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V S R Moorty
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 18
Month : January
Issue Number : 1
Year : 2019
  1. But it is not easy in today’s fiercely competitive world to keep God in mind all the while multitasking in family life with countless worries to cope with. Both husband and wife are employed and busy earning a living. How changes in living styles can be made to bring God to center stage?
  2. For this to happen, primarily there should be some understanding as to what divinity means. Worship of God is not limited to certain religious practices and God is not someone sitting away and aloof from this world. World is God. The way one lives can be divinized with a proper attitude. Amma said that the simple act of feeding one’s own child is Nivedana and bathing the child is equivalent to performing Abhishekam….this constitutes Spiritual Practice.
  3. Your experience is path breaking and seems to make spirituality practicable here and now! This attitude annihilates the barriers between crass materialism and submine spirituality. But….how can this perception be cultivated?
  4. It is no doubt difficult to understand and internalize this new perception as it seems to go against established patterns. However, deep contemplation with a sincere heart would make us understand that it is indeed practical philosophy and can be applied under all circumstances. It becomes possible with yearning for a better life. The tendencies have to be subdued and overcome whereupon divine grace pours in and helps the aspirant to move forward. It is to be borne in mind that it is not some kind of technique but should be a way of life.
  5. In Indian context, a lot of importance is given to following certain principles of Dharma. What is the Dharma of a house holder? What are Mother’s views on the subject?
  6. Equanimity. Equipoise and Equilibrium at all times, in all states of sorrow and pleasure and towards all….This is the demonstration by Amma that sums up her philosophy!
  7. The strong family values in our country seem to get diluted with globalization and cross cultural currents. What is the role of young parents in bringing up their children inhibiting positive values reflecting our heritage? How Amma strove to promote such values among her followers?
  8. Amma always looked deep into the core of issues. Her sayings on the role of a husband, who bears responsibility and that of the wife who is supposed to know the husband’s feelings and behave accordingly, form the strong basis for family unity. The first teachers and trainers are parents. They mold the behavior of children in formative years. If the behavior of the parents is ideal, the children are likely to follow suit.
  9. People from different walks of life visited and interacted with Amma. Several questions have been put to her and she answered them with profound wisdom. How is it possible for a person who did not pursue formal education beyond elementary level and who was considered unfamiliar with Sastras?
  10. Jnani needs no Sastra Jnana. Her divine disposition encompasses Time and Space.
  11. In one of your books, you mentioned that Amma’s words can coordinate an Atheist, a Theist, a Sadhaka, a Devotee, a Scholar and a Scientist. Can you elaborate?
  12. Amma is non-dual reality personified. She did not really bother about individuals and their idiosyncrasies. The words emanating from her will have multidimensional meanings and effects. They answer and bring out amity and unity among all thoughts.
  13. The fact that Mother could harmonize the divergent views of people belonging to different religions with different backgrounds and belief systems is astounding. How can this be explained?
  14. Amma intuitively tuned to the wavelength of the seeker and offered guidance from out of her Ritambhara Prajna-many times dropping a hint casually and conversationally.

Amma came to redeem people and not religion. As mentioned earlier, religion is a path agreed upon to be followed by those who profess to live by its tenets. In other words religions with different sets of belief systems were invented by humans. If the viewpoints of humans could be harmonized, then there would be no conflict among persons following different paths.

  1. Several foreigners also visited Jillellamudi. Whether Amma visited any foreign lands?
  2. Gordon Westerlund, formerly Director of Christ Truth Foundation, James Campion, Terry Prem, Neiland, Ms Marva Hemphil, Rodney Alexander Arms, Richard Schiffman, Sonagiri of France, Dr Timothy Conway etc. to mention a few.

Amma did not visit any foreign countries physically. She must have visited in astral form, ignited their inquisitiveness to realize the Truth. That must have given them a chance to visit Jillellamudi at a physical level. It is possible with divine personalities. We cannot comprehend.

  1. Whether Amma widely traveled in India? Which areas did she visit?
  2. At the request of some devotees, after the Swarm Utsavam in1973. Amma visited several places in Andhra Pradesh, Sri Ramanasramam and Chennai in Tamilnadu. She met the Paramacharya of Kanchi at Kaluvai in Tamilnadu.
  3. What was the significance of the Swarm Utsavam Celebrations on the eve of the 50th birthday of Amma? How could arrangements to feed about 1.6 lakh people in one day be organized in Jillellamudi without even basic infrastructure?
  4. It is the divine intention of Amma implemented through individuals under the flag of Sri Viswajanani Parishat.

Though the very maintenance of Annapurnalayam for over fifty years is by itself a great wonder, the events associated with the 50th birthday celebrations were historical and divinely significant.

During the fiftieth birthday celebrations of Amma in 1973, preparations were afoot to cook and serve food for about one lakh people. By morning that day, there were only about 20,000 people. The organizers were concerned that if the expected number of persons do not turn up, huge quantities of food may be wasted. The matter was reported to Amma and Amma in her characteristic way replied that whoever was destined to take food they would come. But from 10 am, the crowds swelled as if materialized from the bowels of the earth. After looking at the unprecedented flood of persons, once again the organizers went to Amma, this time to bring to her notice that the food being prepared may not suffice to the crowds and that they want to rush persons to the nearby town Bapatla for additional provisions. Amma smiled and quizzically asked how they can feed so many if they start cooking after physically taking count of the people?

She told them not to worry and went to have her bath. The organizers heaved a collective sigh of relief. Amma then visited all the thirteen kitchens and touched the mounds of cooked rice and other preparations. After giving ‘Aarati’ to Amma and also to the mounds of food, it was served to the innumerable persons that assembled. The food was not only sufficient for every one but large quantities still remained. Several persons who managed the kitchens later said that even as they were taking out huge quantities from the mounds of food, they hardly got depleted! It is to the astonishment of every one. An event to be remembered forever.

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