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Indhumuki Ramakrishna Rao
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 11
Month : April
Issue Number : 2
Year : 2012

Many of us have heard AMMA saying that SHE is NOT ONLY MOTHER TO us but also for every animate and inanimate thing in the world. In fact She asserted that in Her view, there is nothing inanimate in the creation.

I feel privileged to place before you, a few of my experiences and also some facts which I have gathered during my long association with brothers in Jillellamudi for the past 37 plus years.

On a sunny afternoon I was in the presence of AMMA in HER room, all alone. I was enjoying the peaceful atmosphere and was looking at every radiant, bright countenance of AMMA. The bliss that I was experiencing cannot be translated into words.

Suddenly I noticed a small green insect (which we often find in flowers) creeping on the left cheek of AMMA.AMMA was sitting. undisturbed and gazing at some distant world beyond our comprehension. I moved forward, bent on my knees and stretched my hand so as to gently remove the insect from AMMA’s cheek. All of a sudden, AMMA held my forearm with HER firm grip and said “Let it be there Nanna! Who knows what her happiness is!!” I was surprised because insect itself is very small. How small its mind (Manassu) can beans how Great AMMA’s power to go deep in to its mind to recognize its state! It was wonderful to see how AMMA showers HER love and care even on such little creatures. In Lalitha Sahasranama we come across a name viz “AABRAMHAKEETA JANANI” which means Devi, The Divine Mother is MOTHER of all, right from Brahma (the Lord who created this world)upto a tiny insect (keetaka). The real import of meaning of that Namam suddenly dawned on me on that day!

A few years back a Monkey found its way into the campus. True to his nature he created havoc by breaking, throwing and tearing things and teasing people, which was beyond anybody’s control. In spite of several attempts no one could send him out of the campus. He was freely moving around and was even entering AMMA’s room. While AMMA was seated on Her cot he was sitting upright and exactly opposite to HER looking at AMMA. Surprisingly as long as he was in AMMA’s room he used to be calm and quiet. and finally departing after snatching a piece of coconut or a banana (as if AMMA has given Her prasadam to him like She used to give it to us). One of those days I happened to be at Jillellamudi and I went for Darshan of AMMA. AMMA addressed me “Nanna, Today, I haven’t seen the Monkey till now. Why don’t you go around and find his whereabouts.” Immediately I was on my feet and after a long search I found him seated high up on the dome-like structure above AMMA’S room. Much against his nature he was calm and dull. I reported to AMMA the location of the Monkey. AMMA picked up a half piece of broken coconut and told me “Go Give this to him and tell me what exactly he does after receiving it”. It was my duty again. I fetched a ladder, climbed up (not without a little sense of fear, because he could be quite unpredictable) and handed over the coconut. He took it with force, looked at it and threw it with all his power onto the second floor verandah. Obligingly I came back to AMMA and told HER the reaction of the monkey. On hearing this,a kind of sadness and gloom descended on AMMA’s face and I was wondering why AMMA should feel so much for this foolish act of this stupid animal. As if reading my mind, AMMA instantly looked at me and reacted by saying “Nanna, he is not well (means he is sick). If a monkey discards a piece of his favorite piece of coconut it means he is not well.” After a few minutes, AMMA broke the silence and told me to go down and call Dr.Satyam to HER room. (brother Dr.Satyam was in-charge of Homeopathic Hospital at Jillellamudi). A few minutes later Dr.Satyam came and AMMA spoke to him, the content of which I was not aware of. Few minutes after his departure AMMA asked me to go down again and bring the Homeo medicine to HER. When I handed over the medicine to AMMA, she picked up a banana, opened the skin, made a small hole in the center and filled up the Homeo medicine in it. Finally SHE closed the hole, pulled back the opened skin and handed it over to me. Then AMMA told “Now you go again and give this to the Monkey. Tell me what happens’ ‘. I followed the instructions and was happy to see that Monkey took it swiftly and ate it up very quickly. I moved in to AMMA’s room and even before I uttered a single word, AMMA joyfully said “Didn’t he accept and ate away eagerly?”Yes’ was my only reply.By evening our great friend was up and active and was at his best with destructive activities all over the campus.

When MOTHER summoned Dr.Satyam, I was under the impression that it may be for Her. (At times AMMA used to take Homeo medicines – not because SHE cannot cure HERSELF but for our satisfaction.) Only later action made me understand tha it was for the Monkey. Amazing! AMMA not only knows about Monkey’s ailment, recommends proper drugs and ensures that he is cured. It is very evident that the care that AMMA used to take on all of us for our good health is equally shown on all other living beings.

