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Upadrasta Bharani
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 18
Month : October
Issue Number : 4
Year : 2019

Experiences of my father Late Sri Upadrasta Satyanarayana Murthy garu with “Jillellamudi Amma” are many and not countable. He had believed all through his life that next to his biological mother who gave him the Birth on this Earth it is Amma of Jillellamudi who was the driving force behind all his deeds and activities in day to day life. He was always inclined and leaned towards the spiritual life and spent much of his time in writing and reading the Sacred books in later part of his life. This makes me strongly believe that he attained the heavenly abode and merged in Amma. I am illustrating and sharing a few known facts and experiences with you.

Just as any human being he went through some physical suffering at the fag end but never gave up in his loved activity of writings and remembering Amma till the end. He passed away to join the Lotus feet of Almighty on 28th April 2019 in his 90th year.

He always used to say that the house in which we live in Vijayanagar Colony, Hyderabad was the gift bestowed on him by Amma. He used to fondly recollect the Visit of Amma to the Residence in the midnight of June 1974. His offerings of few flowers and pattabhishekam with water at the entrance though she did not come inside as it was an unscheduled visit in the middle of the night on way to Sri Chari garu’s residence was cherished by him very fondly. Sri Chari garu, Rama Krishna annaiah and Simhadri garu were in the vehicle.

Another beautiful occasion was when he got the Silver Padukas done with the arrears he got against his salary when he saw them in another Devotee’s residence in Warangal. Padukas were delivered in time to have them blessed by Amma in Hyderabad. Thereafter they became part of daily worship.

He fondly used to remember the time spent at Jillellamudi in the midst of Amma many many years ago where he had the opportunity to provide medical attention to Mr. J.F. Neiland, an Engineer from Holland and reports the progress in health to Amma. He never earlier had the opportunity to participate in Community Kitchen and serve the people with food. For his lean physique he wondered whether he could do the Job of serving food to so many people. To his surprise the day he got the occasion to serve, without any difficulty or physical strain he served for many thousands along with other devotees on Amma’s Birthday. He always cherishes this experience.

Jillellamudi is known for Amma, Amma for her “Tatvika Chintana” and her treating all those who reach her as her Children. Amma’s first question used to be whether one had Lunch or not. That is the reason for all her Devotees she was, is and will be “Viswajanani” Mother of All. I had the wonderful opportunity to visit along with my father to Jillellamudi many years ago and cherish the omni presence of Amma and the prasadam I ate at Jillellamudi. The Tamarind Pickle, the Rasam and Butter milk with rice still linger in my memory.

I am blessed to be one among those who got the rare opportunity of having the “Sacred Thread Ceremony” and Aseervachanam and Upadesam from Amma way back in 1974 when Amma performed the same at Sri. Rajagopala Chari gari’s residence in Journalist Colony, Hyderabad. It’s a Story altogether of Amma’s Maya. My father took the responsibility to bring Jandhyala (sacred threads) for all the Vatuvus for the Occasion and bought the same. On the day of the Upanayana Ceremony our family started early with all our belongings along with the Jandhyas for the Function from our residence in Vijayanagar Colony in a car engaged by my father. My father went early to supervise at Journalist Colony. My mother, grandmother and three of us children got down at another Devotee Sri.Thaman garu, DSP whose son also a Vatuvu. While getting down we forgot to take out the briefcase with all the valuables and the Sacred Threads. Without knowing this our family member reached Journalist Colony along with Sri. Thaman garu’s family. My father who was waiting anxiously at Chari gari House was shocked to notice that we forgot to collect the belongings. In the meanwhile the driver of the Vehicle on realizing the lost items in the vehicle came back to Sri.Thaman’s House, finding it locked and to our residence to return the belongings. Our tenants promptly directed him to deliver at the premises of the Function. It was all a Miracle of Amma that the Function went off well without any problem and my worrisome father got great relief.

Born in a middle class family at Teki Village, a Kapileswarapuram Mandal in East Godavari District on 21st September, 1929. Lost his father at the age of 3 and got the education the hard way and joined the Government Service in 1959 and shifted to Hyderabad. He visited various places like Kanchi Paramacharya, visited to see Ramana Ashram regularly visited Ramakrishnamath in Hyderabad before finally settling in Amma’s gracious presence.

His first writing in print was Ammanu Chintanam” in the 1970’s, Matrusri Rajarajeswari Ashtakam in 1975. After nearly 10 years of joint effort my father Sri U. Satyanarayana Murthy brought out Vishnu Sahasra namam in Telugu composed in 36 Ragas of Carnatic Classical music in association with Sri. Upadrasta Krishna Murthy, Programmer of AIR, Hyderabad. This Book was released in the gracious presence of Brahmasri Samavedam Shanmukha Sarma garu and Sri. Komanduri Seshadri garu, Principal, Pottisriramulu Telugu University, Hyderabad. The first programme was rendered on this occasion by my wife Smt. U. Subhadra Kumari along with other artists. Thereafter several programmes were given by her group in twin cities.

Then my father took up his writing on Ramayana in Telugu and was reviewed by many before “Sundara Kanda ” was brought out in Print in 2016 and the same was released graciously by Pujya Sri. Gnanadananda Swami, Head of Ramakrishna Matt, Hyderabad.

He wrote in his own inimitable style though many a times he used to say that he was not a learned writer with grammar in Telugu or Sanskrit. His recent writings not in print were on “Lalitha Trishati” in Telugu and Kabir Dohas translated from Hindi to Telugu.

He cherished the visit of Sri. Ravi Annaiah of Jillellamudi in March, 2019 one of the many sons and daughters of “Amma” as if Amma again visited our Residence to see him.

 I dedicate this write up in memory of my beloved father Late. Sri. Upadrasta Satyanarayana Murthy garu.

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