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V. Dharma Suri
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 13
Month : July
Issue Number : 3
Year : 2014

Mother is ‘Naama Paaraayana Preetha’ – she loves recitation of Naamam. The ‘Akhanda Naamam’ in Jillellamudi is undoubtedly the spinal cord of all our religious activities there.

Several decades ago, one day, Vasundharakkayya’s sister Ammaji was sitting at the hut, named Alankara Hyma, and was participating in the Akhanda Namam. Ammaji was very young at that time. Someone came and told her “Amma is calling you”. Ammaji immediately stopped recitation of Namam and rushed to Amma.

Mother, at that time, was staying in the ground floor of House of All, where Brahmandam Seshakkayya is staying at present. As Ammaji approached, Mother sitting on a cot, asked her “My child, what are you doing?” “Mother, I was doing the namam. Someone said you are calling me, I came rushing” replied Ammaji. Mother immediately said “If you are doing namam, even if I call, you should not stop namam and come to me”

Mother is ‘Sarva Sakshini’. We, as fortunate brothers who have seen Amma in physical form, have had innumerable experiences that lend proof of Amma’s omniscience. Why did Amma create this incident of Ammaji? For me, the answer is loud and clear. Through this incident, Mother told Ammaji and the world through Ammaji that namam is absolutely important. Namam is greater than ‘Nami’ (the person holding that namam).’

During 1981, after Nannagaru (Amma’s husband) left the physical body, and his physical remains, duly sanctified were consecrated in the sanctum sanctorum of Anasuya Swaralayam, there was a large crowd of visitors day after day, and I could not go and sit near Amma. However, due to Amma’s benevolent grace, the mind was constantly reciting Ammanamam. Also, along with the recitation, as I closed my eyes, I could see the face of Amma, small in size, absolutely glorious and wearing Her beautiful nose stud. On the last day of my visit, I went to Amma and said “Mother, this time, I could not be near you” a reference to my inability to spend time with Amma. Mother did not lose a split second in replying and said “This time, more than ever, you were with me. Were you not reciting the namam non-stop?” (‘eesarenadaggiraunnaavu. Agakunda namam chestoone unnaavukada? were her exact words) An assurance to me and those who are willing to listen, “my dear children, my Sannidhanam comes from namam.” “You are near me, wherever you are, if you are reciting namam. Physical proximity alone is not my Saannidhyam”. What a boon! For, even if Mother is not with us physically, we can be close to Her, through this very easy medium of chanting Her namam.

What a benefit Amma bestowed to the creation, granting proximity to the Divine? Parthasarathi lyengar, a devotee brother from Chennai was once standing along with Amma on the southern side of the terrace of the House of All. Mother was just standing, almost as if staring at a void. “Mother, what is happening now?” Parthasarathi lyengar asked Her out of sheer curiosity. For once, She was pleased to disclose to the devotee child. She said “Crooked thought waves are coming from all directions, touching me, getting straightened (purified) and going back as blissful thought waves into the world”.

We all live on the same earth, but we don’t live in the same world. Just as a ripple of disturbance in the ocean affects the surrounding water, so do the one man’s thought waves affect others’. Purification of thought waves is a blessing to humanity. In the same way, once we are in Amma’s proximity through recitation of namam, all those around the place share the bliss.

Ancient wisdom has it that Karma is destroyed only through Jnana. Jnanagnidagdhakarmanam’. Once Amma told Dr. Potluri Subbaraogaru of Chirala “Jnana is nothing but reciting ‘His’ (God’s) Namam.” Recite the Ammanamam Jayahomata Sree Anasuya Rajarajeswari Sree Paratpari’ and the bad karma gets washed away!

What happens if we do namam regularly? Total strangers also experience the bliss of Amma’s presence. When Brother Ramabrahmamgaru was working as Managing Director of AB homes, I entered his cabin, rather, I opened the door and was about to walk into his cabin. So strong was Amma’s presence there that I felt I could almost touch Her. I stood where I was standing and asked him, “Are you reciting Amma namam here?” He said “yes, whenever I am free I do the namam.” 

On another occasion, at Jillellamudi, Ramabrahmamgaru was sitting with Amma and was seeking clarification to his doubts. “Mother, can we recite Gayatri?” “Yes, of course,” said Amma. “Whatever benefit is received by reciting Gayatri the same result can be had by reciting Jayaho Matha namam” told Ramabrahmamgaru as Amma had told him. Another boon to humanity at large through the medium of Ramabrahmamgaru. Moreover, reciting ammanamam is so easy; we don’t need Upanayanam, upadesam etc. Namam can be recited anytime and anywhere.

As we approach Amma’s Birth centenary year (2022-2023), a beautiful program was unveiled by Ravi annayya (Brahmandam Ravindra Rao), on the 12th June, 2014, thus heralding a virtual commencement of the program in preparation to Amma’s birth centenary celebrations. Symbolizing the launch of this program, a pledge is taken to complete recitation of Amma namam at least 100 crores times commencing from 12.6.2014 till Amma’s 100th birthday. A number of visitors received Tulasi mala from Ravi annayya and Bhaskara Rao annayya, symbolic of taking pledge (Deeksha) to undertake the nama parayana (recitation).

A large number of devotees also expressed their wish to recite Ammanamam at least 21 lakhs times during this 9-year period. Devotees believe that reciting a mantra so many times as there are letters in the mantra will give them Mantra Siddhi. Since Amma’s namam has 21 letters, it is felt that reciting Amma namam 21 lakhs times helps one towards the fulfillment of this ‘Mantra Siddhi’

Like anything else about Amma, this program also is rendered very easy. If anyone recites namam 800 times a day, say, 400 in the morning and 400 in the evening, he/she will easily achieve the target. In other words, if one can spare 20 minutes in the morning and 20 in the evening, the target is comfortably achieved. Of course, one can recite any number of times, depending on his/her convenience, and comfort. There are no restrictions regarding the number.

Our Organization, the SVJP, has formally launched the program towards Amma’s centenary year starting with Amma namam. Let us come together and support this program by participating in this unique and extremely beneficial endeavor and thus derive the fruits of Amma’s infinite blessings.


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