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Marakani Dinakar
Magazine : Viswajanani
Language : English
Volume Number : 22
Month : January
Issue Number : 6
Year : 2022

AMMA seems like the normal, loving, endearing human mother. This is precisely the reason that most devotees, very well deemed the devotee children relate to HER in the motherly aspect. This is carried at times to such an extent, some of them tend to be quite informal or even casual while being with AMMA and moving with HER despite the extraordinary person of AMMA.

Viewed in the intrinsic core, and the true reality AMMA is not merely the beginning. Is the very be all and end all enveloping the entire existence. Even conducting and regulating the cosmic process in a timeless, ageless mode. ( AMMA verily pronounced “AMMA is boundless, limitless, prevails, permeates all over”. (“Amma Ante Antu Lenidi, Addu Lenidi, Antha Avarinchi Unnadi”). Such a state is but infinity.

Granting this subsisting, ever prevailing truth, even infinity to grasp must start somewhere, some origin, some point for those who are aware, verily wise and realized too. This is the pointer that weighs in our scriptures. For the very same reason, even in AMMA’S SAHASRA NAMA termed the ‘AMBIKA SAHASRAM’, there is a nama, the very name reading “Om Adyayanamaha” (No.716). This precisely means mother is the beginning.

Here it is pertinent to recall AMMA’S aphorism “Talli Ante-Toli”. This is to convey in clearer terms that “MOTHER MEANS THE BEGINNING”. This is very much so even in the biological plane, as the child only sees the mother soon after his entry into the mortal world. He is much dependent on the mother for his | sustenance, upbringing and so on. For any child thus the mother means the beginning, who later leads him through the subsequent stages of life in the course of the upbringing.

Here the time element in the word, concept ‘beginning’ shall not be restricted, misconstrued. That is not to be overemphasized. MOTHERHOOD conveys the beginning in the cosmic sense, thus being timeless, ageless, incessant thought for the sake of expounding the concept it is said to be the beginning.

AMMA always succinctly crystallized the wisdom of the ancient scriptures. Here to draw from our ancient Vedic lore, they decreed that the original, primordial force exists even before the physical expression of this creation in countless forms. That is the vital force, exists, before, during and after, being timeless. Could be in form or even t formless for the normal eyes.

In our traditional sacred chant 1 accompanying our rituals, that is the ‘Manthra Pushpa’ with which we complete the worship, cites that the visible creation is only one dimension, the one aspect while the other three aspects are contained within the Lord Vishnu. To elaborate this truth, even in our physical, earthly reality, the air, ether, the sky and the ultra-dimension that is not amenable to the physical vision. To be more exact, there is a vast, immeasurable subtle domain the reach of which is beyond the human sensory apparatus.

Someone told AMMA, that SHE is verily the ‘JAGAN MATHA’. AMMA responded to him saying “I am not merely the Universal Mother or the Mother of the Universe; verily the Universe is but the MOTHER”. Thereby implying that this universe, cognizable, non-cognizable, visible and the invisible, the manifest and the unmanifest connotes; includes also the expressed, explicit form of MOTHER, to be deemed and revered as such. To recap AMMA’S original, precise, succinct phrase “Jagatthe Matha”The very universe itself is but the MOTHER to be precise and exact. Ipso facto, the very CREATION is the MOTHER, that props, subsists, and sustains all existence.

To recall another instance, when Brother Haridas had to take a measure of AMMA for stitching the blouse, finding it difficult to do it properly AMMA responded saying “MY measure is limitless, ageless too”. (“Naa Aadi Anadi”). To quote AMMA in this perspective “This creation is a MINE that has no beginning”. (Eee Srushti Anadi, Naadi” AMMA)

When some phenomenon, process has no beginning, it verily implies that it has no ending. Ceaseless it is. Thus, AMMA declared in indisputable terms, HER authority, sovereignty over the conduct and regulation of the endless cosmic process. Very rarely unveiling HER true cosmic self, peerless divine persona for the benefit of us the lesser mortals.

In the childhood interaction with Doppalapudi Brahmayya, resident of Doppalapudi, adjacent village of Mannava, AMMA’S birthplace, conveyed that although SHE appears short and slight in form, SHE is quite aged, which can never be disclosed; that is verily beyond the measure of time. Such a fact can never be known, understood or cognized by the devotee children with their highly restricted, limited senses.

These are some of the very uncommon, unusual instances where AMMA revealed HER true self for the devotee children like us, while moving normally, interacting so. Interfacing with us like any human mother that is beguiling with HER true mystique ever concealed.

To interpret in the real sense the divine manifestation when it makes its advent on this earth it is always way beyond the comprehension, understanding of the contemporary humans who move along with them allowing for very few rare exceptions.

The lesser beings can understand their true nature when they, the divine persona reveal themselves in a manner and mode amenable to us and disclosed within the reach of our limited understanding. AMMA too during HER earthly presence has been apparently endearingly close yet very profound, beyond in the true sense. HER aura, form and the peerless divine mystique which rarely touches the fringes of our awareness. Such rare priceless moments to be cherished and well contained within for our betterment.

(Under Acknowledgement to Brother AVR Subramaniam for his interpretation of the Nama ‘Om Adyayanamaha’ (No.716 of AMBIKA SAHASRAM) in Telegram ANDARILLU GROUP on the 27th of April 2021)

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