were put in the sanctum on the crucial moment of Nannagaru’s deification. The remaining toe rings were reverently placed in the sanctum of ANASUYA SWARALAYAM on the singular occasion of AMMA’S consecration.

When the inquisitive asked AMMA about this uncommon, peerless practice, AMMA replied, “To convey that Gods too are MY children and they are your siblings”. Such is the span, scope and vista of AMMA’S motherhood that brooks no comparison in the annals of history.

When His Holiness Swami Poornananda, paused just before entering into AMMA’S presence at Jillellamudi and was queried about this, replied that he could perceive gods conferring with AMMA because of which he did not wish to enter or intervene for the moment.

Such being the situation, lesser mortals like us shall ever long, yearn, pray to be with AMMA, or even to behold such unique divine, motherly personification. In the course of the spiritual pursuit and the voyage, some exceptional few perceive this obeisance of the deities to AMMA in their inner vision though this cannot be conveyed in verbal terms for the comprehension or the sight of others.

There were numerous instances AMMA conducted likewise during HER physical form as witnessed by some and much more so by Brother Raju, the scribe of this lyric. He could see or witness AMMA summoning the goddess before HER when SHE was inclined to make an offering or make token reverence on this earth.

AMMA said that SHE strides on this earth and steps on the soil ever so gingerly; could be perhaps of this fact and could be because HER uncommon, motherly strides make a difference on this earth and to the universe.

(At this moment mention needs to be made that these toe rings of AMMA are of unique significance and even consequence. Once they dropped off inadvertently and AMMA thought it was foreboding. Even AMMA said so. Soon there were grave, untoward happenings in the country as also abroad which is recorded. Thus every aspect of AMMA may seem however ordinary superficially as of consequence and significance for universal welfare.)

Once Brother Raju could feel that gods and goddesses too tend to be present when AMMA enters to be worshiped or being worshiped. Brother Raju was prompted to pen this lyric in one such unusual moment.

Such being the case, lesser mortals like us, though deemed the endearing children of AMMA shall ever long, pray and revere to be near AMMA’S glorious feet. Ever earnestly beseech AMMA to step towards us or graciously place our petty selves in or near HER glorious strides to redeem us; liberate from these mortal domains.

Oftentimes and with little exception, the human being is obsessed with many worldly issues. Besides, by nature he tends to be frail and fickle. AMMA conveyed that “Frailty is but human nature”. Such being the case the meek individual shall ever pray, long to have a glimpse of AMMA, to be near, reach HER or could be in HER glorious, gracious stride.

The implied persuasion is that the frail human being shall strive to reach the divine AMMA. The person is often centered around the self and ego driven. The more his affiliations widen and reach the fellow men he is closer to the godly.

AMMA proclaimed “Limited affiliations mark human nature, boundless affinity is divinity”.

That is so long as the lesser self moves from the petty self, the restricted ego to the universal plane and wider welfare of the fellow men he is inclined towards the divine. The movement towards the common good, the universal well being, good shall sow the seeds of the divine in his being.

In his path towards such lofty concern, he tends to be uplifted, germinating within the trace of the divine, or treading into the realms of the divine, even harboring the divine, the godly aspect within. Such a move in the true sense very likely tends to bring him closer and eventually in tandem with AMMA’S glorious, gracious strides.

Thus he reaches AMMA, also intends, and does well to the wider society; such self eventually culminates in liberation, entering the divine domains.

Pray AMMA BLESS us towards such sublime inclinations and intent in this worldly path.

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