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C G Westerlund
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 7
Month : January
Issue Number : 1
Year : 2008

This morning I had a dream that I was in an old church building with a lot of my old past friends and ministers. And I said to them that it was recently revealed to me that there was no salvation that, THAT WHICH IS, which for lack of a better word or name, I call God. And that this (God) alone exists. And that since One alone exists, ultimately, there is no one lost… Also, that there is no separate individual… and no one is apart from The Eternal. That this One Essence, is behind/beyond mind, time, name and form, has become apparent; many names, and forms, such as Amma, Jesus your name and my form, etc. This Nameless one alone has become each and every name and thought. This one alone appears as every doctrine and belief. And my former elderly minister Rev. Lee Gregory, looked shocked and pale. And said to me, “But you can’t do away with our old belief system. We’ve taught these doctrines and beliefs all our life”. Many of my old friends too were quite shocked and amazed at what I had just said. But most still loved me anyway. I sat down with Rev. Gregory, and explained to him what was revealed to me, but it was hard for him to grasp that there is only one Essence (Source) and there is no separate individual, no – separate will or power. There is no separate person.

Hence, there is no sin or sinner, nor is there any more righteous than another. It was hard for the elder minister to grasp that there is only one player of every part: that there is only one Doer of every deed. But, at least he listened, even though he could not fully accept what he was hearing, nor could many that were listening to me. Anyway, I guess this is the way it was meant to be. life seems like a dream – like a play. And, at once, I seem to be behind it, unchanging, unmoving, eternally existing – And yet at once, playing this game of duality… of the scene… (changing with time, etc.) Taking on this temporal name of Gordon. Etc.

Perfection permeates every atom, cell and electron in the universe.

Only THAT, which is perfection, permeates this whole world! Hallelujah!

Amma is all-pervading and inhabits every inch in this universe equally & fully.

SELF is all-pervading and equally inhabits every inch in this universe. 

Only THAT, which is whole and complete, is everywhere, all knowing and all-controlling.

What is, is HE.

What is, is SHE.

What is, is DIVINE Divinity

What is, is This One REALITY.

Question: Where can I go to find Amma?

Answer: You need not go anywhere. Right where one is at, is “holy ground”, is Amma, is The Highest Goal! 

Question: What can I do to find Peace, Amma and God?

Answer: There is nothing you need to do because your true (essential) nature is peace, joy and Amma already. As one becomes quiet and still and one becomes aware, one is already at peace and joy and complete. It is only when we begin to think, plan and do…. do we become conscious that we are not peace, joy and bliss.

Truth is revealed, not taught. 

Realization comes at its ordained moment, not when we seek and search for it. 

Question: You do not seem to make any differences between Amma, self and the world. Is that true?

Answer: Yes, In essence, where have all these concepts, ideas and words come from? Everyone and everything has the same source. And where is The Source not, is there a spot where Amma is not? The Highest is omnipresent, in all now and forever. Yes, the Higher Goal is whatever there is now. However, most of us all are unaware of this most of the time.

Question: Do you mean God is even in the negative?

Answer: Yes. Even when a black youth is pounding my face with his fist, in hatred: Even when my body is throbbing with high fever and disease: Even in the dirt, vomit and filth that I was cleaning up, for over 19 years. There is not an atom in this Universe where The One, who is perfect peace, bliss and Joy, is not. God, Self, Spirit and/or Source are one and the same, in Essence. And it seems that it is when we become quiet and still, we become aware that God is all. As we become quiet and still, we can become aware of THAT, which is our Source, our Life, our all. We can become aware of THAT which is Eternal, THAT which changes not and we can become absorbed (lost) in it or THAT which is behind name, form, thoughts and emotions. It is only when we find Amma, can we find perfect peace and bliss. Until that time, we are in constant search for lasting peace and happiness and it is never found in any outward object. (Perception and thought is all within one). All the things that are seen are passing. Only THAT Amma which is within is lasting eternally. It is by ceasing to seek outwardly, do we find the Eternal pace and joy which is within us all already.


Only THAT, Which is formless, appears as form. Only THAT, Which is changeless, appears as change

Only THAT, Which is desireless, appears as desire.

Only THAT, Which is silent, manifests as sound.

Only THAT, Which is motionless, appears as emotion(s).

Only THAT, Which is timeless, manifests as time.

Only THAT, Which is thoughtless, appears as our thoughts.

Only THAT, Which is spaceless, expresses itself as space. Only THAT, Which is nameless and formless, expresses itself as our name and form.

Only THAT, Which is beyond the beyond, both manifest itself as all that there is..

Glory! hallelujah!

(to be continued….)

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