The next incident which I am sharing with you, was told to me by our elder devotee brother Late Dr.Potluri Subba Rao garu of Chirala. He had narrated it as follows: –

“I was a frequent visitor to Jillellamudi and used to spend a lot of time in the Divine Presence of AMMA. Once when AMMA was giving DARSHAN on the terrace, a dog also came up and was moving around. To ensure that there is no disturbance, the organizers were trying to drive him away. Witnessing this, I said to AMMA “In my next birth give me any Body (Janma) but not that of a Dog”… please AMMA”. With a smile AMMA asked “Why Nanna”. I replied “don’t you see AMMA,how everyone hates the Dogs and don’t like their very presence and drive them away by scolding and abusing?” Silence was the only response from AMMA.

Few minutes later the very same Dog came back onto the terrace and sat exactly opposite to AMMA’s cot. Within seconds he straightened up, closed his eyes, became stiff and totally motionless. It was very surprising for me and I went near the Dog to observe more closely. I examined his pulse, breath and by lifting the eyelids found that both the eyes balls were converging pointing to the tip of the nose. Dog was there like a statue. With my little knowledge of YOGA, I could find that the Dog has attained a state of TRANCE (SAMADHI)which is one of the highest forms of Yoga.

I took a few steps backwards, prostrated in full at the LOTUS FEET OF AMMA and said “AMMA! I realize my mistake. Kindly give me any form / body of your choice in my next birth (Janma) but kindly give me THIS STATE which you have blessed on this noble soul of DOG”.

With this incident we can understand that whatever be the form of a living being, MOTHER can uplift the soul and place it at the highest pedestal.

I have already told you that AMMA is accessible not only to us but also for cats, dogs, birds etc etc. One more such incident. A cat used to frequent AMMA’s chamber and invariably used to sit under HER cot. On a fine morning sister Vasundhara (who used to be with AMMA day in and day out to serve HER) came in to AMMA’s room and told “AMMA, the cat which is always with you has delivered but surprisingly it has delivered in a hole,high up on the wall opposite your room” (There is a wall on the west side of AMMA’s room and this hole was very high up on the wall normally not noticeable). To this AMMA slowly replied “. intention that cat should have her kids at least this time with the ……” and stopped further sentence. With this comment of AMMA we could understand that this cat has lost its offspring several times in the past and it is only AMMA’s hidden guidance to deliver the kitten at a safe place. This brings us to the memories where AMMA used to take abundant care of HER pregnant children, wherever they are.

A few decades back, a dark brown dog used to always be with MOTHER. He used to follow AMMA wherever she used to go and sit in front of AMMA. In one word, he never used to leave AMMA at any point of time. When devotee children used to gather around AMMA and discuss various things, he also used to mark his presence and listen intently. People were wondering about this aspect.

On one occasion AMMA told to our beloved Raju Bawa (an ardent devotee of AMMA coming to Jillellamudi from the early years of 1950s – He has a huge stockpile of direct experiences granted by AMMA) pointing to that dog” He is like any of you. Whatever I speak, he understands in his OWN LANGUAGE. Like you are reluctant to go away from me he is also reluctant”.

As we have a deep sense of belongingness and affection towards AMMA, so also other creatures like dogs and cats had. Many of us used to get alert whenever Nannagaru (AMMA’S husband SriNageswara Rao garu, affectionately called as Nannagaru(meaning father) is about to visit AMMA. So also a cat used to paw AMMA’s feet with her little toes alerting AMMA that Nannagaru is about to visit HER.

During one of our regular visits to Jillellamudi, I went to the canteen in the village accompanied by my close friends, Mr. Kamaraju andMr. Dharmasuri and ordered “Bajjis” (a recipe made out of gram flour and onions deeply fried in oil.) While we were enjoying the dish, I noticed a dog nearby and (I have a lot of liking for pets like dogs and cats) offered him one piece. He smelled and left it over. I again and again persuaded him to eat the same but he stubbornly refused. We jokingly commented “See our plight! we are eating the item which even dogs don’t eat”. After a couple of hours we entered AMMA’s chamber for HER Darshan and sat quietly before her. Breaking the silence (without any prelude) AMMA told “Nanna,here many dogs observe fast for one day in a week and strictly don’t eat ANYTHINGon that day.” We were astounded for two reasons: one, AMMA knew what happened in the Canteen between us and the Dog. Two Dogs in Jillellamudi are so puritanical. Is there a message for us in this? I don’t know………

SriRaju Bawa told me that during the period 1956-58 after the meals, (AMMA’s Prasadam) the leftovers along with the leafs (In south India food is traditionally served in banana or palm leafs) were discarded at a distance. However by next morning there were no signs of any leftovers and not even the leaves. This is simply not possible because it takes at least 3-4 days’ time for the leaves to get decayed and absorbed in the soil. When devotees were wondering, AMMA indirectly indicated that the same is utilized as their food by various invisible creatures (Aneka jeevarasulukiAaharam). Thus AMMA is taking care of food for the creatures which we cannot even see.

