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An Amazing Demonstration of Amma’s Grace!

Dr Tangirala Simhadri Sastry
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 13
Month : April
Issue Number : 2
Year : 2014

Bhadraiah of Hyderabad has been an exceptionally devout child of Amma for the past several decades. Having retired from A.P. HighCourt  He settled down in Hyderabad. He along with another colleague Sri P. Seshagiri Rao used to visit Jillellamudi very frequently to have Amma’s darshan and receive Her blessings. Bhadraiah has been a case of unabated Diabetes for nearly 38 years. It is nothing but Amma’s immense grace that saved him from many crises.

He has been under medical care for more than 15 years with Dr. V. Shantharam, a famous Physician of the twin cities and who retired from Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS), Hyderabad. Once Sri Bhadraiah had developed Cardiac incompetence and rushed to Dr. Shantharam for his advice and treatment. After examining him and prescribing some medication, Dr. Shantharam advised him to go straight to a Cardiac Surgeon and follow his advice and not come to him if such a situation occurred again..

And just as Dr. Shantharam told him when it recurred, Bhadraiah went to see the Cardiac Surgeon in the nearby Kamineni Hospital on 12th February, 2013 and got admitted in the Hospital on the Doctor’s advice. When Dr. Amarendra Singh, the Cardiac Surgeon performed Angiogram on Sri Bhadraiah, it was found that there were 90% blocks in the main Arteries. The Doctor wondered how he could survive for so many years with this heart condition, and that too being a diabetic. He, it seems, asked Bhadraiah which God saved him for such a long time. Bhadraiah replied that his ever protective God, Mother saved him.

Dr. Singh fixed 15th February for carrying out bypass surgery on Bhadraiah. The night before the surgery, Bhadraiah developed ‘hypoglycemia’ around midnight and was on the verge of collapsing. The nurses on duty went into a panic, not knowing what to do with no doctors around even. But his wife continuously gave him glucose solution orally in view of her past experience with him. The nurse, on being instructed over the phone by the doctor, started administering glucose intravenously through both the hands. This was the time when his wife took a vow to visit Jillellamudi and offer 108 coconuts to Amma if he survived this attack. Soon, Bhadraiah showed signs of recovery and gradually became normal.

Another instance of Amma’s Grace, according to him, was that the night passed quietly later. The surgery was scheduled for the next day and the necessary arrangements were being made. Now a moment of anxiety started for Bhadraiah and his wife. Suddenly they realized that they had only Rs.1.40 lakhs in the bank instead of Rs. 2.40 lakhs, the required money; they started worrying as to how they could find that money and whom to contact to seek help.

At this critical juncture, Sri Sitaramanjaneyulu, a close friend of Bhadraiah for many years and who has been living in the same colony that Bhadraiah lived and also a cousin of Sri P. Seshagiri Rao had just then felt like meeting Bhadraiah as he had not seen him for several months. When he inquired at his house he was told his friend was in the nearby Kamineni Hospital about to undergo Cardiac Bypass Surgery. Then he along with Sri Seshagiri Rao rushed to the Hospital to see him.

Here you see the Divine hand of Grace! Soon after meeting Bhadraiah he enquired about the need for any financial help (who told him?). On being explained of the position, he immediately gave him a blank cheque saying, “I am giving a blank cheque to you. Draw as much money as you require. I have enough money in my account and you can repay me whenever you can”. When Bhadraiah asked him “In the extreme case of my not being able to repay you what is to be done?”. He replied “don’t worry at all. In that case I would take it that Amma has not enabled you to repay me and I do not regret it”. It may be mentioned here, Sri Sitaramanjaneyulu along with Seshagiri Rao and Bhadraiah used to visit Jillellamudi for several years and so he too has immense faith in Amma. This incident, in his words, is an ‘Amazing Demonstration of Amma’s Grace’.

Having been extremely relieved of his anxiety he was totally relaxed and happy and underwent the surgery. Here again an aspect of vital importance with regard to the surgery needs special mention. Before the surgery the medical staff checked Bhadraiah’s blood sugar levels and to their astonishment it was found to be as high as 413mg/dl. In normal circumstances surgeons do not venture to carry out surgeries at such levels of blood sugar, much less the Cardiac bypass surgeries. But Dr. Amarendra Singh, the Cardio-Thoracic Surgeon went ahead and performed the surgery much against the advice of other surgeons, keeping in mind the grave threat to the life of the patient in the absence of surgery. Thus, the divine hand of Grace can be perceived at every stage.

As per the normal procedure he was kept in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for a couple of days and later shifted to the room. He continued his stay for another four days before being discharged. According to him, he did not feel any pain during the entire period of post-surgical stay in the hospital. But, here again he could find to his amazement, an explanation for the absence of pain! After the discharge from the Hospital, as he was entering his house, he saw Amma sitting in his chair with drooping shoulders and her head bent towards one side with an expression of severe pain on her face!! However, he got back his pain, thought of lesser intensity, after occupying his chair and recovered gradually to become a normal healthy person, of course with his erstwhile companion, the diabetes. This entire episode demonstrating Amma’s infinite Grace fortified his faith and devotion to Amma still further!

Glory! Glory to Mother!

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