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Dr. P. Prabhavathy
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 18
Month : July
Issue Number : 3
Year : 2019

Shri Adi Shankaracharya, the Jagadguru while rendering his admiration, he addresses Sri Lalithambika and says

“Drusha dhragheeyasya daradalitha neelothpalarucha

Daveeamsam deenam snapaya kripaya maamapi shive 

Anenaayam dhanyo bhavathi na cha the haa neriyathu

Vane vaa harmye vaa samakaranipaatho himakaraha”

(Soundarya Lahar 57 sloka)

Which means

Oh mother almighty, Bestow thy merciful lotus glow divine glance and drench the one who is farther away from your sight along with the ones who are with you, as much as the moon sheds its light on the mighty structures along with the woods.

I came across this prayer like sloka after I was grown up to the age of a parent/grandparent. Surprisingly, even without my knowledge of Mother of Jillellamudi, my family was blessed by her, when I was about eight years of age.

The most memorable incident happened around 1963-65 in Hyderabad. One day, probably during school vacation or a holiday, we the kids, me and my three brothers were playing in the open space in front of our home. Our attention attracted a small group coming from the lane opposite to our house. We noticed a lady leading the group and started watching them. They crossed the road, probably to walk into the lane beside our house. But, it so happened that with all the aura and smile on her face, she walked straight towards our gate. We held the gate open and she walked into our home. While we, the kids, were staring at them, our elders welcomed her into our dining and prayer room. She took her chair and was talking to the elders. She called me to her lap, held me by my cheek and blessed me. It seems she gave some suggestions regarding the prayer hall. All this was for a duration of, maybe half an hour.

Then she blessed us all and left with the group. Later I remember our elders referring to her as JILLELLAMUDI AMMA. This had a very strong impression in my mind and we all fell into our routine with not much knowledge of Mother’s entity.

After about fifty years, in the recent past I came to know of Jillellamudi, the so-called Arkapuri Ashram where popular personalities and sages were blessed by Amma. This gave me inspiration to visit Jillellamudi in August 2018. Amma really pulled me to her abode with my spouse to be blessed once again. After visiting the Ammalayam and Hymalayam, as always and ever desired by Amma, we had our prasadam (pious food) at the Annapurnalayam. While looking into the literature available at the counter, we came to know of sister Vasundharaa who spent much of her life at Amma’s feet. Whomever we came across there insisted that one should stay there for at least two or three days to feel the love and grace of Amma.

While thousands of souls craved to visit Amma bearing all the trivials in reaching her place, are we not the really blessed ones by Amma with her arrival at our threshold!

May Amma’s everlasting blessings be showered on us wherever we are!

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