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Marakani Dinakar
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 19
Month : January
Issue Number : 1
Year : 2020

AMMA, verily THOU are the bright full moon

 In the nights of dark no moon in our woe borne lives. 

THY boundless copious love towards us is the soothing 

Balm, such love not finding any bar between us and THINE own

Neither did we find your affection little apart 

Nor little odd, different seeped equally in THY

 Boundless motherly love, that covered the children,

 The kith, kin, all mankind and even this total existence

As pronounced limited affiliation marks human nature, 

Boundless affinity, THY even love towards all with

 Little barriers, vents the very divinity filled with THY 

Motherhood; with its jasmine fragrance all permeating.

AMMA, nearing THY presence, seeing THY

 Motherly endearing persona that looms before me all over,

 Verily as though present in all the mothers of this earth, 

Behold others too as mothers saturated with THY presence

All the worlds are rejoicing in THY loving presence,

Avidly looking to serve you in joyous glee,

 Yet in your cares of this mega cosmic process, 

And the multiple hardships of this timeless creation

That spell the three modes of creation, destruction and 

Renewal ever continuing with little heed, 

Moving on relentlessly not ceasing for anyone, 

Did you for a moment forsake us the children in such a cosmic process?

Yet, being the MOTHER thou art, we seek refuge 

In your presence, and THY soothing disposition,

 Towards us the children pining for you,

 Ever kindly disposed and THOU ever lovingly prone.

Even so, in THY strides which cover the cosmos? 

Script the ceaseless process of creation. THY words

 Spell the depths of the Vedic lore, wisdom of the ancient scriptures,

 In your holy feet and their holy step, witness all the worlds 

Moving and fleeting, in your supreme charge of this creation, 

As THOU declared; yet emitting the cool moonlight in our dark lives.

In this lyric, the dualities of darkness and light are dealt with though both are inevitable. In the true sense the one defining the other. Truly, as AMMA pronounced, “DARKNESS IS THE SOURCE OF LIGHT”. (“Cheekati Velthuriki Adharam”). Meaning that light verily rests on darkness. In other words, the very darkness sustains the light. That is they co-exist, the one sources the other. Mankind can dispense with neither. This timeless universe beset with both darkness and light that are choice less.

AMMA being the Universal Mother, the divine manifestation of complete MOTHERHOOD in this universe, loved all alike, equally, evenly. To convey this in realistic terms, all of us did not find any difference in AMMA’S presence in affection, as also disposition, between us and AMMA’S natural born. Both were equally comfortable and much alike. In the true sense, there is no room for disparity in AMMA’S love, as it contains and covers us all equally, evenly.

As the divine universal mother HER love and affinity are boundless, equal and even while our limited affiliations are restrictive verily mortal and human which faded and fell apart in AMMA’S glorious motherly presence. Further most troubled people sought shelter in AMMA and deemed AMMA the last refuge for them to count on and to sustain themselves in their strife torn lives.

Thus AMMA’S love is like the bright, cool moon light of the full moon day in the dark nights of our lives akin to the no moon days in the almanac that are pitch dark. AMMA’S being and loving presence showed us the path; illumined the way ahead in our otherwise dark lives.

Further when Brother Raju nears AMMA he is very much exposed to the core in AMMA’S overwhelming, all prevailing, all permeating MOTHERHOOD. Such motherly love is vibrant, well contained in AMMA’S very breath, the exhalations and the inhalations.

This prompts a feeling in Brother Raju, whether AMMA is equally present and looming perceptibly in all the mothers of this world or all worlds. The fragrance of the jasmines AMMA adorned diffusing all over with motherly love. Thus prompted. Brother Raju is inclined, induced to see the mother in all the women all over.

Brother Raju moves a step ahead, in his vision of AMMA. He sings that all the worlds are rejoicing in AMMA’S loving presence, not merely this earth. Having beheld AMMA, impacted by her glorious, radiant presence they are avidly looking to serve AMMA in whatever mode possible, in their humble mite in varying degrees. AMMA’S soothing words to them echo the depths of our Vedas and the ancient wisdom.

Yet, Brother Raju elaborates, AMMA is not merely the Universal Mother loving all the worlds, the entire living order and lording over the whole universe. AMMA spells the cosmic drama and the ceaseless process of creation. In such mega process creation, destruction and sustaining renewal too are involved constantly with little heed to personal choices.

Personal woes, odds and hardships are of little relevance in such relentless cosmic drama and ceaseless creation. AMMA being the author, equally the dispenser of such heedless process, Brother Raju wavers for a moment, if AMMA deeply immersed in such heedless process, could SHE forsake us the mankind, HER children of this earth for a moment.

Yet, Raju seeks solace that we rest at HER holy gracious feet on this earth which spell the timeless creation in their mega steps. Bowing at such feet, we lesser mortals humbly beseech HER grace, which emits the bright, cool soothing moon light in the dark nights of our troubled lives.

AMMA is the soothing balm, the comforting note, equally so the guiding light in our weary lives.

(Adapted from the song JEEVANA AMAVASALO JABILLI’ Song No. 36, Page 38 of the work ‘ANUBHAVA SARAM’ by Brother Mannava Butchiraju Sarma. Also acknowledge the work ‘LO CHOOPU’ by Brothers AVR Subramaniam and Ravuri Prasad)

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