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Marakani Dinakar
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 20
Month : October
Issue Number : 4
Year : 2021

Sing THY incredible saga to the whole world, 

Wish to light thy lamp for this entire earth 

AMMA, THY being nonpareil, THY singular tale

 Unheard of, reckoned beyond any value, or measure.

Why do tender roses have thorns?

 Why do people eye you with envy, 

For those who cannot behold you truly, 

Of what purpose, meaning is their sight?

For me, THY sublime form ever

 Looms in me, your word echoes deep within,

 Beckoning this little self closer; THY tale,

 Touches every moment, moves me ever.

Thy lamp is lit in my heart. 

Thy image ever lingers in me, luminous

 And captivating, YOUR fame rising, sky high

 Stretching beyond this earth’s frontiers.

This entire universe is aglow with your resplendent

 Form: The whole universe rests in you. 

Contained in the very tiny atom, in its subtle core, THY 

Self is but verily the atomic universe containing all.

The universe in its totality whirls with

 YOUR force: causing devotion to the

 Countless beings, for those seeking you 

In diligence, the ultimate liberation awaits.

YOUR arduous tale ignites the touching hearts, those 

Empathetic to your suffering, their selves pine, grieve

 And singe; though your tale endures, beyond such

 Moving responses, who merely undergo their ordained lot.

THY says matches my lyrical word, this self

 Only sings THY voice in its sacred utterance, 

Such mellifluous melody shall echo on this

 Earth lasting ever, prompting your devout children.

My soul is set to tune with your BEING peerless,

 It echoes, sounds all its notes always.

My heart in its stringed melody ever rings,

 THY sonorous say, its chant swaying all the worlds. 

This throbbing heart ever sings THY tunes, conveys

 Their tones, in its sweet celestial melodies as my breath lasts.

This highly intense, singular tribute to AMMA, her advent and presence on this earth from Bother Raju’s prolific pen. AMMA set her sacred foot in Jillellamudi on the 17th of April 1941, the most significant, sacred, historic, memorable day in history. Brother Raju summoned into AMMA’S gracious presence at Jillellamudi in the year 1954, which is also a singular, significant day that caused his profound spiritual experiences that were translated into memorable, immortal lyrics, popularly sung by the devotee children of AMMA. Thus, Raju became the bard of ARKAPURI.

When AMMA entered Jillellamudi, it was a tiny, nondescript village devoid of roads and even set paths to carry on the regular chores, without any creature comforts. AMMA made a modest, thatched cottage her regular dwelling that served all purposes. Arkapuri evolved in the subsequent decades caused by AMMA’S gracious presence that attracted HER countless devotee children.

In a thatched cottage, it is often observed that sunlight seeps into the interiors through windows and any other crevices quite likely. In such an entry, the sunlight diffuses into multiple rays. When we look into such rays, we find rays of the sun light containing particles of dust and other matter visibly. All these particles are made up of atoms; so also, the sun light too is full of atoms, atoms being the basic source material of this entire creation. Atoms, the basic particle of creation thus is mutually consistent, being in the sunlight as also in the dust.

At this moment, AMMA told Brother Raju that SHE views all the planets, constellations like the dust particles seen in the rays of sunlight. Such is the vista of AMMA’S cosmic sight, here clearly spelt out. Brother Raju believes that he is very fortunate for being placed beside AMMA, such vista and vision.

In the sense he could view his little form within AMMA and aside. Observing the bodily self and his subtle self too at the very same moment within AMMA, also without AMMA. In this context Bother Raju recalls the experience bestowed by the Lord Krishna while still a child to his mother Yashoda when he opens his mouth disclosing all the worlds. Likewise, Raju could see the aggregate, absolute whole within AMMA.

Hearing AMMA’S words, Brother Raju reflects that the very universe shines filled with AMMA’S cosmic form. The universe too is made up of countless atoms. Again, he infers that AMMA too is but the universe, the creation, sourced from the very same Atom.

In the vision experienced by Raju, graciously made explicit to him by AMMA, Brother Raju concludes that this very creation made up of countless atoms is but the resplendent AMMA in the infinite mode. This is AMMA’S omnipresent, cosmic presence understood in the subtle mode. AMMA too is the very atom in minute forms, multiple lives, and entities caused, sourced from the very same atom. Thus, reconciling the self and the universal self in AMMA’S presence; drawing from the unique experience bestowed on him by AMMA.

Prompted by such experience, he longs to sing AMMA’S incredible, peerless, invaluable saga to one and all, lighting and carrying AMMA’S radiance, the beacon to the entire world. In such a mind, he empathizes with the suffering, and hardship that AMMA goes through. The resistance and the negative elements that wish to harm HER and so on.

Brother Raju beholding all such acts, rules, and pines for AMMA. He painfully broods why the tender; fragrant rose has thorns. Why are some people not well disposed to AMMA? Why are they bent upon troubling AMMA? Yet he must reconcile, draw solace, that is the experience of all great personages, even divine manifestations like AMMA who do not take to the beaten track. Resistance and opposition are inevitable which later turn into adulation.

Even so he nurtures AMMA’S form in him, keeps AMMA’S radiance aglow within. Ever listens to AMMA’S words which are resonant deep in his core. AMMA’S tale echoes in his heart and soul. With such strong, positive inclinations prompting him, he feels assured that he can spread AMMA’S tale and glory beyond the frontiers of this earth, even to the celestial realms. He concludes that the universe shines with AMMA’S effulgence, percolating even to the basic causative source of creation, that being the atom.

Continues that the entire universe moves, rather stirs with AMMA’S potential and force; thus, inducing devotion and causing the ultimate realization, redemption to the faithful. Thereby implying that AMMA controls and conducts this entire creation always whether known or unknown.

Further all great divine persona invited suffering and sacrifice setting the ideal example to the lesser mortals. For instance, Buddha abdicated all, the kingdom, riches, even his spouse and cute child. Christ has undergone crucifixion with his body bleeding. All such tales of suffering, pain and hardship are touching to the earnest devotees. Their hearts pine, burn and sing with little choice. For they cannot help their chosen divine suffering. Such helpless plight is truly heartbreaking for the faithful. They merely watch and empathize meeting their ordained lot, the destined ends.

Reflecting thus, Raju reassures himself that AMMA’S word is but his diction. AMMA’S say shall he sing. AMMA’S precepts are ever resonant in his lyrics, echoing in this world always and ever. He concludes that his heart and soul are saturated with devotion. Thus, identifying in toto with AMMA and HER presence. His heart became the stringed melody to spread AMMANESS, and to sing the lyrics of AMMA.

His psyche and core only committed to spread AMMA’S unique saga all over this earth, also longing deeply that it echoes across all the worlds.

(Adapted from ‘ANUBHAVA SARAM’, Song No.2 “VELA LENI NEE GADHA”, Page No.2; also acknowledge the work ‘LO CHOOPU’ by Brother AVR Subramaniam and Brother Ravuri Prasad)

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