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Marakani Dinakar
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 19
Month : October
Issue Number : 4
Year : 2020

Oh! AMMA beseech THEE to be my anchor, 

In this verily fluttering, wavering life that is mine 

Ever unsteady; earnestly pray for THY blessings,

 Seeking THY mercy; longing for THY bounteous grace.

Pray THEE, soulfully to rest in the abode of my 

Tiny heart that stretches wide, open for your

 Gracious entry, making it holy and pure very much 

Like the sanctum to contain THY holy presence.

While resting within so, bow THEE to make me desire free

 Though am aware, you can fulfill all my life’s desires

 Make my mind attain that state of being without desire.

 Freed from all wants, hopes and fettering wishes

 Thus I severed all bonds saturated in contentment. 

Looking at THY enticing visage, that is beauteous 

With bewitching smile, benignly disposed towards 

This entire universe, as also the renounced, the devout

 Those in deep quest, equally so the mere pleasure seekers,

 Not discriminating any by personal merits or character 

THOU are disposed kindly towards this whole creation.

 THEE ever eying mercifully this entire extant order, blessing 

It bounteously, unceasingly, ever showers THY copious grace.


This is a very brief lyric yet profound in content as usual penned by Brother Raju on the 20th May 1985, less than a month before AMMA’S consecration, entry into the sanctum of ANASUYA SWARALAYAM on the 14th June 1985, attaining eternity.

Viewing in hindsight Brother Raju made the final plea for AMMA’S entry within making his heart AMMA’S abode. Though made by Brother Raju this shall be the earnest prayer and intense longing of every devotee child of AMMA regardless of his background and belonging. When we look into our scriptures, this is the one and only rare instance when divine manifestation has assumed the form of the beloved, endearing mother, widely known and revered as AMMA JILLELLAMUDI.

More adorable trait of this manifestation is that despite HER exalted stature and presence, deemed by the devout and faithful as the incarnation of Goddess Rajarajeswari, AMMA has always been amenable, accessible to one and all. AMMA cajoled, caressed, took each one into her fold lovingly touching them and feeding them verily like the natural, ordinary human mother.

To the point that quite a few of the devotee children felt being on par with or treated equally along with AMMA’S natural children, finding little difference or any oddity in being placed equally with them. Such is the unique love, endearing touch and the motherly presence of AMMA that is ever captivating and deeply longed for by one and all.

Though AMMA is timeless, eternal the physical form and presence are much missed by most of HER devout, loving children; much more so because many belonged to AMMA or related to AMMA very much like their own natural mothers. Despite the fact that AMMA being divine and HER mystique could not be missed or overwhelming for one and all while being in close quarters.

The devotee child feeling or finding such void deeply longs for AMMA’S presence and touch as reflected by Brother Raju in this lyric. Missing AMMA’S physical form, earnestly prays HER to be kindly disposed of, showering HER boundless mercy.

This soulful plea does not cease at that. AMMA being gentle, benign and graciously disposed shall rest in the deeper heart of the person. Thus be there as the stable anchor for the person’s life, guiding, leading the lesser mortal self and finally grant the redemption for the individual, causing the ultimate liberation. To serve this purpose, or fulfill this soulful plea, Brother Raju conveys that his tiny heart shall open and stretch widely to be the sanctum for AMMA’S vibrant presence within his heart’s core.

Further, while being fully aware that AMMA can and does fulfill all the worldly needs, the life’s existential needs for a person, Brother Raju raises above that lesser state. Raju pleads that AMMA shall grant him the desired free state. Condition of being without desire, not longing or looking for, wishing for any thing in life because the basic living needs are often given and granted by providence, GOD, AMMA here in the given instance.

Here we shall pertinently draw from AMMA’S official autobiography ‘MAHODADHI’ and ‘MAHODADHI LO TARANGALU’. AMMA during HER childhood was asked by a revered spiritual person, Pontiff, whether he shall bless AMMA that everyone else shall love HER. AMMA responds differently taking a stance that if at all to be blessed, “AMMA would like to be blessed that AMMA shall love all”.

Further, the Pontiff continuing in this vein asks whether AMMA wishes for anything or any particular wish to be fulfilled. AMMA replies with aplomb, that SHE wants to be without any want; to be totally free of desires. AMMA is prone to rest in the desired free state.

In essence, AMMA’S aphorism is “CONTENTMENT IS LIBERATION”. That, being not wishes fulfillment or the satiation of ever recurring desires, but the state of freedom from desire. More precisely, accepting the given lot as it is without reserve in complete submission, surrender. This is the ultimate freedom from worldly bondage and the mundane fetters in the true sense. Verily implies a state of complete emancipation in this very life while being alive.

Quite admirably, Brother Raju does not cease at his plea of personal freedom and liberation. He addresses AMMA being timeless. HER beaming visage; with endearing looks at the world ever draw the living beings towards HER.

AMMA is ever kindly disposed towards the whole world, showering HER copious grace, and boundless, bounteous mercy on one and all. HER kind looks do not discriminate between the devout, worshiping and those engrossed in the world, its lures and pleasures. The mundane, worldly obsessed as also those inclined towards the other worldly and higher spiritual goals, domains are all graced and blessed alike with little difference. Simply, because all living beings are AMMA’S CHILDREN equally while AMMA being the MOTHER OF ALL.

This lyric concludes with the auspicious note that AMMA is well poised towards the whole universe, the entire creation and all the multiple worlds. AMMA showers HER abounding grace on the extant order evenly for all times to come.

(Adapted from Song No.67, Page 71, ‘AMMA STHIROBHAVA’ from ‘ANUBHAVA SARAM’ by Brother Mannava Butchi Raju Sarma. Also gratefully acknowledge the work ‘LO CHOOPU’ by Brothers Ravuri Prasad and A.V.R. Subramaniam)

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