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C G Westerlund
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 7
Month : April
Issue Number : 2
Year : 2008

(continued from the previous issue)

“I have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God”. Oh, is that really true? Who really is this “I” that says, “I have sinned?” If God is all in all, who sins? In Essence. “Nothing is happening”. Universal alone plays this game of individuality! In the Universal, all-pervading LIFE does the apparent individual life appear and disappear. There is no death. There is only change, no annihilation. Hallelujah!

There is no individual ego. If you really go inward and try to find the Source of the “I” and ego, you will find Amma (or SPIRIT) Which is Unborn and Unchanging. You will find, The One, who is eternal. When the search for the individual “I” is over (and thought/mind cease to be active), automatically the universal “I am or That, which is behind concepts, mind and cun thoughts” stands revealed. THIS is our True, lasting nature!

There is no such thing as individual or personal thoughts. Everything arises from the Universal awareness, the SOURCELESS SOURCE, from which consciousness arises. And from this Conscious Awareness that is, at once, all pervading, still and static, arises each and every thought. It might seem or appear to be individual and separate, but in reality, nothing is separate from Amma.

Tee Hee Hee

I lost my individuality. There is no me.

There is only THEE! Glory ! Amma, Aum.!

All is IT.

All is The Source.

I am THAT.

You are THAT.

All is THAT.

Glory! Hallelujah!

 Imagination itself is me.

 Imagination is you too. 

The future is me.

The past is me.

The present is I, no lie.

I am what you think me to be, nothing more, nothing less. 

As you take me to be, so am I to thee.

As you think me to be, so am I to thee, nothing more, nothing less.

As you take God to be, so is He to thee, nothing more. nothing less.

 As you take Amma to be, so is SHE to thee, nothing more, nothing less.

Sometimes I imagine Amma within saying.

‘I am all pain and pleasure.

Behind all forms and attributes, am I.”

The ever peaceful silent witness to all my plays and games. Will itself be I. I, the Bright and Morning Star, play all these games of apparent good and bad (or evil). I, the purest of the pure, alone play this game of impurity, injustice. Know, for certain, that I am ever free of sin and evil. I am THAT I AM. I am whatever there is, the same as you are, in Spirit.

I cause everything to happen at its appointed time, and yet, at once, am I timeless, formless, spaceless and nameless. I cause every thought and ego to arise at My appointed time and place. I built up my big ego. Then I sweep, smash and wipe away all My limited, finite egos, be they large or small. I cause all wars to start. I cause all wars to cease, at my appointed time. I am the Peacemaker. I am the Troublemaker. Know, I am ever changeless and pure, behind every form, name and attribute. There is no pain or evil in Me; even though I take the universe back into Myself again. I create, nay, I become creation.. preservation and destruction. Know, forever am I alive and well, pure and unchanging, though the dance of creation goes on eternally.

Who makes the bombs and the instruments of good and evil? I am beyond good and evil. I haven’t changed. Who created evil, Satan, the so-called power to choose good or bad, right or wrong? Know I am behind and within and as everything whether they appear good or bad… I am eternally the same all over, I change not. I am ever pure, perfect, complete and equally and fully omnipresent now and forever. Not a blade of grass moves or exists without My will. My will alone is being done. My desires alone are being fulfilled. Whatever there is, know that to be My will. My desire, My way. There is not a spot in the world where I am not, in My fullness, in My completeness. Wherever there is love, joy and peace, Know that is my will, My way, nay, know that to be Myself, know that to be Me, inside thee eternally forever.

You ask Me why creation, why evil and good and all these pairs of opposites, when deep down inside you, there is only peace, stillness, changelessness, static state. Well, from your point of view, and maybe it’s from My point of view too.


What fun is just ONE, the unmoving, unchanging. So, out of Myself and within your waking and dream state, I appear to be separate, different, lost… So, go about seeking and searching for Myself, such is My will, way and play. It’s My game of hide and seek. At last, when you give up on finding Me outside, and you turn inside, you will ever find Me, inside you. I cause your ego and thoughts to arise within you, at My appointed time. I cause your thoughts to cease, and I cause you to sleep. I keep your heart beating, I digest your food. I heal your wounds. I am inside you. My life is your life, My strength is your strength. My will is your will, and your way is My way. There is no spot where I am not eternally. As you sink deep into Me, you will find out. that in Me, thou are here, there, everywhere, beyond time, change and space eternally. Worries, sorrows and difficulties will forever cease. Forever am I within you as you. You and I eternally are united. Amen!

There is no thought that I am not within. I do not travel from afar to hear your prayer. I am always within you… as you! You do not need to cry aloud for Me to hear you. I am the one who motivates you to cry out and pray. I have become each and every heaven and hell in all religions and mythologies. I have become and play the role of each and every God and Goddess, every angel and demon. I write each and every story, myth and book. History is My story, the all-pervading, unchanging Sourceless Refuge of all. I am each and every mythological character and name. There is no one in heaven, but Me. There is no one on earth, but Me. Forever am I alone, Playing like the many.

Space itself is me. Who, at once, is spaceless and timeless. I am each and every star, planet, galaxy, black hole, white hole. and quasar. I am tinier than the tiniest. I am larger than the largest. I am each and every electron, proton, and neutron. I am. each and every atom, cell and molecule. Energy itself is I. Whatever there is, that am I. Whatever there is, in Spirit/Essence, that is I.

How do you get to know me? Through silence, stillness and quietness Then when you are still and quiet, you will become aware that I alone exist, that I alone am that I am you and you are Me. The Non-dual, just assuming and playing these games of dualities.

  1. The Unborn, Changeless Amma. The eternal One, play the game of being the anti Amma and all differences. I, Whom art Truth and Purity Itself, assume and play the part of every liar, thief and crook. Learn to love Me in every being and form. There is no spot where I am not. I am the Source of all. I am Omega. The End of everyone. The scriptures say, the Spirit must return to its Source. Amma and the Bible Ecc. 12:7.

What do you fear the most? Look at it closely. Know that I, Whom art perfect Peace, am in the midst of everything. I dwell in every cell, atom and electron!!!!! I hold this whole universe together, by My will, power and strength. There is nothing that I am not. 1 alone exists NOW AND FOREVER!!!! Right now I alone am and I am whatever there is. There is no other. In stillness and quietness, you will become aware of Myself, which is your Self

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