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Marakani Dinakar
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 14
Month : October
Issue Number : 4
Year : 2015

AMMA made her advent on to this earth on the 28th March, 1923 as per the mundane almanac. As is well known this descent of the Divine Mother, with human form in quite perfection masked in an uncommon, unattainable divinity took place in an interior village Mannava, near Ponnur, Guntur Dt., Andhra Pradesh. Whiling away HER, extraordinary, unique childhood in Mannava, its environs and the neighboring villages, bestowed several mystic, divine experiences to those who interfaced, or associated with HER, from the near kith and kin, relatives to the other known people around. Even so, HER peerless mystique and unique, inexplicable divine persona has been ever intriguing and inscrutable to all those that have come in HER proximity and even later on till date. Such is AMMA’S MYSTIQUE that draws countless persons around HER.

Later as AMMA grew up in age, in accordance with the family custom and tradition joined hands with NANNAGARU (Sri Brahmandam Nageswara Rao garu) in the holy wedlock, pursuing HER mission and ministry. While taking to this ordinary family mode the uncommon AMMA declared that marriage is not a bloc in HER extraordinary advent on earth. SHE fully confirmed that matrimony never reduces HER unique stature, interferes with neither HER divine descent, nor its course in this mortal world; even further across the wake of ceaseless time.

Subsequent to HER marriage, after the spell of a few years, in the year 1946, AMMA made the tiny, nondescript village Jillellamudi, HER abode during the days of HER physical form till the 12th June, 1985. Occasionally, AMMA visited a few other areas, when requested by the devotees, deemed endearingly as the children, by AMMA the extraordinary UNIVERSAL MOTHER reigning over this creation and the entire existence in HER all pervasive, all encompassing, singular motherhood.

During this phase too, several of the devotee children in growing numbers flocked to AMMA to receive HER blessing. A few others to know, understand HER simple, yet brief, ministry, couched in very laconic, succinct diction that echoed the profundity of eternal wisdom of the ancients, yet equally amenable and adaptable to the needs of contemporary life.

The initial couple of decades were covered in a little obscurity, AMMA being accessible to the close, personal aides and devotees who had stupendous, incredible experiences from AMMA’S being and presence. From the year 1956 AMMA’S motherly love and uncommon being reached far, from the very near to the distant areas. The devotees reached AMMA in ever growing numbers.

As AMMA’S radiance spread wider and wider attracting more and more numbers, the unknown, inconspicuous village Jillellamudi has become well known in the district, state and even abroad from where devotees started trickling in. Such is the aura of AMMA, who led the life of a seemingly simple home tending housewife, caring and catering to the needs of those who flocked to HER for redress and relief in their oft troubled lives. Apart from the distressed, others too strove to reach AMMA’S holy feet if only to receive HER boundless grace of the mother, which always touched everyone with little distinction, nor discrimination of any degree.

In the initial decades, even approach road to the village was not laid. The path has two culverts to pass through. This never daunted or discouraged the early arrivals at Jillellamudi. They reached AMMA treading gingerly over the farm bunds and wading through the flowing culverts that have no bridges. The way is strewn with pebbles, thorns and snakes too. Nothing fazed their enthusiasm in those early days. The discomfort, hazard or risk did never stop their coming to Jillellamudi. AMMA said “Coming and going from Jillellamudi is a pain, the path strewn with pebbles and thorns. Only those preordained or destined shall reach here and stay”.

During AMMA’S urban and city visits countless people in thousands, even exceeding a hundred thousand rushed to catch a glimpse of AMMA. In Hyderabad, during the year 1974, when the authorities could not make proper security arrangements to cover HER visit, escorting AMMA out of the venue has become an imminent risk though overcome safely by grace. Crowds in huge numbers swelled and thronged the venue of AMMA’S darshan.

Such has been the experience even without any or scant publicity many a time. Those posed problems for the people who arranged these visits. To look at this scenario in reality AMMA never gave any discourses or made an overt display of HER divine being. Simply HER radiant presence and effulgent glory drew the crowds to HER.

AMMA never performed any seeming, direct miracles. Nor did AMMA ever address the public gathering, so also did not give any specific or public discourses. AMMA held that this creation is the greatest miracle. If we observe the nature closely, nothing ever surpasses this ever present self sustaining process.

The unlettered, not formally educated AMMA by the mere presence, being and the very pithy, brief utterances caused a new awareness among those who sought HER; be they savants, scientists or the simple rustics. Viewed from all these perspectives, there is nothing directly being known as the cause for attracting these crowds and persons from all walks of life to HER. To reiterate once again such is the inexplicable mystique of AMMA.