As I have already told you, cats were also residents and frequent visitors to AMMA. Many Times these cats used to bring the dead rats into AMMA’s room. They used to scatter the flesh pieces of such dead rats all over AMMA’s bed/ cot andeven store the same in HER clothes (in the folds of bed sheets andSareesplaced in closets). The bed spreads were all stained with blood and the entire room used to stink!Vasundharaakkayya and other sisters used to clean up the mess immediately but their patience was tested to the brim with such repeated acts of the cats. The problem escalated to unmanageable levels and ultimately Ramakrishna Annayya came out with a plan to trap all the cats, place them in a gunny bag, transport it to a very long distance from Jillellamudi and release there so that they cannot ever come back to Jillellamudi. While the preparations were going on, somehow (!) AMMA came to know about this master plan. SHE quietly approached the team and said “When you people go over to the Market and find a food item of immense interest to your children, don’t you bring it for them? It is exactly similar to that. Do not do anything of this sort” Who has the guts to go against AMMA’s wish and therefore the plan was promptly abandoned.


Can you now visualize the extraordinary love of AMMA on all living beings?

During the Golden Jubilee celebrations of AMMA, after feeding over one lakh devotee children (gathered from all over the world) AT THE SAME TIME ON A SINGLE DAYwe have heard HER saying “You are not the only children of mine. The animals, birds, fish, reptiles and all living beings are my children. Scatter the food in open-fields, canals, rivers, sea and mountains so that they can also partake the Prasadam.”

On another occasion, we were seated in AMMA’s room. On the left side of the room there is a parapet wall on which two crows landed. When one was moving towards the other, the second was moving away from the first one. If one jumps to the other side and tries to come nearby the other moves much more away and tries to ignore the move. We along with AMMA were watching this enactment with amusement. Pointing to one crow AMMA said “this is the male and the other on this side is the female one. The female crow is sulky and the male one is trying to pacify and win her over. But she is adamant.

After about five minutes AMMA suddenly said “Yeah. Now they have compromised”. Even before these utterances were complete both the crows jointly flew away.

Is it not wonderful observingAMMA, theMother ofALL, whoknows fully about everyone, be it humans or other living beings? Beings?

Around the year 1964 a black dog was always with AMMA. He came to Mother in a very serious condition with grave injuries which were inflicted by the locals with an intention to eliminate all the dogs from the village. His condition was so grave that it was ready to breathe his last at any minute. At the time when he came near AMMA, AMMA was churning curds to extract cream and make butter-milk. A few drops were spilled over AMMA’s feet which this dog had licked. Instantly he started recovering. Undoubtedly his condition was not of such type that by simply licking a few drops of butter milk he can revive. But you know NOTHING is impossible for AMMA. We do not know what kind of Nectar (Amrutam) AMMA has passed through these few drops of butter milk that within a few days the dog recovered fully and regained normal health. Since then he was a trusted friend and soldier of AMMA not leaving AMMA even for a minute.

After a few years the age has caught up with him and was in its final stages. He was suffering a lot and waiting for his final moments. At that time AMMA wanted to pay a visit to him. It was raining heavily and the surroundings were full of slush and slippery. People around AMMA tried to prevent HER from going out in this weather condition and offered to bring the Dog himself to HER. However they tried,AMMA did not agree and remained adamant. She said “I am not new to these weather conditions. I am acquainted with this. Poor fellow (meant for dog) – He loves me so much. So long he had the strength to move, he came to me without fail. Today I will go to him for his sake. Even if you bring him to me, it is not for him but for my convenience. No Nothing – will happen to me. I HAVE to go to him now.”

With these words AMMA reached the place where the dog was resting. She placed a few Tulsi leaves (these leaves are believed to be the most sacred for Hindus and considered as a form of Lord Krishna andGodess Lakshmi)in a glass of milk and offered the milk to drink. With his condition he was not able to swallow the milk. AMMA placed a few drops in his mouth, wiped his lips and affectionately moved HER hands all over his body. She cleaned the bruises near the ear and even cleaned the tail / anal portions of his body. To this Divine and most loving touch the dog slowly opened his eyes with a lot of difficulty, looked at AMMA with full of affection and gratitude. Clearly he was thrilled to be in the presence of his best friend, Master and his God (IshtaDaivam).

Thus the dog which has a special place in the History of AMMA eventually merged in AMMA forever.

Recalling his memories, AMMA said “He has loved me to that great extent which a human being can express his love”

Likewise there are innumerable instances depicting AMMA’s love, care and compassion on all the living beings thus coming to the conclusion that AMMA IS MOTHER OF ALL BEINGS. We should therefore try to see AMMA in all living beings.

My appeal to everyone is that whenever you see a cat or a dog, please do not go after them and try to hurt them. Show your care and compassion.

PS: For those who are not acquainted with Telugu,I would like to inform you that the word “Nanna” means “Dear One” which AMMA used to address everybody with lots of affection.

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