Granting this apparent fact, we make a faltering, modest attempt to explain or expound this indescribable phenomenon called popularly as the JILLELLAMUDI AMMA.

Well, whatever said and done, AMMA cast a spell on those around. Or those who strove to reach HER. The presence impacted the persons in a stupendous inexplicable mode. Some were awed. A few others were baffled. Others broke down sobbing, with their inner core, and innermost recess being stirred. This caused a flood of emotion giving vent to copious tears, which the subject could never explain or understand.

These were termed the ‘TEARS OF BAPTISM’ by another god man Sri Bharadwaja who in his early beginnings stayed with AMMA and for sometime associated with HYMA at Jillellamudi. Quite a few are well known god men, saints, and well recognized Gurus, who came to AMMA in their early beginnings. Now to look back AMMA fostered them in an imperceptible way.

The audience with AMMA turned a new leaf in the individual’s life working out a slow, silent transformation that one undergoes unawares. For this silent incomprehensible impact, most regulars at Jillellamudi tend to believe it is the second birth, akin to transformation, bordering regeneration. This in essence is the splendid, stupendous impact of AMMA who ever seems tranquil, peaceful with an undisturbed calm.

For the skeptics who neared HER, they found their answers in AMMA’S stillness and silence finding little need for verbal exchanges. At times their doubts were resolved through the persons around in the ambience, or even lesser creatures like animals which is not hype. These instances were abundantly recorded, authentic and fully vouched for.

AMMA, as already conveyed never took to the occult sciences and practices though fully aware of the same. Instances of discouraging such practices by other saints and well known god men are also evident. The unbelievable happened in HER magnificent, indescribable presence. The devotee children observed, experienced, countless such experiences and documented.

When these were talked of before AMMA, she ever declined the same. SHE never claimed any doer ship or authorship. Nor did SHE acknowledge any of these uncommon, unbelievable happenings that emanated from HER.

AMMA took such stance and decreed “CONCEALED ARE MY WAYS” (Maruge Naa Vidhanam). From all the happenings around AMMA in nearness and even at far off distances, the devotees have stupendous, incredible, experiences that can never be explained in terms of the known reason. It is pertinent to recall that AMMA extolled nature as the constant, never ceasing miracle that can never be overdone or excelled.

The emerging consensus AMMA is the personified cosmic force. The physical form is only a sheath to cover up the same and cause an identity for our sake. In effect we need understand and appreciate that in such unfathomed, boundless reservoir of cosmic force, the concerns of the devotee are given fulfillment and even fruitful expression, with little apparent, understandable intent or visible volition. In such tremendous cosmic being and such overwhelming motherly presence that envelopes the entire existence, fulfillment, causation, the actualization of human needs happens almost by default, giving little room for understanding by the lesser mortals.

From the mere temporal plane, or the human perspective AMMA’S care and concern ever touched the people, in their distress, privation, need or turmoil. These caring, motherly touches are always experienced by all those who flocked to HER. HER love and care are spontaneous, causeless and boundless. AMMA assured motherly protection, which has been regularly experienced by the devotee children.

This silent inner alchemy for the person and the consistent wordless communion can be well regarded as the hallmarks of AMMA’S MYSTIQUE. HER universal non discriminating, love, care and concern for HER children could be the other attributes. People seek AMMA even without immediate return or reciprocity at times, though it is very rare. Seeing AMMA or coming to JILLELLAMUDI never goes waste as AMMA declared to one and all.

To continue further, when I was fortunate to be at Jillellamudi on the 7th December, 1971, AMMA’S direct personal vision baffled me, stirred me to the core, to the point that for no apparent reason, copious tears flooded before AMMA unlocking my inner core and all its emotions or pent up baggage. From the very second day AMMA in HER immense grace granted me close access that SHE condescended to stroll on the rear terrace (now covered by DHYANALAYAM) taking the hand of this petty, pigmy self. Because of HER munificent grace such strolls often took place, in which AMMA conveyed so many profound gems of wisdom, counseled, mentored me in distress and so on.

While taking leave of AMMA in those initial phases, always felt and experienced the unique, radiant light on my return journey from HER, till Ponnur or even Guntur. Ever since that memorable moment in December, 1971, this little self has been summoned closer and closer with each passing day and year by AMMA, putting me on many assignments. Thus this self passed through four decades plus till now.

Looking forward for the left over times ahead, yearning for HER limitless grace always, so that this little existence shall become purposive and meaningful ever moving in AMMA’S glorious stride. Thus continue being in AMMA’S glorious, singular, unique, nonpareil mystique during this lifetime.

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